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Type: Quest Item
Quality: N/A
Ammonomicon Entry
Classic walking cane. The name "Daisy" is carved into the handle.

The Cane is a quest item in Exit the Gungeon. After encountering Old Red in the Gungeon, he may request that you bring him his favourite gun 'Daisy', which he was separated from long ago. After this interaction, the Cane can then be obtained by carefully snatching it out from underneath rat balloons in Winchester's Totally Original Game or Just Desserts Golf.

It turns out that 'Daisy' is not a gun at all, but the Cane.

Effects[ | ]

  • Upon delivery to Old Red, an item is unlocked.

Notes[ | ]

  • The cane does not have a fixed entry in the Ammonomicon, and as such it's description can only be read while it is in the player's inventory.
  • After delivering Daisy to Old Red, upon visiting him a second time his room will have multiple Bullet Kin corpses and Old Red will say that he "took care of those Gungeoneers".