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For the Enter the Gungeon enemy, see Bullet Kin.

Bullet Kin[ | ]

Bullet Kin
XtG Bullet Kin
Location: Forge, Hollow, Black Powder Mine
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Bullet Kin (Exit the Gungeon)

Standard Issue
Bullet Kin are the most common Gundead.

These sentient shells were brought to life hundreds of years ago, when the great Bullet struck and formed the Gungeon.

They are simple creatures, but vigilant and loyal.

Bullet Kin are one of the most common enemies in Exit the Gungeon.

They walk back and forth, shooting single bullets at the player.

Jetpack Variant[ | ]

Bullet Kin have a Jetpack Variant, which is functionally identical in the way it attacks, but has the added ability of flight.

XtG Jetpack Bullet Kin

Bandana Bullet Kin[ | ]

Bandana bullet kin
XtG Bandana Bullet Kin
Location: Hollow
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Bandana bullet kin

Aggressive Bullet Kin that fearlessly charge their targets, spraying bullets from their machine pistols with reckless abandon.

Some theorize that the bandanas represent the rudiments of Gundead culture. That said, there is little evidence beyond the occasional pair of sunglasses.

Bandana Bullet Kin are a variant of the normal Bullet Kin, wielding Machine Pistols.

They rapid fire bullets at the player in small bursts, taking intermittent breaks to reload.

Cardinal[ | ]

XtG Cardinal
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Cardinal.

Of the Gun
A high-ranking member of the Order of the True Gun.

These Gundead spread the words of Kaliber amongst the Gundead, and are empowered by her blessing

Cardinal are the most abnormal of the Bullet Kin variants in Exit the Gungeon.

They walk back and forth, periodically releasing four pointy bullets in an X pattern around themselves. These bullets home in on the player.

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike their Enter the Gungeon counterparts, Cardinals in Exit the Gungeon do not wield Magnums, instead holding unique Bullet Scepters.

Minelet[ | ]

XtG Minelet
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Minelet.

Short and Stout
Minelets take cover under their hard hat to prepare for a quick burst of gunfire.

The only form of Gundead that can grow hardy beards, which are the envy of their cousins.

Minelets behave much like regular Bullet Kin, with one added behaviour. Periodically, they will hide under their mining helmets for a time before leaping back up and releasing a ring of bullets all around themselves. They are invulnerable while they are hiding. Minelets can hide in platforms that cannot visibly hold them