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Busted Television
Busted Television
Type: Active
Quality: N/A
Sell Creep Price: N/A Money
Recharge: None
Ammonomicon Entry
Broken And Heavy
Use to toss. Cannot be carried through a dodge roll.

This television is extremely heavy. It is also extremely broken. These are not useful qualities for traversing a timeless, bullet-filled dungeon.

Busted Television is an active item. It can be found in the elevator shaft of the Gungeon Proper after its shortcut has been unlocked.

Effects[ | ]

  • Upon use, the television is thrown in the direction of the cursor. This does not deal damage to enemies.
  • Dropped upon dodge rolling.
  • Giving the item to the Blacksmith in the Forge unlocks The Robot.

Notes[ | ]

  • The television can be stolen from any room by the Resourceful Rat, but only after the player enters the elevator maintenance shaft room for the first time in the run. Do not enter this room until you are ready to pick up the television! If you exit the room without picking up the television, the rat may steal it while you are elsewhere.
  • If the player scares away the Resourceful Rat from stealing the Busted Television, he does not become "scared away" from the room. As long as it is on the ground, he will repeatedly return to the room when the player leaves and attempt to steal it, ad infinitum.
  • It can be collected at any point during the Gungeon Proper. Wait to pick up the television until the elevator to the Black Powder Mine is unlocked to reduce the time spent babysitting it.
  • The television has a small amount of unseen health. When dropped on the ground, it is vulnerable to enemy bullets, though there is no visual indicator when it takes damage. If it loses all its health, it will disappear and will no longer be obtainable in the current run.
  • If thrown into a pit, it will disappear and will no longer be obtainable in the current run.
  • If thrown during a fight with the Wallmonger, it can be hidden behind the wall and no longer be able to be picked back up.
  • It is possible for the Busted Television to float inside of the neon barricades inside the elevator shaft. Once it's there, you cannot get it back.
  • It is also possible for the Busted Television to clip through room walls if dropped against them, preventing the player from picking it back up.
  • Finding an item that grants flight will help in getting this item to the Blacksmith.
  • It is possible to pick this item up after unlocking The Robot, even as The Robot.
  • Escape Rope makes it easy to bring to the Blacksmith, as every room in the Forge can be skipped.
  • The cutscene that occurs when the Blacksmith is given the Busted Television must finish for the Robot to be unlocked. Be careful if you are being chased by the Lord of the Jammed, as he can kill you during the cutscene.
  • It cannot be sold to the Sell Creep.
  • If the player has Blank Companion's Ring, throwing the Television will cause the blank companion to use a blank, with its usual cooldown.
  • Should you lose the Television and later respawn at the beginning of the run with the Clone, the television will have returned to the elevator shaft on floor two.

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