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Bolt Python
Bolt Python
Location: Black Powder Mine
Diginomicon Entry

Diginomicon Bolt Python

Electric Steel
Due to a long losing streak, the Ammoconda began to fear it was not up to the challenge of defending the Gungeon.

After a complete mechanical overhaul, it has become the fearsome Bolt Python. Fully automatic and fully charged, it can emit lightning from its sections and shoot lasers from its fangs.

The Bolt Python is a Boss in Exit The Gungeon. It is an upgraded version of the Ammoconda from Enter The Gungeon.

Behaviour[ | ]

The Bolt Python typically moves in a snakelike manner through the air, wandering all over the elevator shaft unless stated otherwise.

  • Randomly selects a segment of its body, and releases a ring of bullets. It does this a handful of times in quick succession.
  • Makes each segment of its body release a couple bullets directly to either side of themselves. These bullets travel outwards away from the Bolt Python in a pulse movement style; moving a significant distance, slowing down, and withdrawing a small bit before repeating.
  • Shoots snaking lines of lightning shaped bullets in the direction of the player.

Flying Turrets[ | ]

Flying Turret
Bolt Python Turret

During the fight, flying turrets will periodically spawn around the elevator. These turrets will occasionally fire individual spiky bullets in the direction of the player.

The Bolt Python will occasionally eat these turrets, healing itself a small amount, growing an extra segment to its body, gaining a temporary speed boost, and changing its movement style. For the duration of its speed boost, the Bolt Python will begin moving in straight lines around the elevator shaft, changing direction only when it bounces off the walls.

Notes[ | ]

  • Due to the length of the Bolt Python's body, contact damage is a significant threat, especially in areas where the player has little room to stand.
  • Due to the Bolt Python having multiple segments that are capable of taking damage, weapons with piercing capacity are highly effective against it.
  • Unlike the Ammoconda, the Bolt Python's segments are not individually crippled after taking enough damage.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Like its Ammoconda predecessor, the Bolt Python's ability to eat its own turrets to increase its length is a reference to the game Snake.
  • The line in the Bolt Python's diginomicon description about the Ammoconda suffering a 'long losing streak' is seemingly in reference to the fact that the Ammoconda is one of the most disliked Enter the Gungeon bosses among the community.
  • The quote 'Electric Steel' from the Bolt Python's diginomicon description and boss card may be a reference to Pokémon types from Pokémon, as well as the similarly serpentine electric eel.
  • The Bolt Python's diginomicon entry resembles a cobra, rather than a python.
  • 'Bolt Python' is a reference to the Python gun series from Colt.
  • The Bolt Python being a mechanical version of a previous boss may be a reference to The Destroyer from Terraria, which is made up of laser turrets and is an upgraded version of The Eater of Worlds.

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