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Blobulon are common enemies in Exit the Gungeon, coming in many different forms, and having varying behaviors among their ranks.

Blobulon[ | ]

XtG Blobulon
Location: Forge
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Blobulon (Exit the Gungeon)

Victory through Numbers
An assault trooper in the Blobulonian Army, 3rd Division. Capable of subdividing upon death, and overwhelming their foes with numbers.

The feared Blobulonian Empire once spanned a thousand worlds, and only began to crumble after a disastrous winter campaign through a particularly cold region of space.

Blobulons crave battle above all things, and in the Gungeon they can relive their glorious and cruel legacy.

Blobulon are simple enemies, hopping back and forth across the various platforms and precipices that make up the treacherous path out of the Gungeon.

They do not seem to actively target the player, though with their movement patterns, an unwary player is likely to be caught out by their contact damage regardless.

Blobulons split into two Blobulins upon death.

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike their Enter the Gungeon counterparts, who split into two Blobuloids, which then split further into Blobulins, Blobulons in Exit the Gungeon split directly into Blobulins.
  • Blobulons do not seem to detect ledges, and as such will leap gleefully to their deaths upon reaching the edge of a platform.

Blobulin[ | ]

XtG Blobulin
Location: Forge
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Blobulon (Exit the Gungeon)

Quantity over Quality
Blobulins form the lowest ranks of the Blobulonian Army.

These fanatic warriors throw themselves into combat with total disregard. Their hateful speed is only matched by their fragility.

Blobulin are some of the weakest enemies in Exit the Gungeon, with a mindless hopping behavior akin to their Blobulon predecessors, but much lower health.

Notes[ | ]

  • Like the Blobulons that preceeded them, Blobulins will not turn back at platform edges, and will jump to their demise.
  • Blobulins can be slain by dodge rolling into them.

Blizzbulon[ | ]

XtG Blizzbulon
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Blobulon (Exit the Gungeon)

Best Served Cold
Beware the Blizzbulon's circular spray, for it always precedes several targeted assaults.

Originally bred by the Blobulonian Empire for an ill-fated winter campaign, the Blizzbulon feels no pity in its cold heart.

Blizzbulons are possibly the most complicated Blobulonian variant relying on more than contact damage or residue to attack the player. They instead take a more active role, firing rings of sharp icicle shaped bullets around themselves as they move carefully back and forth.

Poisbulon[ | ]

XtG Poisbulon
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Blobulon (Exit the Gungeon)

Chemical Warfare
Poisbulons represent a terrifying advancement in Blobulonian warfare, leaving a toxic trail in their wake.

The Blobulonian Empire is not a signatory of the Guneva Convention, and is not bound by the traditional restrictions on chemical weapons.

Poisbulons are a variant of the regular Blobulon that appear later into Exit the Gungeon runs, typically showing up around the Gungeon Proper.

They slide back and forth across their platforms, dealing contact damage to any unfortunate enough to get in their way. In addition to this, they also leave a toxic trail in their wake, rendering any place where they have recently been unsafe to stand.

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike their Blobulonian kin, Poisbulons turn back upon reaching a ledge.
  • Unlike their Enter the Gungeon counterparts, who split into a Poisbuloid, which then splits into two Poisbulins, Poisbulons in Exit the Gungeon skip the Poisbuloid stage and split directly into two Poisbulons.
  • The toxic trails of Poisbulons and Poisbulins can poison other enemies as well as the player.

Poisbulin[ | ]

XtG Poisbulin
Location: Black Powder Mine
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Blobulon (Exit the Gungeon)

Poised and Ready
Poisbulins, finally free of the excrutiating experience of being a Poisbuloid, march to the song of freedom and attack with abandon.

Poisbulins are smaller versions of their Poisbulon predecessors. They too slide back and forth across their platform, spreading their noxious slime.

Notes[ | ]

  • Despite not actually coming from Poisbuloids in Exit the Gungeon, their diginomicon description still references them as having done so.

Cubulon[ | ]

XtG Cubulon
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Blobulon (Exit the Gungeon)

Fearful Symmetry
Ascendant Blobulons who have achieved flight. The force of their slam attack violently expels ammunition they store in their gelatinous body.

The Blobulonian military is nothing if not practical. By forming their bodies into cubes, Cubulons were able to more efficiently pack themselves into troop transports on their campaigns of conquest.

Cubulons are enemies in Exit the Gungeon. Floating, cubic cousins of the grounded Blobulons, they have much more intimidating attacks.

They float slowly through the air, periodically pausing to fire a diamond shaped spread of bullets all around themselves.