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Bait Worm
Bait Worm
Quality: N/A
Cost: 200Money
Ammonomicon Entry
Angling Your Shot
This worm, itself a veteran of several artillery campaigns, is irresistible to a variety of gun-toting aquatic life. Because of their hunters' scorched-earth tactics, these worms have been hunted nearly to extinction.

Bait Worm is an Item in Exit the Gungeon purchased in the Keep of the Lead Lord Shop. It is unlocked by exiting the Gungeon at least twice as two different Gungeoneers and can be bought for 200 Money. Having it allows you to fight Gloctopus after defeating The Last Dragun by walking to the left and crossing the bullet mound in the Exterior

Notes[ | ]

  • The Bait Worm's digimomicon entry is only available when in the player's inventory.
  • The Bait Worm isn't affected by discounts and buying it does not remove Ring of Miserly Protection.
  • Buying the Bait Worm does not drain all of its 200Money price immediately, so particularly fast players can quickly run to the shop to buy an item, particularly if they won't have enough casings to afford a particular item after the 200Money have been drained. This can often cause one to enter negative money.

Gallery[ | ]

Bait digi

The Bait Worm's diginomocon entry