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Bullet King
Bullet King
Health: 950
Location: Keep of the Lead Lord
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Bullet King

A Blast of Bullets
Seated atop the Lead Throne, the Bullet King rules over the Leadfort's Gundead. He will hold court with any brave enough to reach his sanctum.

Beware his Chancellor, for he holds back a terrible rage.

The Bullet King is a boss found in the Keep of the Lead Lord.

Behavior[ | ]

The Bullet King will continuously follow the player around on his throne while attacking. His attacks include:

  • Spinning and firing continuous volleys of bullets, each wave alternating in direction. This is followed by a tight-knit circle of bullets, which requires a dodge roll or a blank to avoid. This leaves Bullet King stunned for a moment.
  • Firing a circular volley of spiral shaped, accelerating bullets that curve slightly.
  • Firing a spread of three bullets at the player, with a second 3 bullet spread directly behind the first spread.
  • Firing a large bullet upwards which bursts into 8 smaller bullets, each of which bursts into 8 more bullets.
  • Firing twelve lines of four bullets in all directions.
  • Throwing a flask that ignites the ground.

The Bullet King is also accompanied by his Chancellor, who will charge at the player if damaged.

Strategy[ | ]

The Bullet King is perfectly manageable as long as you can stay at mid to long range. Do not let him back you into a corner, for most of his patterns are extremely tight at first, but offer generous openings as they advance further - thus, the farther away you are from him, the more easily you can dodge his attacks. If he is starting to push you very close to a wall, concentrate on getting to the open side of the room before resuming fire. Because the large burst bullet attack always starts going up, you should make an effort to not cross above him or risk being forced to blank.

If the chancellor takes damage, he will charge right at you. He is easy to kill, but may be hard to spot when you're focusing on dodging bullets. Either deliberately take him out or make sure you don't accidentally hit him.

The large bullet that splits into many can be destroyed with Blasphemy to skip the attack and prevent it from splitting.

The fire flask can be deflected away from the player by shooting it in midair. It will still ignite the ground where it lands.

Notes[ | ]

  • If the Chancellor has not taken damage by the end of the fight, he will drop to his knees, in tears, and become harmless. At this point, the chancellor will be instantly killed upon taking any damage or touching the player. The chancellor has a chance to drop Money upon death, even after the fight ends.
  • The Chancellor can be charmed, but his attacks do no damage to the King.
  • Failing to kill the Chancellor will result in them reappearing on the following floor with that floor's boss, with a sword in their hands instead of their regular staff.
    • This carries across runs: if you fail to reach a boss on the following floor, or restart that exact run where you left him alive, you can encounter a floor one boss with a Chancellor. This means that the Gatling Gull and the Trigger Twins can have a Chancellor by their side, and Bullet King can also gain a second Chancellor, resulting in two of them during his fight.
    • The Chancellor, at this point, will charge at you regardless of if he's shot or not, also holding a sword.
    • The Chancellor can generate as a Jammed.
  • If the Chancellor is hit with Casey from about a Casey's length away, the Chancellor's body will deal a large amount of damage to the boss it hits, killing Bullet King and other bosses in one hit.
  • Bullet King is immune to goop, and cannot be set on fire.
  • When Bullet King dies, his throne may block access to pickups. The throne can be destroyed by shooting it.
    • If Bullet King dies right next to or on the item pedestal spawn point, the throne will explode automatically as if the player had destroyed it.
    • If Bullet King dies right next to the entrance or exit of the boss room, the throne will not explode automatically, but will explode if the player shoots it in order leave the room.
    • If Bullet King dies right next or on the Chancellor, the Chancellor would be glitched inside the throne and couldn't not be killed unless the throne has been destroyed.
    • You can sit on Bullet King's throne after he has been defeated.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Bullet King's "Lead Throne" (made of guns fused together) is a reference to the Iron Throne (a throne made entirely of swords fused by dragon fire) from the Game Of Thrones TV Series/novel.
  • There is a discrepancy between the intro/ammonomicon art and the in-game sprite - the two crowns do not match.
  • Bullet King seems to have connections to the Trigger Twins in the physical version of the ammonomicon.
  • There is a picture that can spawn on Keep Of The Lead Lord showing a version of Bullet King wearing makeup. This may be a photo of a Bullet Queen, or possibly Bullet King doing some sort of cosplay.

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