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Type: Charged
Quality: 1S Quality Item
Magazine Size: 1
Max Ammo: 25
Reload Time: 2.4s
DPS: 47.5 (assuming projectile impacts enemy before exploding)
Damage: Impact: 50
Explosion: 70x2 (140)
Fire Rate: 4.00
Shot Speed: 25
Range: Infinity
Force: 10
Spread: 0
Sell Creep Price: 54 Money
Ammonomicon Entry
Big Shooty Gun
Charge to clear rooms.

A Gungeon classic, and one of the first to be imported through the Gungeon Acquisitions Dept. The BSG's powerful blast will make short work of nearly any Gundead.

BSG is a gun that slowly charges up to fire a large green projectile that, upon reaching its maximum distance, will detonate and severely damage all enemies in the room. The projectile itself will also deal impact damage, pierce enemies, and bounce off a wall once before detonating. However, if the projectile bounces off a wall more than once, it will dissipate without detonating.

Synergies[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Items that increase shot speed (such as Rocket-Powered Bullets) will allow projectiles to reach their maximum distance quicker and thus detonate in less time.
  • Projectiles will detonate instantly if they come in contact with a black hole created by either the Black Hole Gun or Singularity.
  • The explosion's effect is identical to that of the Bracket Key, with the exception that it does not stop additional enemy waves from spawning; it can damage certain bosses during attacks where they are normally invincible, and cannot travel to other rooms.
  • The damage of the explosion is unaffected by passive items.
  • The explosion does not crack walls leading to secret rooms.
  • Because the gun's fire rate is slower than its reload time, the gun cannot be charged immediately after it is reloaded.
    • Similar to other guns with a magazine size of 1 (e.g. Stinger), dropping the gun and picking it back up will instantly reload it and reset the fire rate delay, allowing it to be charged immediately.
  • If used with the Bloody 9mm, it has an almost 100% chance to fire a berserk bullet if fully charged.

Trivia[ | ]

  • With more than double the charge time of the Molotov Launcher, the Big Shooty gun has the slowest fire rate of all guns in the game.
  • This gun is a reference to a weapon called the BFG 9000 from the DOOM series.
    • The In The Mood synergy likely references the high walking speed of the character from Doom. The Thunderclap resembles another gun from Doom, whereas the STRAFE gun may refer to how fast the Doom Marine can strafe. The synergy name is likely because 'mood' is 'doom' spelled backwards.
    • Similarly to how BSG stands for Big Shooty Gun, BFG stands for Big F*cking Gun.

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