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The Bullet Upgrades are a collection of bullet-themed passive items that provide bonuses to the bullets that the player's guns fire.

Below is a list of all of the bullet upgrades that the player can find.

D Tier[]

Battery Bullets.png

Battery Bullets, which improve accuracy, provide immunity to electricity and allows bullets to electrify water. The Robot starts with this bullet upgrade.

C Tier[]

-1 Bullets.png

+1 Bullets, which provide a 25% damage bonus to bullets;

Angry Bullets.png

Angry Bullets, which cause bullets to re-fire themselves into nearby enemies, or in random directions;

Bouncy Bullets.png

Bouncy Bullets, which allow bullets to bounce off of walls and enemies;

Cursed Bullets.png

Cursed Bullets, which increase the player's damage as they obtain more curse;

Easy Reload Bullets.png

Easy Reload Bullets, which allow the player to automatically reload a single bullet when dodge rolling;

Flak Bullets.png

Flak Bullets, which cause bullets to splinter off into smaller bullets upon hitting walls or enemies;

Ghost Bullets.png

Ghost Bullets, which allow bullets to pierce enemies;

Heavy Bullets.png

Heavy Bullets, which increase damage and knock-back at the cost of bullet velocity;

Katana Bullets.png

Katana Bullets, which, upon killing an enemy, gives a chance to trigger a flurry of wind slashes that damage and push other enemies;

Remote Bullets.png

Remote Bullets, which allow the player to control the flight path of bullets using the cross-hair and slightly increases damage;

Silver Bullets.png

Silver Bullets, which massively increases the damage the player deals against Jammed enemies and moderately increases the damage done to bosses;

Zombie Bullets.png

Zombie Bullets, which provide a chance for missed shots to refund ammo.

B Tier[]

Bloody 9mm.png

Bloody 9mm, which provides a chance of a bullet being replaced with one that bounces off walls and homes towards and pierces through enemies;


Bumbullets, which provide a chance for angry bees to be fired out of the player's gun alongside a bullet;

Chance Bullets.png

Chance Bullets, which sometimes shoots bullets from the player's other held guns while firing a gun;

Charming Rounds.png

Charming Rounds, which provide bullets a chance to charm enemies;

Devolver Rounds.png

Devolver Rounds, which provide a small chance for bullets to devolve enemies into Arrowkin, similarly to the Devolver;

Gilded Bullets.png

Gilded Bullets, which increase damage depending on how wealthy the player is;

Helix Bullets.png

Helix Bullets, which doubles gun output but slightly reduces damage and causes bullets to travel in helical patterns;

Homing Bullets.png

Homing Bullets, which provide bullets a chance to home in on enemies;

Hot Lead.png

Hot Lead, which causes some bullets to set enemies on fire;

Irradiated Lead.png

Irradiated Lead, which causes some bullets to poison enemies;

Magic Bullets.png

Magic Bullets, which provide a small chance for bullets to transmogrify enemies into chickens;

Rocket-Powered Bullets.png

Rocket-Powered Bullets, which increase the velocity of bullets, and slightly increases damage and fire rate;


Scattershot, which triples gun output at the cost of accuracy and damage;

Shadow Bullets.png

Shadow Bullets, which provide a chance to fire an additional bullet for free whenever the player fires a bullet;

Stout Bullets.png

Stout Bullets, which significantly increase damage and bullet size at close range but decrease damage at longer ranges.

A Tier[]

Alpha Bullet.png

Alpha Bullet, which significantly increases the damage of the first bullet in the magazine;

Chaos Bullets.png

Chaos Bullets, which cause bullets to do random things;

Explosive Rounds.png

Explosive Rounds, which provide a small chance for bullets to explode on impact;

Fat Bullets.png

Fat Bullets, which increase the size and damage of bullets while slightly reducing max ammo capacity;

Frost Bullets.png

Frost Bullets, which provide a chance for bullets to slow and eventually freeze enemies;

Hungry Bullets.png

Hungry Bullets, which provide a chance for bullets to become cannibalistic and destroy enemy bullets on contact;

Omega Bullets.png

Omega Bullets, which double the damage of the last bullet in the magazine;

Orbital Bullets.png

Orbital Bullets, which cause missed bullets to temporarily orbit around the player;

Shock Rounds.png

Shock Rounds, which link all of the player's bullets together with lightning;


Snowballets, which cause bullets to increase in size and damage as they travel;

Vorpal Bullets.png

Vorpal Bullets, which give each bullet a small chance to deal massive damage, similarly to the Vorpal Gun.

S Tier[]

Blank Bullets.png

Blank Bullets, which give all bullets a chance to generate a short-ranged blank on impact;

Platinum Bullets.png

Platinum Bullets, which slightly increase damage and fire rate for each bullet landed on enemies, up to a maximum of triple damage and fire rate.


  • Most Bullet Upgrade sprites are designed after either pistol cartridges or shotgun shells, the exceptions being Silver Bullets and Chaos Bullets, which are designed after rifle cartridges.