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Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: B Quality Item
Magazine Size: 6
Max Ammo: Infinity
Reload Time: 1.0s (single reload)
2.0s (double)
DPS: 56 (beam + swing)
28 (only swing or beam)
Damage: 14 (beam)
14 (swing)
Fire Rate: 0.20
Shot Speed: 26
Range: 1000 (beam)
Force: 10
Spread: 10
Class: SILLY
Damage Type: None
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Unlock Method: Defeat the High Dragun as The Bullet.
Ammonomicon Entry
To The Point
Meta Info
Item ID: 417
Internal Name: Blasphemy
Object Name: blasphemy
Sprite Name: blasphemy

Blasphemy is The Bullet's starting weapon. It can be swung to damage enemies and destroy bullets. When at full health, swinging the sword will send out a piercing rainbow sword projectile. "Reloading" the weapon will destroy incoming bullets in a small range and can push enemies away.

Notes[ | ]

  • Blasphemy is the only weapon that does not visually show a magazine size.
    • Despite this, it still has a hidden six-round magazine — it just doesn't need reloading.
  • Blasphemy cannot be dropped if obtained as a starter.
  • Blasphemy does not benefit from fire rate boosts such as the one provided by Lichy Trigger Finger.
  • Defeating The Bullet's past with its alternate skin will unlock a skin for this weapon.
  • Blasphemy has a dull brown variant only available in The Bullet's past. It behaves similarly, but cannot destroy bullets, will not send out projectiles, and cannot push back enemies and destroy bullets by “reloading” or double tapping reload.
  • Blasphemy is one of the only two character starter weapons not in the SHITTY gun class, the other being the Slinger.
  • You are able to find a second blasphemy if you start with the alternate version and then get another with the normal skin.

Tricks[ | ]

  • The hitbox of Blasphemy's swing extends slightly behind the player, allowing it to hit an enemy that is very closely behind the player by swinging forward.
  • The reload for Blasphemy only destroys bullets at the very start of the animation, even if the weapon is still up.
    • Running into bullets while "reloading" will not destroy bullets.
  • Blasphemy can shoot its beam through thin walls by swinging while standing directly next to a wall and facing it. However, this only works with very narrow vertical walls.
    • If you swing and then immediately dodge roll, the swing will move forward with you, allowing you to slice through thicker walls of bullets or reach a farther away enemy.
  • A “guard flash” that hits nearly all enemies on screen regardless of distance or obstacles can be performed by swinging in the opposite direction of the enemies, then instantly double-tap “reloading” and quickly turning to face the enemies. This does not reveal secret rooms. This technique is possible, albeit difficult, to do on controller.
    • An easier way to perform a guard flash on controller is to map your reload button to the left bumper or trigger.
    • This makes Blasphemy essentially a more powerful Camera with slightly lower fire rate, as the Camera only does 10 damage while Blasphemy does 14.
    • Quickswitching between Blasphemy and a secondary weapon in between guard flashes can cancel Blasphemy's reload time. Although this is a bit trickier, it allows its users to perform a faster guard flash.
    • The guard flash also gains the benefits of the double-tap reload, pushing back enemies and destroying nearby bullets.
    • Guard flash can be performed with a normal reload, but it is very precise and difficult to do correctly.
    • A guard flash can be performed while aiming at the enemy as long as you turn fast, so it is possible to hit an enemy with both the sword beam and guard flash. This technique becomes easiest on controller with the left bumper/trigger reload and if you do a spin after the shoot and reload. A counterclockwise rotation is recommended as it's easier for your thumb.
    • In versions prior to v2.1.4, while using the carrot skin for Blasphemy, every sword swipe to the left functions as a guard flash without needing to perform one.
    • If you are using Super Hot Watch and you halt your movement after the initial swing, you will be able to take your time while performing the guard flash.
    • Guard flashing is a completely intended mechanic and is not a bug whatsoever.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Blasphemy's piercing projectile is not triggered when playing as The Robot, as it lacks heart containers.
  • Blasphemy's slice is not a projectile, and thus cannot be blanked by Bombshee, and isn't affected by bullet modifiers.
  • With Synergy Key Witness, Blasphemy will always fire AKEY-47 shots at full health along with the normal laser.
  • Fire rate increases do not change the swing speed of Blasphemy or the frequency at which the beams are fired.
  • Alpha Bullets can only activate on the first beam after a double-tap reload, and Omega Bullets can only activate on the sixth beam after a double-tap reload.
  • Hip Holster and Cog of Battle work with Blasphemy's double-tap reload.
  • Ring of Triggers will fire the sword beam in all directions even if the player is not at full health.
  • If the player is at 1/2 heart from High Stress in Challenge Mode but still has full health, Blasphemy will still shoot sword beams.
  • Blasphemy will trigger Thermal Clips in Challenge Mode, but not if swung more than six times.
  • In Challenge Mode, swinging Blasphemy will not make the Gun Queue modifier cycle to the next gun.
  • With Crisis Stone, its sound effect will play after swinging 6 times at full health, but reloading will not grant invulnerability.
  • Blasphemy's slice can damage the shield created by Betrayer's Shield.

Enemy and Boss Tips[ | ]

  • Killithid’s bullet portals can be destroyed with Blasphemy.
  • Enemy bullets that normally split into more bullets will not split upon being sliced.
  • Enemy lasers will get cancelled if hit at the base of the laser (which is recognized as a bullet by the game) e.g. Beholster, Shelleton, etc.
  • Certain entities spawn through projectiles, and thus can be deleted by Blasphemy in this state before they land: this includes Beholster's Beadies, Mine Flayer's mines, High Dragun's knives, and Resouceful Rat's mousetraps.
    • These moves cannot be deleted once the move lands, though.
  • Misfire Beast's whips cannot be destroyed with Blasphemy unless they are being fired.
  • Chain Gunners’ chain can be destroyed with Blasphemy, but it will return after a full rotation.
  • The High Dragun's RPG rocket can be destroyed with Blasphemy, and if you are standing in front of it, you will not be hit by the bullets as they only go outward in a forward-facing semicircle.
    • The explosion from the rocket cannot hurt you.

Trivia[ | ]

  • UnusedSynergy Unused: Chickensword - If the player has Chicken Flute, Blasphemy can fire its sword projectile even when the player is not at full HP. Removed because it contains a starting weapon.
    • This may be a reference to Nuclear Throne, where the character Chicken starts with the Chicken Sword.
  • The ability of the sword being able to send a projectile of a sword at full health is a reference to the classic Master Sword from the game The Legend of Zelda. The brown coloration from The Bullet's past may be referring to the wooden sword, the first sword in the original Legend of Zelda.
  • Unlike other melee guns such as Casey and Wood Beam, Blasphemy doesn't grant curse, likely due to being a starting weapon.
  • While it is impossible to see in-game due to the gun having the infinite ammo variable set to true, Blasphemy has a maximum ammo of 350.
  • Prior to the Supply Drop Update, the sword's swing could reveal secret rooms.
  • Prior to the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update, if “reloaded" immediately after a swing ends, Blasphemy could instantly swing again.
  • The name and description stems from the Gungeon rejecting melee weapons.
  • The Bullet’s Super attack during the Resourceful Rat’s third phase is them using Blasphemy.

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