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Health: 1072.5
Location: Gungeon Proper
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Beholster.png

Sphere of Many Guns
A fiend from the deep. The Beholster wields six guns simultaneously, with each more fearsome than the last.

Its great eye is capable of emitting a beam of great energy, but it cannot turn quickly while firing.

Beholster is a boss found in the Gungeon Proper.


  • Fires two spreads of bullets towards the player followed by two rings of bullets in all directions.
  • Fires three fast moving small lasers at the player.
    • Sometimes this attack is replaced by 3 slow moving regular bullets.
    • This attack usually happens in conjunction with another attack.
  • Fires two missiles that home in on the player. These missiles can be destroyed by shooting them.
    • If the Beholster is Jammed, he shoots four missiles instead of two.
  • Charges up and fires a continuous laser while rotating towards the player.
    • This laser can be rolled over or blocked by cover.
    • The sweep of the beam will damage and frequently kill any Beadies caught in its path.
  • Spawns a Beadie.
  • Occasionally slightly moves towards the player after attacking a few times.


Once you know Beholster's patterns, he really isn't that difficult. He has a relatively large hitbox, so accuracy isn't much of a problem.

  • When he fires spreads and rings, try not to dodge roll and simply walk in between the bullets, as you will be able to shoot more if you roll less.
  • The small lasers should be easy to dodge, they're only single shots. Try not to wedge yourself in the way of another attack by dodging these, though!
  • If he fires missiles, either focus on destroying the missiles first before attacking the Beholster or simply evade them while attacking - they explode by themselves eventually.
  • If he fires his laser, simply dodge roll through it or hide behind cover.
  • If a Beadie spawns, kill it before focusing on the Beholster, as its stray bullets coupled with the laser make a hard-to-dodge combo.
  • Its rockets can be destroyed instantly with any beam weapon.



  • If the Beholster is dead, all Beadies on the current floor become passive and will not have guns. However, they can still deal contact damage.
  • The six guns the Beholster holds and uses against the player can be found in game. These guns are Com4nd0Machine Pistol, Eye of the Beholster, Void Marshal, Trank Gun, and M1911.
  • Two glitched Beholsters are fought after opening a Glitch Chest.
  • His eye beam can be cancelled not only with blanks, but also by using Blasphemy. But, contrary to popular belief, not with Casey.
  • Because the Beholster's skin colour is mostly red, the main way to tell if he's jammed or not before the battle begins is by looking at his teeth.
  • Staying a significant distance away from the Beholster can make most of its attacks easy to avoid.
  • Since Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, The Beholster has 3 different boss arenas in total, containing:
    • 4 large pits, 1 covering each corner.
    • A pit dotted near the corners but not touching the exact edges, allowing the player to walk around them.
    • 2 pillars parallel to each other lined up horizontally on the far sides of the room with the Beholster in the middle.
  • If the player is holding Shock Rounds, lightning will bounce from Beadies to bullets.
  • The Beholster's eye beam can (somehow) be blocked by Guon Stones and Owl, but cannot be blocked by Gatling Gull if he is summoned to fight for the player via Ticket.


  • The Beholster is a reference to the Beholder of the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game.
  • The Beholster is one of only two enemies in the game to have a song in the soundtrack named after them (“The Beholster Don’t Blink”), the other being the Cubulon (“Die Cubulon Die”).
  • In the Enter the Gungeon comic, the Beholster appears as a 1st floor boss.


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