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Boss Rush is a game mode unlocked by unlocking the Forge shortcut. It is accessed from the elevator room, and costs 3 Hegemony Credit to use (except for the first time, which is free). Completing Boss Rush unlocks Bracket Key.

In Boss Rush, each floor only contains an entrance, boss rooms, and an exit. Bosses do not have a damage per second cap in Boss Rush. Boss rewards are the same as the main game, including Master Rounds should a boss be killed without taking damage, though refraining from picking up a gun on the floor will not guarantee gun drops from later bosses on the floor. Defeated bosses will not drop Hegemony Credit during this mode.

Floors[ | ]

Floor Bosses
Keep of the Lead Lord
Gungeon Proper
Black Powder Mine

Notes[ | ]

  • If the serpent is hatched from the Weird Egg, then the player must fight the Advanced Dragun phase of the High Dragun.
  • Only one Master Round can be gained per floor, even if multiple bosses on a single floor are beaten without taking damage.
    • If the player receives the Clone and restarts Boss Rush as a result of death, then a previously obtained Master Round may be obtained again by defeating a boss on the same floor without taking damage. This allows players to meet the requirements for completing the 'Lead God' Achievement without successfully defeating the High Dragun.
  • The lack of a DPS cap allows for extremely powerful gun/item combinations which may be less noticeable against normal capped bosses.
  • Boss Rush is a good way to get the 'Lead God' Achievement and unlock Super Hot Watch.
    • Similarly, Boss Rush can also be a good way to beat the Turbo Mode challenge.
  • Wall Mimics, Keybullet Kin, Pedestal Mimics and Chance Kin can spawn in Boss Rush.
  • If Lord of the Jammed is encountered during Boss Rush, and High Dragun is successfully defeated during the run, you will be able to die during the victory screen, as the game is not paused when Boss Rush is cleared. Only the death cinematic is played underneath the victory screen, it does not count towards your death count total, and does not bring up the death log.

Bugs[ | ]

  • Using the elevator to traverse to a Non-boss rush floor will result in you being required to pay 3 credits, regardless of whether or not you’ve used Boss Rush before. If you pay the 3 Hegemony Credit required to enter Boss Rush and then leave the game, you will need to pay it again.
    • This bug also occurs if you exit the game after Tinker has just finished constructing the elevator and offers you a free first go.

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