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Taur De Force
The Buffammo is an intergalactic mercenary who came to the Gungeon to seek the Gun That Can Kill The Past on behalf of a wealthy benefactor.

Though he has arrived too late, it seems he will attempt to steal from anyone fleeing the Gungeon.

The Buffammo is a Boss in Exit the Gungeon. It is a large, muscular man-buffalo with resemblance to the Minotaur of Greek myth.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • Jumps from one layer to another layer, releasing a ring of bullets upon landing. After landing, he then charges at the opposite wall, causing two boulders to fall from above upon colliding.
  • Spits grenades one at a time that each explode into more bullets that fly off in random directions.
  • Charges from the left/right of the elevator towards the opposite wall. Upon colliding with the wall, two boulders will fall down from above.
  • Fires 6 large projectiles at the opposite wall. These large bullets split into smaller pieces of shrapnel that then fly back from the wall.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Buffammo appears to hold the Winchester Rifle.
  • In early versions of the game, the Buffammo was named the 'Coltaur'. Certain NPCs, and even its mastery achievement continue to refer to it as such.
  • The name 'Buffammo' is a portmanteau of 'Buffalo' and 'ammo'.
  • The grenades Buffamo spits up heavily resemble jars, referencing the "Mini Minotaur Song" by Tobuscus. During the song, the antagonist minotaur throws up after ingesting a jar of tartar sauce.

Video[ | ]