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Location: Gungeon Proper
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Beadie

Trouble Vision
A thrall to the will of the Beholster.

These abominations are summoned whenever the Beholster fires its signature weapon, the Eye.

Beadies fire bullets towards the player and explode upon death. Enemy Beadies are spawned by the Beholster, and can also appear in regular rooms or at Challenge Shrines. If the Beholster is defeated and some Beadies survive then they will weep in place similar to how the Chancellor weeps upon defeating Bullet King. While they will not directly attack the player during this, they will still be able to deal contact damage and explosion damage when killed.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Eye of the Beholster spawns player-friendly Beadies every time the last round of the magazine is shot. They will continuously attack enemies, but will not be targeted themselves.
  • Beadies will also explode if knocked into a pit.
  • Beadies wield the Trank Gun.
  • Like the Beholster, Beadies are a reference to the beholder from Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Sometimes even Beadies that appear in rooms outside of the Beholster boss fight will weep if you enter their room after defeating the Beholster.
    • Whether they are weeping or not, all Beadies become passive and will not have guns. However, they can still deal contact damage. The weeping is merely a visual indicator.

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