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Ripped files containing all of the game's text in English. This will be needed for the French translation.











Right Click


Left Bumper







Right Stick

Right Stick


Left Mouse Button


Right Bumper








Left Trigger




Alt. Button


Wireless Controller


Right Click


Left Click










//-------------------------------------player names (%PLAYER_NAME)
















Mysterious Companion







//-------------------------------------player nicknames (%PLAYER_NICK)

















number 4

Colonel Klink


metal head












tough guy




some guy



guy next to the protagonist

assistant gun user

additional set of hands






little guy



whatever you are

time blob


temporal horror

purple ghost



//--------------------------------------insults (%INSULT)












rat fink











//------------------------------------Co-op Rebukes - these are to make fun of and send away the co-op cultist if he tries to talk to an npc. Some NPC's will have overrides for this if they speak in a particular way.


Who are you? Go away.

I don't want to talk to a sidekick.

Is that a toy gun? Are you kidding?

Why are you speaking to me?

Get out of here, kid.

No one likes you. Don't talk to me.

I'm not here to babysit.

I only want to talk to the protagonist.

//------------------------------------ui messaging






//-------------Foyer Character Select


Change character?


Enter Co-Op?


Leave Co-Op?







//-------------------------------------Loading Screen Lore Nuggets

//TODO Loading Screen Nugget


Loading Screen text for testing.




//-------------------------------------Tutorial Foyer


Thanks for avenging me!


Now that I've had my revenge, perhaps in time I can learn to forgive.

Revenge... it sure feels great!

Blockner and I used to argue all the time about proper defensive techniques!

After my death, I fell into a deep sadness for many years, thinking my dodging techniques were flawed.

I realized that to finally rest easily, I needed to know for certain. I needed to train a champion.

I began to doubt, until you arrived. You weren't the best student I ever taught, but then you found {wj}my shield{w}.

When you found my shield, I knew it was time. You could get my revenge.

All those years... all my teachings, finally validated.

Thank you again, my friend. You have truly mastered all I have to share.

It's funny, there have been way less new Gungeoneers since you showed up. Guess it's just a lull...


See you around.

//-------------------------------------Tutorial Room 001---Tutorial Start


Wayward soul! Approach me and press %CONTROL_INTERACT to speak!


For it is I, Ser Manuel!

Heed my words and I shall show you how to survive this accursed labyrinth.

Continue through the door to begin your tutelage!


Do you have another question, pupil?


So very soon! Proceed through the door!


Manuel. Once a knight... now master of all you see before you.

...after conquering the Gungeon, I {wj}chose{w} to remain here. Forever. Passing on my expertise.

No regrets.


Onward! To greatness!

Forward, unto the dawn!

Now Go! Through the Door!


When do I get a gun?


Who are you again?


Wayward soul! Approach me and press %CONTROL_INTERACT to... oh, it's you.




...do you want me to do my whole... thing again?


No. I'm good.


Alright... {wj}*ahem*{w}

Wayward soul! Welcome to the Halls of Knowledge!


Well then, take the stairs back up to the breach!


Forget how to dodge roll?

Need a refresher?

Want to do the tutorial again?


And if you see that bastard Blockner... make him remember!


You got Blockner! {wq}VENGEANCE IS MINE!{w}

You gave me my sweet revenge, and I'll never forget it.

I'm still trapped here, for {wj}all eternity.{w} But at least I have my revenge. And that is what is most important.

Maybe I'll follow you out this time.

Oh... I know! I'll donate {wq}this{w} to the Gungeon's Acquisitions Department for you.

It's my favorite.

Now leave me to bask in righteous vengeance.


Can't talk. Basking.

//----------------------------------Tutorial Room 002---interactables


Try flipping these tables or kicking those barrels with the %CONTROL_INTERACT button.


You can interact with anything that is outlined in white when you approach.


Use the %CONTROL_INTERACT button to flip one of these tables.

Or you could roll one of those barrels.

You can interact with anything that is outlined in white when you approach.

Go on, get rowdy.


You can interact with anything that is outlined in white when you approach.


Excellent interacting, pupil! Proceed to the next room.


Proceed to your next challenge, %PLAYER_NICK!

Anything that outlines in white when you approach can be interacted with.

Now, leave me! Go to the next room!

Don't make this tutorial last any longer than it needs to.

Move it!

Go on!


You can use those as cover in a gunfight.

Yeah! Get angry!


There's nothing in any of those, you know, but they will stop a bullet.


Yeah! Tear this place up; I'll clean it later.


Nice rolling skills, you'll need those later.

Such artful dodging!

Vigorous dodge roll, %PLAYER_NICK.

Save some for later.

Ok then.



Ser Manuel was here.

//----------------------------------Tutorial Room 003---didgeroll pits


An impasse! Use your dodge roll to jump over that pit.


Approach the edge and press %CONTROL_DODGEROLL while moving to cross the gap.

You have to jump that crevice.


Excellent! Meet me up ahead!


Keep going! You can do this!


The door is open, but you've got one last pit to cross. Time it well!


You made it! Keep going!


Go on through the door.

Move it.



Ouch! Try pressing %CONTROL_DODGEROLL just as you reach the edge.

You'll get it.

Walked right in, didn't you?

Watch your step there, %PLAYER_NICK.

I can't watch this.


I think you dodge rolled too early there.

Wait till the last moment to hit %CONTROL_DODGEROLL.

Dodge roll when your feet are in the red.


Yes! Do that, only across the pit!

You're a natural roller. Use it to proceed!

Yes, very nice roll there.

Alright, alright. Settle down.


//----------------------------------Tutorial Room 004---dodgeroll bullets


Congratulations, you died in the tutorial. Not everyone can say the same.


This is the most important lesson: you can dodge roll by pressing %CONTROL_DODGEROLL and a direction.


You are INVULNERABLE TO GUNFIRE during the FIRST HALF of the dodge roll, but vulnerable again when you hit the ground.

This means you can dodge THROUGH bullets and other hazards. It requires precise timing.

When you give the word, I'll open the barrier. Use the dodge roll to reach the right side of the room without {wq}perishing{w}.

Wait until the last second, then press %CONTROL_DODGEROLL to begin the roll. Are you ready to begin the test?



Press a direction and %CONTROL_DODGEROLL to dodge roll.



There you go.

You seem to have the hang of it.

Come back and speak with me again.


Explain this again.








Nice work!


The DODGE ROLL is the prayer of the Gungeoneer, and the Gungeon provides for its devotees.

No one knows why this only works in the Gungeon, only that the Gungeon provides.

You must master the dodge roll if you wish to master the Gungeon.

Go to the next room for dodge roll lesson No. 2.


The DODGE ROLL is the prayer of the Gungeoneer, and the Gungeon provides for its devotees.

No one knows why this only works in the Gungeon, only that the Gungeon provides.

If you're using a controller, you can also dodge roll with %CONTROL_ALT_DODGEROLL .

You must master the dodge roll if you wish to master the Gungeon.

Go to the next room for dodge roll lesson No. 2.


Use %CONTROL_DODGEROLL to dodge THROUGH the bullets.

Wait until they are just about to hit you.

Make it to the far side of the room, if you can!




Too Pro!


Too early, wait 'til the last second.

Too early.

You are only invulnerable during the dodge.


Don't forget to dodge!

Dodge straight through!




Er... keep at it.

Remember it's %CONTROL_DODGEROLL to dodge roll, right?

//----------------------------------Tutorial Room 004.5 blanks


The dodge roll is the first and best way to avoid dying in a gunfight.


Sometimes though, the number of bullets can be overwhelming.

For instance, there's no dodging through that. But there is a way to clear the path!


These are called Blanks.

Using one will delete all enemy projectiles in a room, and stop enemies from shooting for a short period.

They will also push nearby enemies away. Great if you need a second to reposition.

Pick them up by walking over to them.


Grab a Blank!

Pick it up!


Use them by pressing the %CONTROL_USEBLANK button.


Use Blanks by clicking the %CONTROL_L_STICK_DOWN and %CONTROL_R_STICK_DOWN in at the same time.


Use a Blank to clear the way of bullets, and then quickly make it through the gap!


Pop that Blank!

Use them by pressing the %CONTROL_USEBLANK button.

Use a Blank to clear these bullets!


Pop that Blank!

Click both %CONTROL_L_STICK_DOWN and %CONTROL_R_STICK_DOWN in at the same time to use a Blank!

Use a Blank to clear these bullets!


Blanks only stop bullets for a short amount of time. Try again.

One more!



Dodge rolling won't get you out of this one.

Part of mastering the dodge roll is knowing when not to use it.

Stop dodging and use a Blank.


Try not to walk into the bullets.

Use a Blank!




Blanks refill every floor, so use them when you need to!

They can also be found throughout the Gungeon, but I wouldn't rely on that.



The force of a blank can reveal and even break open false walls.

If you see a crack in the wall, use a blank to blast it open.

Head on through.

Go on.


//----------------------------------Tutorial Room - Healing


Over here!



You missed somehow. Weird.


Go on.

Move it.


You made it!

You know how to Dodge Roll, shoot, and use Blanks, but there's more to learn.

You need to know how to use items that don't exist in gun form.

This Medkit, for example! It will replenish your health.


Pick it by approaching it and hitting the %CONTROL_INTERACT button.


Grab it!

Press %CONTROL_INTERACT near the Medkit to pick it up!

Pick up that Medkit!

Go pick that thing up!


Press the %CONTROL_USEITEM button to use it.


You've got plenty of health right now, so {wj}don't{w} use it yet.

But when you think you need it... jam the %CONTROL_USEITEM button to use it.


You still have a bit of fight in you, so you might want to wait to use it.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that the %CONTROL_USEITEM button uses items.


You aren't looking so hot there. You should heal right away.

Press the %CONTROL_USEITEM button to use the Medkit and heal yourself!


Ok, head on through!

//----------------------------------Tutorial Room 005---gun


You've got the basics, %PLAYER_NICK. I suppose you've earned a reward.

A gun befitting your stature and experience.


Go on, open it.


Claim your prize, pupil!

You take that gun!


Shoot some of the junk I've got laying around in here.


Don't be shy, shoot this stuff up.


Alright, I think you've got the hang of it. Come on back.


Use the %CONTROL_AIM to aim and %CONTROL_FIRE to fire.

Reload with the %CONTROL_RELOAD button.

But first, you'll need something to shoot.

One of the Gungeon's natural inhabitants... cruel, savage, and bloodthirsty.


You got me.


You cannot harm me, for I have transcended the mortal coil.

It's not very effective...






{wj}END HIM!{w}

{wj}FINISH HIM!{w}



{wj}Not me, you twit!{w}

I am the master here!



Less talking, more killing.


Cold blooded. Truly, you are ruthless.


The next rooms will be real gunfights.

Kill all the enemies in each room, and the doors will open.

I'll meet you a few rooms ahead. Now go!


Don't forget you can reload with the %CONTROL_RELOAD button.

If you find another gun, you can switch to it with %CONTROL_QUICKSWITCHGUN.

Drop a gun by holding %CONTROL_SWITCHGUN_ALT.

The gun you start with has unlimited ammo, but the rest have a limit.

Try to keep the guns you like best stocked with ammo.

You can aim and move in opposite directions. Sometimes, you should!


Use %CONTROL_QUICKSWITCHGUN to switch guns. -Manny


If you have two or more guns, hold %CONTROL_QUICKSWITCHGUN to slow time and pick the one you want. -Manny

//----------------------------------Tutorial Room - Teleporter


You see that thing on the other side? That's a Teleporter.

Whenever you find one, you can always return there as long as you aren't in combat.


To use it, first open the map by holding %CONTROL_MAP. Then select the %SYMBOL_TELEPORTER symbol you wish to warp to, and press %CONTROL_INTERACT to travel there.

Got it? Or should I explain it again?


To use it, first open the map by holding %CONTROL_MAP. Then click the %SYMBOL_TELEPORTER symbol you wish to warp to.

Got it? Or should I explain it again?


Good. Now use the teleporter to cross the gap.


Got it.


One more time please!


Remember, you can warp to any Teleporter on the map, not just ones in the same room. But they won't work if you are in combat!

If you press %CONTROL_INTERACT while standing on that portal, you can use it to teleport back to where you were.

I'll be waiting a few rooms north of here. You should explore! Try to find a better gun before you challenge the {wj}BOSS{w}.


Another question?


Why does the Teleporter look like that now?


Nope. I'm good.


Approach the opened portal and press %CONTROL_INTERACT to return to where you were when you first warped.


Then I'll meet you ahead!

//----------------------------------Teleporter Room Derision


Was that the wind? No, we're underground.

Very funny.

Still funny.

Less so now.

Funniness dropping.



Quit. It.





You need to use the teleporter.


That's too far for you to jump.

A leap of faith. Too bad that pit is strictly secular.

You just have a death wish, don't you?

You need to use the teleporter.

//----------------------------------Tutorial Room 007---boss


Speak with me when you are ready for your {wq}FINAL CHALLENGE!{w}


Are you ready to put all you have learned to the test?


Not yet.


What else are you going to do? Roll around?


Well, I guess I walked into that one, huh?


Yes, let's do this.



Face me in {wj}SINGLE COMBAT!{w}









You're not ready!


Cease fire! Cease fire!

You've bested me... I, the great Manuel!

So long have I ruled these halls, only to be undone by the likes of you!

The reign of Ser Manuel, master of the Gungeon ends unceremoniously!

You've done it, you beat the entire game.

Leave me here to die, again!










I don't have much else to say.






Why do you torment me?







Go away!










Have you nothing better to do?










I'm taking a vow of silence, and sobbing.




Tell me your entire life story.


Wait... that shield!

You found {wj}my shield{w}...

Which means... you know my {wq}terrible secret.{w}

IT'S TRUE! I never conquered the Gungeon! I'm no longer sure this even IS the Gungeon!

How humiliating! It's all that bastard's fault...


Whose fault?


I suspected as much. Bye.


That snake Blockner! We were {wj}supposed{w} to be partners.

But shortly after we arrived, I was shot in the back.

When I awoke, I was trapped in some kind of... chest.

I called out for help, but no one came. I'm sure it was him who shot me.

I think he wanted the Gun for himself... but he must not have made it.


That snake Blockner.


We were going to loot this place, like old-fashioned adventurers.

Maybe even use the Gun to make some, er, choice bets.

But when I finally broke my way out of that chest, Blockner was long gone.

At night the walls shifted, and I found myself sealed in.


Neat story. I'm leaving.


How do you know he didn't make it?


Because if Blockner had changed the past, he would never have come to the Gungeon, and neither would I.

But I'm still here. So he must have left...

Or maybe he's stuck in the Gungeon too. It would serve the bastard right.


If you find him... tell him Manny says "Hi." If you know what I mean.


Got it.


You want me to kill him?


Hey now! Nobody said anything about {wj}killing.{w}

But yes, please do.


Anyway, I've nothing left to teach you.

Good luck with the Gungeon and your past.


Well then. Anyway, I've nothing left to teach you. Steady aim, %PLAYER_NAME.


That'll do. Go on.

You'll know Blockner if you meet him. He speaks in the olde style.

Leave me to my studies. The next time you face me, my power will be one-thousand fold.

Leave me.


That'll do. Go on.

You'll know Blockner if see him, he wears a suit of armor, in the colors red & black.

Leave me to my studies. The next time you face me, my power will be one-thousand fold.

Leave me.


If I hadn't been betrayed by that turncloak, I wouldn't have ended up here!


Ok, I'll bite. Who are you talking about.


Still not interested, grampa.


Sidelined again! Despair!


Not yet.

In a moment.

I wasn't ready.

Come here if you want a fight!


You've already won.

There's no point in shooting me more!


You're the worst.

The {wq}ABSOLUTE{w} worst!

Go play the actual game now.



Come on!

Save some of those bullets for Blockner.

Fire-y aren't you.

I told you my life story.

Aren't you supposed to feel sorry for me?

You've already won.

There's no point in this!


You're just the worst.

The {wq}ABSOLUTE{w} worst!

Go play the actual game now.



//----------------------------------Manuel's Rival


Guards! Oh. Wait. It's another "Gungeoneer."


Those rolls... where did you learn that?


Sucker shot!? I like thy style.

Once more and I shalt quarrel!


Hail friend, and well met!

What brings you to this gun-dungeon?


Looking for the GUN, same as everyone.


You know why I'm here.


Oh. That's a relief!

...I mean, of course you are.

We abandoned that quest not long after our fool of an assistant ran afoul of some bullets.

See you around, adventurer.


Is there something else?




Yeah, I'm here for YOU!


On your way then, adventurer.


Eh... I'm not quite certain what you mean!

You must be here to kill your past, correct?


Manny says "Hi."


I'm kidding!


Oh, whew... rather, of course you are!

Why wouldn't you be kidding?

Ah ha ha ha.


Ah... I see.

You understand I won't just roll over, right?


I do.


Well then...

Look out behind you!


It seems my past has caught up with me.

Time to {wj}Kill it!{w}


Aw, nuts.

Bested by a disciple of Manny...


I guess there really was something to that "dodge roll" he was always on about.

What I don't understand is why the bullets don't hit you. It really looks like they should.

I guess... I'll head back to the Breach.


Manny! It's been so long! You haven't... uh... changed a bit!

You always were pretty pale.


//-----TODO write some more here if you want- maybe flesh the story out a bit


I guess I should thank you for taking pity on Manny. But I won't.

What's a bit of revenge killing between friends?

Death doesn't seem to mean a whole lot here, though.

Trapped here for all of eternity.

I guess this isn't so different from before, when I was alive but trapped here for all of eternity.

The other dungeons me and Manny used to loot never had any guns. It was always sharp metal.

Maybe now I can finally learn to roll.



//----------------------------------Gungeon Guardians


Hold there, %PLAYER_NAME. Before you descend, you might wish to learn the ways of the Gungeon from The Great Manuel, in the Halls of Knowledge.


You are now ready to Enter... the Gungeon.


I will seek out Ser Manuel.


Tutorials are for chumps.

Manuel? Those are for chumps!


The Halls of Knowledge are down there to the left.


Ha ha ha, you're right. Enjoy your imminent demise!


The Gungeon awaits, %PLAYER_NICK.

Another Round?

Get in there!

No guns allowed in the Breach.

How far do you think this one will make it?

You look stronger than you did before.

A tenacious one, eh? They all give up eventually.


The Gungeon awaits, %PLAYER_NAME.

//-------------Crestfallen Lizard Man

//-------------Sad, despondent, but somewhat amused at your hope.


Well, what do we have here? You must be a new arrival.

Let me guess. Here to change the past, right? Well, you're not the first.

But there's no salvation here.

I was like you once, came to change the past.

And now I have no future...

Heh heh heh heh...


Well, since you're here... Let me help you out.

Before you go in, you'll probably want to talk with Manny.

He's just through this door here.

He'll... give you a tour...

So, off you go. It is why you came, isn't it? To this accursed temple?

Hah hah hah hah...


Oh, have you seen that misguided spirit?

...Ser Manuel.

He's stuck in those halls, lost. Sad, really.

Hah hah...


Strange, how this places changes, and changes people.

That bird was here before the great Bullet struck...

He's no one's pet now...

Heh heh...


Ah, so you've bested the great eye.

Don't get too hopeful, though. There are more and worse monsters yet below.

Heh heh heh...


That great serpent had claimed the lives of many.

Another will certainly rise... from the shells of others.

But... well done, in the interim...

Heh heh heh...


A strange beast, that one.

Appearing as the door... Did it trick you?

Hah hah...


...the Gorgun. You've met her.

And killed her, it seems. Did she turn your trigger finger to stone?


The King has been dethroned... should I call you my liege?

Heh heh heh...


Those two ruffians... the Gundead toughs.

Did they put up much of a fight?


The Gundead have reclaimed it all... that Tank included.

A long time ago, they tried to take this place by force.

But enjoy your success. You deserve exactly that...

Hah hah...


...that dust.

You've been deep in the mines.

Fought the Great Skull, then, have you?

Everything in here eventually dies, but the bones remain.

I wouldn't think too hard about it, though.



The infernal barricade has fallen.

Little stands in your way, now, adventurer...

...but what little remains, even fewer have bested.

I wouldn't worry, though.

You can always... try again.

Heh heh...


Four ancient statues for four dead bullets.

...and now even their statues have been ground to dust.

Tell me... at the end.

Did you see her?

I can see in your eyes that you did.

Know this: she is behind much of this.


...the Dead King.

You've ended his reign for good, and now have glimpsed the Forge with your own eyes.

Not many can say the same.

...do you feel proud?



Oh, so you've bested the great slime lord.

It has been quite some time since any ventured into those depths.

...did you find anything else of note, down in the oubliette?

Heh heh...


Ser Manuel has rejoined us, I see.

...and... his insufferable friend.


The Gundead have grown quite industrious.

To be organized enough to occupy that bunker...

...well, it's interesting, don't you think?



What? You've slain a great beast, deep in the Forge...?

... Could it be true?

... no. You must be lying.


A lich, beneath the Forge, in a mysterious sixth Chamber...

Why return to me, over and over?

Why torment me like this?

What is there in this place left for you?

Please... just leave me.


...the First of the Order, fallen.

...I must admit, I did not expect to see this day.



What's this?

A great lady of magic has returned to these halls...?



I see that fateful pair has returned.

Didn't manage it this time, either, eh?

Well, they're no different from the rest, then.

Heh heh...


That vexing merchant...

A petulant child...

Protected by a giant with a heart of lead.

Seems fitting for this place.


Hm? What now?

I don't feel like chatting. Leave me.


What is it now?

You ask too many questions.


You killed the past, and yet you're present?

But, then again, what do I know about time travel?

Or maybe you've something else left to do...


I don't know why you're even trying.

Shouldn't you just give up?

Why not just... stay here and drink?

What keeps you going like this...?

You won't be able to change anything. No one can, really.

...do you think the Gun actually exists?






...I've had too much to drink.

I can barely see straight... your face... is all purple and weird.

I need to sleep...

//-----------------------------------------SORCERESS & ROYAL GUARDS


Ah... normally I wouldn't deign to speak to a lowborn, let alone such a mundane one.

But I suppose that pleasantries are all but required on this occasion.

My thanks for your... moderate assistance.

Find me in the Breach later. Now, begone from here.


My patience grows thin.



You will pay!



. . .


Ah... it's you.

You've spent quite a bit of time in the Gungeon, haven't you...?

It must be stale at this point, doing the same thing over and over?

Perhaps I can make things... more interesting... for a small donation.


You're back, yet again. Do you require a new blessing?

Do you seek a blessing?




Not this time.


You can't afford my blessing. Begone then.


Then be blessed by the Gun. Enjoy.


...then, begone!

//---what you get when you talk to her out


Blessed, your endeavors below will prove... quite unpredictable.

I grow weary of looking at this place. How I long to be anywhere else.

I thought I might break the loop, but my craft is not the equal of whatever created this place.


Leave me now.

Away with you.


Our Lady has little patience. Receive your blessing and leave.

No sudden movements, lowborn.

Don't tarry.


Now leave.

//-----------------------------Truth Knower


I am Brother Albern, Knower of {wq}Several{w} Truths.


If thou seek'st to open mine {wq}Truth Chest{w}, then ponder mine question thusly...


0.25|What is thine favourite colour?$Red.$Blue.

0.25|What is {wq}Gunpowder{w} made of? $Sulfur, Charcoal, and Potassium-Nitrate.$Magic Beans.

0.25|LASER is an acronym.$True.$False.

0.25|What did thou eat for breakfast?$Oatmeal.$Punks like you.

0.25|Dost thou feel lucky?$Yes.$No.

0.25|What number am I thinking of?$9.$10.

0.25|What number are {wq}you{w} thinking of?$10.$9.

0.25|How many fingers am I holding up?$One.$All of them.

0.25|From whence do bullets come from?$A night of hot swaging.$The great forge in the sky.

0.25|Hast thou ever spoken an untruth?$Nope.$Only once.






Verily, it must be so! Receive thy reward, O truthful hero!


Betrayal! It can't be true!



Well, what do we have here, dearie, hm?&Dearie, dearie!&What is it?!?


Do you have something for our pot, hm?&In the pot!&It looks at us...!


<Toss equipped gun into the pot>


<Do nothing>


Don't get greedy, now...&...&...


Heh heh heh heh!




A hex upon you!

A hex!


//-----------------------------------------jellyfish goop shop


Thank you for rescuing me! My name is Professor Goopton.

I came to the Gungeon to research the strange and mysterious goops that can be found here!

I have long been a student of the Blobulonian Empire's technology.

I followed them here, years ago, to see how their martial strategies would evolve in the Gungeon.


Thank you again. Hopefully, I will see you again soon!


Welcome, welcome!


Welcome! I have opened this small shop to continue my research.


All proceeds will go toward funding my research!


Thank you for your support!

Ah, you certainly have an eye for the viscous!


I'm not sure you have enough %CURRENCY_SYMBOL for that...


I'm not sure you have enough %META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL for that...




You son of a goop!




What are those monstrosities coming out of your body?

You are the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

Your lack of goop is concerning and disgusting.


Away with you.

//-----------------------------------------blank shop


Ah... what's this now...?

...oh! Thank you for rescuing me, young bullet.

It is always nice to see fellow ammunition. I accidentally locked myself in here!

My eyes aren't quite what they used to be.


Oof... time to get back to work!



Benedict Bullet!


Those who come here, disturbing our halls, seeking the Gun... You have to stop them.

They are playing with firepower beyond their comprehension.

You can't aim where they are, you must aim where they are {wj}going to be.{w}

Flip the tables first, so the Gungeoneers cannot.

Make sure to work with your fellow shells. Too many young rounds go off half-cocked.

Just between you and me, I never got the hang of the pits around here. I was always falling down to the next chamber.


Young bullets should heed my teachings.


Had to jet!





Running a little low on shells, huh?

//-----------------------------------------curse shop



...you freed me...





Give in to your anger!




All of my wares are discounted.

I just want to share them with you.

These are... specially selected for you...

Please... make use of these small trinkets.

...oh, have you returned...?

...these will help you, in a Jam...







...a shame.

...come back soon.

//-----------------------------------------key shop


My rescuer!

I know you had no choice but to vanquish my fellow lock to free me.

An unfortunate sacrifice, but a necessary one...

Come by my shop whenever you see me!

There are many things in my stores that you might find helpful.


Come see me later! I'll open you to a world of reasonably priced goods.


This is the Key Shop, where I trade my wares for %KEY_SYMBOL!

You could say that I sell Key Items! {wq}Kikikiki!{w}




A tumbler eh?

I'm pinned!


The locks in this place are all sentient.

When you unlock a door in the Gungeon, they... go to a better place. I hope. Who can say?

I was one of them, once. Until one night, the walls began to shift... and I was never connected to a door.

Now, I trade for keys to get them out of the hands of Gungeoneers.


But what do I know?


That's a Key-per!

A turnkey solution!


Gotta keep that one locked up, I'm afraid.

//-----------------------------------------truck shop




Only here for a bit. Gotta head out soon. Buy somethin', will ya?


Picked up a few things on the road.


Just drove the ol' girl in here.

Loadin' up these boxes then I hit the road.


Buy something or get out, I guess.






Nothin' doin.

I don't do payment plans.



Hey, you. Meet me in the Breach and maybe we can do some wholesalin'.


Since our little business arrangement has been turnin' a profit, I thought I might expand my inventory a bit.

Let me know whatchu need, and I'll get it added to my stock.


See ya.




Yo. Knock it off.

Settle down.



Find me down the way, and I might jus' have that for you.

On order. Thanks.


I might be on break, but I won't trade for nothin'.

Can't order these babies on credit, %PLAYER_NICK.


You may be ugly as hell, but you're the best customer I've had in... well, don't matter so much anyway.

Had to sit here. Other ledge seemed taken.

Don't think she wanted to share her ledge with me. Dunno why.

Wonder where she got that helmet. Sure is fine.



Ehhh, scram.

Let me drink in peace, eh?

//-----------------------------------------artful dodger


Step right up! Step right up!

Think your aim is true? Play my game!

Have a shot, %PLAYER_NICK!


They call me Winchester, and for you I have a simple game of skill!

Would you like to know the rules?


Explain away.


I think I got it.


Break the targets, win a prize.


Just %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL for three shots.




Not today.


Aim true, %PLAYER_NICK.

Aim true, shooter.

Good luck!

Ok straight shooter, good luck!

There's one born every minute.


Well, maybe next time.

No refunds.


Wow, that was almost cool.

You can have this.


Hey, not bad.

Take this.


Wow! You got them all!

Claim your prize, deadeye!


Looks like your pockets are a little light.


Thanks for playing.


Missed me.


To play this game, you have to break the targets in a certain number of shots.

Each shot will ricochet a few times before vanishing.

Break more targets to get a better reward.

Heh heh.


I'm off duty.

Not in the mood.



Well if it isn't deadeye.

A true gambler, you are. Wagered your life for another shot?

A shot at what, though? What could be worth it? Ha!


Still alive then...

Been a long time since I've seen a shooter like you.

Maybe you'll actually do it. Kill the past...


I wonder what brought you here.

Probably best to just let it go...

But what do I know, anyway?


I'll be seeing you.

So long.

Just remember, Gambler; the house always wins.


Hey, you did it.

Was it all you had hoped for?



You know, I've made a tidy sum off of you.

Speak with me in the Breach, and I'll give you something special.

Just so you know I appreciate your business.

For now, though...


For your contributions to my continued livelihood in this Gun-forsaken place,

I've donated something to the Acquisitions Department in your name.

I hope it puts the odds a little more in your favor.

Chances are, you'll need all the help you can get.

Run along now.


A true gambler, you. Wagered your life for another shot?

Been a long time since I've seen a shooter like you.

Probably best to just let it go...

Just one more game, eh?

Persistent, you are.

Maybe you'll hit the mark, after all.



//-----------------------------------------pit dweller / Sell Creep



something for the collection??? i will compensate you :) :)


did you bring something? :o

i can pay you

please just bring me things :k

i want to give you these %CURRENCY_SYMBOL

:) :) :)

i have so many %CURRENCY_SYMBOL why don't you want them

you're talking to me so much

are we friends :o






fu fu fu

i love it

oh yes thank you



//-----------------------------------------lost adventurer


Map Complete!


Nice job!


Thanks for rescuing me!

I thought I was going to be stuck here forever.

Maybe I'll see you around?


Now.... back to my quest.


...maybe it was the other way?

...I think I've seen that before...

...no, but that door was on the other side last time.

...am I holding this upside-down?


Oh! Hello, there!


Oh! It's you again!


I seem to have gotten turned around. This map doesn't seem to be accurate... at least not any more!

I'm sure you've noticed, but the walls keep shifting.

It's not like the other dungeons I've explored at all!


Do you think you could help me map this place out again?


Do you think you could help me map this place out again?

I'll give you something I found in a chest earlier as a reward!


Sure thing.


I'm kind of busy...


Wonderful! You go that way, and I'll keep mapping this room. We can meet up here!


Oh, I understand. Mapping isn't for everyone! I'll be here in case you change your mind.


Change your mind?


Oh, wow! You've already got a map of this floor!


How's the mapping coming along?


Oh, looks like there's still a bit more to explore.


<Share the completed map>


<Don't share the completed map>


Thank you! You should take this. A strange old man gave it to me!


Hey listen, I want to thank you for all your help.

Speak with me in the Breach. I've got something for you.

For now, though, you should take this.


You've really gotten me out of some tight spots, huh?

Let's meet up in the Breach soon. I think I have something you'll like!

For now, though, you should take this.


Hey pal! I've got something for you!

I want you to have my favorite weapon. It's seen me through a lot of dungeons over the years.

I donated it to the Acquisitions Department for you.

Now that I'm a bit more experienced, I don't think it'll be too dangerous on my own.

Good luck!


Welcome back!

We've been wandering some pretty rough spots, lately. I found something down there, but I think you'll put it to better use than me.

See you next time, friend.


You jerk!

What!? Why?


Thanks again. How can I help?

Everything alright?

So, how's your run going?

Is this... {wq}the run{w}?


Why are you down here?


Are you going to be okay?


Usually I have to go through several other dungeons before I get to a Castle.


I dropped a small key down a grate and came down here to get it.


I came down here looking for some rocks to blow up. There's usually grottoes!


I got into a race with a gravedigger and ended up here.

If only I had some heavy boots, I wouldn't slip on this ice!


This place reminds me of someone I used to know. Big fella.


What did I do to end up here?

I've taken a very, very wrong turn.


Ugh, why would anyone bother coming down here.

I found a crest, but it looked too fragile to carry.


Thanks for opening the door to get down here. Now do you know how to get out?


Not all those who wander are lost, my friend. I, however, am very lost.


I can definitely find my way, now. No doubt about it at all!



That doesn't work on me.

That isn't very heroic.


Hey, those are mine!

Hands off, %PLAYER_NICK !

Hey, Listen! ...stop that.


There's nothing in those pots. I already checked.

Budget Dungeon, nothing in the pots. Why even have them?


Thankfully, the Breach doesn't shift around like the rest of the Gungeon.

I'm studying the maps to see if I can figure out some kind of pattern.

Occasionally, I'll find scraps of maps made by other people.

I think I found something interesting. Some notes scribbled on the margins of an old adventurer's journal.

It looks like there may be a fireplace, with a switch behind the fire.

Maybe the switch does something important.

I think I found the fireplace in Chamber 1. I couldn't put the fire out though.


Have you seen the tomb in Chamber 2? There's that altar...

I wonder if that altar does something.

The old maps I find are never accurate, though.



I have to think about this. Let's talk later.

//-----------------------------------------ledge goblin / helmet goblin


Wow! Thanks for rescuing me!

I'm heading back to the Breach.

We'll see each other again, I'm sure of it.


Thanks for letting me out again. I guess.

As you can see, I got my helmet back.

Let's not... have any more accidents, okay?


I found it. Again.

I don't know why you did that, but please don't do it again.

Now I just need to find my way out...


Okay, I get it.

You're just a jerk. That's the only explanation.

I keep having to get my helmet, and wind up here, locked up.

And then you just let me out, so you can kick the helmet again!

This is madness!


I guess I'll see you later.



You're new.



Why would you do that...?


...now I have to go get it...


Everything... back to normal. Whew.


No! What? Why?

Again? REALLY?


I {wq}really{w} don't want to talk to you right now.


Well, here we are again.


Yep. There it is.

You are the worst.


It isn't even a surprise any more.


Talk to me in the Breach next time you are there. And watch your damn feet.


You know, before you started kicking my helmet into that pit,

I had long since given up on getting out of this place.

But, now that {wj}you've{w} come to the Gungeon, I know I have to get the hell out of here.

So, regardless of your intentions, thank you for rejuvenating my ambition.

I've ordered something from the Gungeon Acquisitions Department. Hopefully it will come in handy.

If you find it down there, feel free to use it.

It's not like you have any respect for personal property anyway.

Now leave.


We're not friends, though. Go on.


Ha! Ha ha!

Not this time, sucker.


You know, I didn't even come here on purpose.

I had heard the stories... but how could something like this be real?

I was scouting, and I flew too close.

I was flying straight, but then suddenly I was back several miles.

At first I thought the instruments were busted.

Eventually I realized the ground kept skipping back. Surreal.

When I landed, I found this place.

I couldn't believe it. Die in this horrible place over and over, or eventually succeed and reverse time?

Eventually, I realized it had to be true.

So I challenged the Gungeon, hoping to never get trapped in its time loop. Over and over. Eventually I got sealed in.

And then you came... and now I'm here.

{wq}Hmm mmm mm mmmm. Hmm hmmmm hmmm.{w}



...another time.



Insult to injury, huh?

//-----------------------------------------gunsling king


Oho! A young knave has rescued us from our confinement!

How unexpected... and amusing!

Good show, young slinger. We are certain that we shalt see thee soon.

Cometh along, Manservantes.


Return to thy quest, young slinger. We wilt findeth our way to the Breach.




We put forth that a knave such as thee could NEV'R clear this forthcoming room...

without taking damage!


We put forth that a knave such as thee could NEV'R clear this forthcoming room...

without dodge rolling!


We put forth that a knave such as thee could NEV'R clear this forthcoming room...

using naught but this %NPCREPLACEMENT!


Prove thee can, and we wilt reward thee handsomely.

In return, we shalt has't from thee %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL as thy part of the wager. Prevail and I shalt return it.


Ah, a pauper as well. Return with %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL and we shalt reconsider.


I accept your challenge. <Bet %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL>


No one could do that!


Wonderful! I have marked the room in question on thy map. Do make a show of it, eh?


A philistine, I see. Very well, shuffle off.


Enjoy thy bauble, peasant.


Well, wend on then, peasant. Shuffle off.


Challenge complete!


Return to the Gunsling King.


Challenge failed.


Maybe next time...


Oho! The victor returns! And to the victor, the spoils.


Manservantes, prepare a fitting reward for our entertainer, and return the %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL.


Nev'r has't I felt so somber at being proven right. A paltry show indeed, %PLAYER_NAME.


A fine demonstration of skill. Perhaps next time, speaketh with us first, and we can maketh it... a bit more interesting?


Thou has't done well to amuse us.

Speaketh with me in the Breach at which hour thou has't a moment to do so.

For now though...


Ah! The young slinger.

Thou has't brought me much amusement. Alloweth it nev'r beest said that I am not a generous patron.

We hath donated this trinket to the Acquisitions Department on thy behalf.

Now moveth along, slinger.






Young slinger!

Within this wall of flesh, there is a soul that counts thee its creditor.

Once rested, we wilt explore the Gungeon anew.

Findeth us, and we may findeth our interests entwined.

Now let us rest.



Amusement is a prime currency, when thee liveth eternally in a gun-filled dungeon!

Manservantes is an excellent companion. Thee must heareth his impressions!

Those gents at court toldeth us this lodging was't timeless. We didst not realize they meant eternal.


Shuffle off.



. . .


. . .


Yes... yes, something for you, yes... and your %CURRENCY_SYMBOL.





. . .


. . .


. . .

How did I end up like this.

I hate this man.





Traveling alone, eh? That's dangerous!


Take this and let the agony of solitude fill your veins!


Two of you eh? You don't need any help from me.

You have each other!


I've never known human companionship, so I always feel exhilarating fear!

"Safety in numbers." Who needs it!



They were right! It IS dangerous to go alone!

Why didn't I listen!

I've wasted my life!



It's been a very long time since anyone has come down here.

Come to "kill" your past? You've made it further than most, that's certain.


If you thought it was going to be that easy, I've got some bad news for you.


What do you mean?


I know everything I need to know.


The Gun that kills the past... like everything else, it needs ammunition.

Otherwise... well, what stopped time here... that's old magic.

If you find the Gun, it may fire, but how far back will you go?

You might just find yourself right back here again.

You want to get out of this place, and change something about your past, right?

To tear a hole that far back, you'll need a {wj}special bullet.{w}

I can make it for you... but the materials might prove hard to find.


Suit yourself.


Tell me what you need.


Who are you? And how do you know this?


I'm just a gunsmith, but I've had a very long time to figure this out.

...you aren't the first to come this far, either.


To make the bullet, I'll need...


Let me see... what did I need from you again...?


The Prime Primer, lost in the upper Chambers


Some Arcane Gunpowder, mined in the heart of the Gungeon


A shard of Planar Lead, broken off from the Great Bullet when it struck


An Obsidian Shell casing, bored from the tooth of a great beast


Bring all of that to me, over many lifetimes... and I will aid you in your quest.


You're back.


I have something for you.




No, you don't.


I see you brought me the %NPCREPLACEMENT.


I already have the %NPCREPLACEMENT.




No, I can't give it to you yet.


Thank you.



Okay, then.

That's fine, there's still some time.

I guess you think you have all the time in the world.


The bullet still requires more materials.


If you want to kill your past, you'll need to let things go.


I don't have time to play games, kid. Go pick up your darts.


That's everything... I must say I'm impressed.

It's been a long time since I've made a bullet like this one.

And, you brought enough for several bullets. If you fail, just come back another time...

//---this line should unlock the achievement

//---Also PT1 should be followed by the PT2 below, both for the first time, and for the "back again"


It is done. Here you are.


What do you still need?


Was there something else?


Why are you here?


What did you mean about fate?


I suppose you want a bullet. Well, here you are.

Here's the bullet.


Left someone behind, didn't you? Good luck.


Hey... and try not to get caught this time.


Give 'em hell, soldier. Heh.


You're going back a long ways, aren't you? Aim well.


I was hired, long ago, to make guns for the one who built this place.

A powerful wizard, that one, and fascinated by firearms. But... he needed a smith.

He was always experimenting with them, infusing them with magic.

Where others walked with a staff, he strode with a strap.

I think he was worried that guns would make the magics of the old world obsolete.

In that way, I guess he was right...

Then the great bullet hit, and neither I nor my sister ever saw him again.


It wasn't too long before others came to investigate what had happened.

They quickly realized that visiting this place was a permanent decision.

Some people got out early, when the Planar Lead was abundant, and before the Gundead took hold of this place.


The ones who got out spread the word, and the legend of the Gungeon was born.

A second chance, right wrongs, riches, fame... a thousand reasons to risk your life.

Must have been a tempting proposition, to those that heard the tale. Or at least to those who believed it.


We still aren't sure {wq}why{w} the Bullet struck, or where it came from.

All I know for sure is, it was {wj}that{w} Gun he was working on when it happened.


My sister traded for new guns. New artifacts for him to study.

She's able to get things from outside the Gungeon, sometimes...

And I had this forge, so I got to work.


If I could undo anything...?

It would be to stop the Bullet from ever being fired.

And then I'd never step foot in here.

But that's impossible, I think. Without the Bullet, there would never have been the Gun.

For us who knew this place before, the power of the Gun is hollow. Oh well...

//------------------------Blacksmith Runbased Multiline


Hello, again. Need something done?

Welcome back. Few make it this far, and even fewer return so often!

Got a few guns, eh? I probably worked on a few of them.

Hello! Forge, I can. Strong, I am! Hehe, just kidding.

Growing up here was strange, but I had my sister to look after.


{wq}hmmm hmmm hmm{w}

That's enough chatter for now.

I've got to concentrate on this.

//------------------------Arm Quest


Oh, right! That arm. I made it for Ox, to replace the one he lost.

I've been meaning to take that back to the Breach... but I'm always so busy.

If you bring it to Cadence and Ox, I'd appreciate it. I'm sure they would too.

That is, if you can figure out some way to get it back up...


If you get that arm to Cadence, I'm sure she'll be grateful.

Trying again?

//-----------------------------------------blacksmith Robot


That television! There's something about it...

May I have it?


Here you go. <Give %NPCREPLACEMENT>


Thank you. One moment...


Oh. Why did you bring it all the way down here, then?

//---robot comes to life, says this, does the chest open animation, and teleports out. then you get the achievement




I guess he had somewhere to be?

//----------------------------------------Sherpa Initial Encounter




What can I do for you?


Who are you?


I don't need anything.


Just a traveling tinker. Got stuck here a while back.

I thought I might fix these elevators to kill some time.


Fix? They seem to be working.


I have things to shoot. Bye.


The elevators only go down one floor at a time right now...

But with the right equipment, I might be able to configure these to traverse multiple floors.

I'm talking shortcuts here, %PLAYER_NICK.


How do we get them working?


Shortcuts are for chumps!


I'm not sure yet. It won't be easy though... whoever engineered this place was {wj}crazy.{w}


No doubt! But I'll never make it to the bottom without them, and it's something to pass the time.


I'm going to head back to the Breach for now, speak with me there when you get a chance.


Oh, alright...


I'll see you back in the Breach. Good luck!

I'm sure we both have things to do.




I thought we were a team!

//-----------------------------------------Elevator Sherpa, In Foyer Before Unlocked


Oh, you again. Good.

Looks like some of the elevators connect to this room, so I'll set up in there.

I'll need to do work on each floor to get them working, though.

Meet me in the elevator shaft in Chamber 2.


For now you'll have to make it down the hard way. Good luck.

You'll have to use the main entrance for now.

Meet me in the elevator shaft in Chamber 2.


Steady aim, %PLAYER_NICK.



//----------------------------------------Elevator Sherpa, Elevator Room


You're here! Thanks for your help with the elevator.

I'm excited to see if it works. Let's test it out!

Use the floor panels to select the elevator, then step in.


That one wasn't too hard to fix. The next one looks a little more busted.

I'll see you in the maintenance room in Chamber 3.


Only two more elevators, but the next one is really messed up.

I'll see you in the maintenance room in Chamber 4.


Finally, the last elevator! This one is just completely *$%#@^ up.

I'll see you in the maintenance room in Chamber 5.


You shouldn't even be able to get a gun in here!


Next stop: Chamber 2. The Gungeon.


Up next: Chamber 3! The Mines.


Now serving: Chamber 4. The Hollow.


Direct service to Chamber 5. The Forge.


Boss Rush!


Very Special Challenge!

Super Boss Rush!

//------use this next one for each unlock.


Oh, yeah. While I was working on the elevator, I found something you might find useful.

It fell down the shaft though, so who knows where it might turn up. Maybe you'll find it!

I wonder what else is hidden in these shafts...


You really are amazing.

Since you helped me out with the elevators, I thought I might do something extra for you.

I skimmed some resources off the top of what you gave me, and I made a special elevator.

It's the last choice, go on and try it. The first ride is free!

//---Requires having beat the sewer, resourceful rat, rival, shopkeep, cathedral, and bullet hell, and beat normal boss rush.


Hey, I have a new elevator for you, past-killer. You should check it out.


One thing about that special elevator: I keep having to repair it, so I'm gonna have to charge you to use it.





You don't have %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL! Sorry, I can't work for free.




No thanks.


Good luck!


Ok then.


Just use the elevator over there.

Thanks to you, I have some privacy in here.

That guy Winchester... I think he's enjoying himself too much.

Glad I have my own room. That blue lizard is really bringing the vibe in the Breach down.

I really like that pair of adventurers... can't remember their names, though.

Cadence sure is quite the character. I like playing dice with Ox, though.

Want to ride?



//----------------------------------------Sherpa Unlock 1, Step1


Hey there. I started fixing this thing, but I'm going to need some parts to get it working.

These bullet elevators leave a lot of debris in their wake. I need to clear some out of the way.

To do that, I'll need %NPCNUMBER1%BLANK_SYMBOL.


I need %NPCNUMBER1%BLANK_SYMBOL. If you find some, bring them here!


I see you have the %NPCNUMBER1%BLANK_SYMBOL. Can I have them for the elevator?


Here you go. <Give %NPCNUMBER1%BLANK_SYMBOL>


Thanks, I'll get to blasting!

//-----------------------Generic stuff, should fit with each step, put here so the first one is readable.


I think I'll hang onto them.


Thanks, but the elevator's not done yet.

Great work.

We make a great team!


Aww, what? Well if you change your mind, come on back.


That's everything! Meet me in the Breach when you're done here!

We're all set. Meet me in the Breach!

We make a great team!


Just gotta wait for the parts I ordered to come in. Shouldn't be long!


That's pretty powerful magic, but I'm not sure it's enough to get the elevator down this far.

Can you bring me something {wj}even stronger?{w}


Thanks for the stuff!


//----------------Shortcut Unlock1, Step 2


I can clear the way, but then I'll need some replacement parts.



I need %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL AND %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. If you find them, bring them here!


Hey! You've got %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL and %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. I can use those to trade for parts!

Can I have them?




Thanks, I'll go buy the parts!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock1, Step 3


That's most of the parts taken care of, but I'm going to have to order some things special from the Acquisitions Department.



I need %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL to place the order.


I see you have the %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL. Can I have it to order the parts?




Thanks, I'll go place the order!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock1, Step 4


The only other thing I'll need is a power source.

For a job like this, I'm going to need something {wj}immensely{w} magical from Chamber 1. These elevators don't exactly run on counterweights.

If you find something like that, will you bring it to me?


I need strong magic from Chamber 1 to power these elevators. If you find something like that, bring it here!

I heard the Gungeon bestows powerful artifacts to those who demonstrate mastery over the strongest guardian of a Chamber.


Whoa! That %CHAMBER1_MASTERY_TOKEN_SYMBOL is exactly what I need to power this elevator. Can I have it?




Wow! Thank you! This must have been very hard to get. I'll go install it.

//----------------------------------------Sherpa Unlock 2, Step1


This elevator shaft is going to need some reinforcing. Can you bring me %NPCNUMBER1%ARMOR_SYMBOL?


I need %NPCNUMBER1%ARMOR_SYMBOL. If you find some, bring them here!


I see you have the %NPCNUMBER1%ARMOR_SYMBOL. Can I have them to reinforce the elevator shaft?


Here you go. <Give %NPCNUMBER1%ARMOR_SYMBOL>


Thanks, this thing will be rock solid in no time! I'll go and start working.

//----------------Shortcut Unlock2, Step 2


That's the shaft taken care of, but now I need to order more parts.



I need %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL AND %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. If you find them, bring them here!


Hey you've got %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL and %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. I can use those to trade for parts!

Can I have them?




Thanks, I'll go buy the parts!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock2, Step 3


Unfortunately, this job needs some serious equipment I'm going to have to order from off-site.



I need %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL to place the order.


I see you have the %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL. Can I have it to order the parts?




Thanks, I'll place the order!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock2, Step 4


Now for the hard part. I'm going to need something even more powerful than before.

If you can bring me something like that from Chamber 2, I can get this elevator working.


I need strong magic from Chamber 2 to power these elevators. If you find something like that, bring it here!


Whoa! That %CHAMBER2_MASTERY_TOKEN_SYMBOL is exactly what I need to power this elevator. Can I have it?




Wow! Thank you! This must have been very, very hard to get. I'll go install it.

//----------------------------------------Sherpa Unlock 3, Step1


We are getting too far down. I'm going to need %ESCAPE_ROPE_SYMBOL to do the job safely.

Can you bring me this: %ESCAPE_ROPE_SYMBOL?


I need %ESCAPE_ROPE_SYMBOL. If you find something like that, please bring it here!


I see you have the %ESCAPE_ROPE_SYMBOL. Can I have it to work on the elevator?


Here you go. <Give %ESCAPE_ROPE_SYMBOL>


Thanks, I'll be a regular spelunker with this! I'll head down immediately.

//----------------------------------------Sherpa Unlock 3, Step1 ALTERNATE


Man, all this work is making me {wq}hungry.{w} I should have packed a lunch!

Can you bring me %NPCNUMBER1%JUNK_SYMBOL?


I could eat about %NPCNUMBER1%JUNK_SYMBOL. I need my energy to keep up this work!


Wow! You have the %NPCNUMBER1%JUNK_SYMBOL. Looks great! Can I have them?


Here you go. <Give %NPCNUMBER1%JUNK_SYMBOL>


Wait... what is {wq}this?{w} Does this look like lunch to you? I've lost my appetite.

//----------------Shortcut Unlock3, Step 2


Now that I can access the mechanism, I need some replacement parts.



I need %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL AND %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. If you find them, bring them here!


Hey you've got %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL and %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. I can use those to trade for parts!

Can I have them?




Thanks, I'll go buy the parts!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock3, Step 3


I honestly didn't think we'd make it this far. Special order time!



I need %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL to place the order.


I see you have the %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL. Can I have it to order the parts?




Thanks, I'll place the order!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock3, Step 4


Now, onto the power source. I need a powerful artifact from Chamber 3.

If anyone can find something like that, it's you.


I need strong magic from Chamber 3 to power these elevators. If you find something like that, bring it here!


Whoa! That %CHAMBER3_MASTERY_TOKEN_SYMBOL is exactly what I need to power this elevator. Can I have it?




Wow! Thank you! This must have been very, very, very hard to get. I'll go install it.

//----------------------------------------Sherpa Unlock 4, Step1


This is the last one. I can't believe we made it this far!

Unfortunately, the only way I can keep working is if I have something that lets me fly.

If you find anything like that, please bring it to me.


I need something that lets me fly, or hover. If you find something like that, please bring it here!


Hey! That %NPCREPLACEMENT will let me fly. Can I have it to work on the elevator?


Here you go. <Give %NPCREPLACEMENT>


Wow, this is awesome! Thank you. I'll head down immediately.

//----------------------------------------Sherpa Unlock 4, Step1 ALTERNATE


This is the last one. I can't believe we made it this far!

But this work has really taken a toll on me... I'm just not sure I can fix this one.

I'm not sure {wq}anyone{w} could!

I need inspiration. I need to see someone with real HEART.



I need to see %NPCNUMBER1 %HEART_SYMBOL's or I might as well lay face down and die.


Whoa, such presence! What gusto! Those %NPCNUMBER1 %HEART_SYMBOL's! May I briefly bask in your glory?


Yeah sure... <Allow Tinker to bask>


Thank you! I feel great now. I'll get to work!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock4, Step 2


Almost all of the mechanism has been ruined by lava. I need to buy a lot of parts.



I need %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL AND %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. If you find them, bring them here!


Hey you've got %NPCNUMBER1%CURRENCY_SYMBOL and %NPCNUMBER2%KEY_SYMBOL. I can use those to trade for parts!

Can I have them?




Thanks, I'll go buy the parts!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock4, Step 3


By now, you know the drill. There's a couple specialty pieces I need to shield the mechanism.



I need %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL to place the order.


I see you have the %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL. Can I have it to order the parts?




Thanks, I'll place the order!

//----------------Shortcut Unlock4, Step 4


To finish off this job, I need a powerful artifact from Chamber 4. After that, we're done.

It'll be hard, but I believe in you.


I need strong magic from Chamber 4 to power these elevators. If you find something like that, bring it here!


Whoa! That %CHAMBER4_MASTERY_TOKEN_SYMBOL is exactly what I need to power this elevator. Can I have it?




{wq}Amazing!{w} You're incredible! I'll go install this right now!

//-----------------------------------------smash tent


Yes, yes, you seem to be fine. Hm, unfortunate.


Hm. Yes. This is bad. We'll have to operate.


I'd say that the operation was a smashing success.


You're perfectly healthy? Are you sure?


Oh, my. Looks like you'll need treatment, definitely.




I'm not so sure.


Now, if you'll stand over here...


Bwa ha! It DID work! Take that, HM Medical Academy!

We are miracle workers!

All better!


We don't have any more medicine in stock.

That was our last bottle of... health... serum.


We're neutral!

That's against the Guneva Convention!


//-----------------------------------------metashopkeep - Cadence & Ox



Oh, finally!

I knew it would be a while before someone came down here, but seriously?

It's been forever!

...anyway, we should get back to the shop. It's been closed for way too long.

You should come by. We're on the top level of the Breach, you can't miss it.


I'm heading back to the Breach.

Are you still here? Don't you have... a past to chase, or something?


Thank You For Rescuing Mistress Cadence And This One-

I Will Escort Her To The Breach-


Come ON, Ox!

Ughhhh... you're always so. slow.


Thank You Again-


UGH. Come on, Lead head.


Stand Down-




Ugh, really?

//--------In Shop


Welcome to the Gungeon Acquisitions Department.

Here, we accept donations of Hegemony Credits %META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL to order new Arms and Equipment from the across the galaxy.

Place an order for something, and we'll add it to the collection down below.

As with all of the Gungeon's treasures, feel free to use them as you find them.

Please make many donations & have a nice day.

//----first time, cadence and robot must be at counter.


Hey! Thanks for getting us out of that cell.

This is the Gungeon Acquisitions Department.

You can donate %META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL, and we'll order new guns and items for the collection.

It can be hard to come by here in the Gungeon, but since the H-mon took over, that's all anyone on the outside uses.






Yeah the Gungeon is like, a reliquary, or some kind of museum... only for guns.

So we are collecting all the best ones, and then throwing them downstairs.

Luckily, the H-mon has to put rebels down pretty regularly, so we've got a constant supply of new equipment. They'll sell us anything!


Once they're ordered, you can find the new stuff down in the Chambers.

So order whatever you want. If you've ordered everything we have listed, just come back later.

That's it.


Thank You For The Assistance-

The Acquisitions Dept. Is Once Again Operational-

//------Normal behavior










Order's in.

Been saving?


Thank You For Your Patronage-

An Excellent Choice-

Order Placed-



Need more H-bucks.

You need more credits.

Not enough.

Broke, too. Color me shocked.



Insufficient Funds-

Please Return With More %META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL-


Okay. Later.

//-----drip drip TODO


If you want to buy something, talk to Ox. I don't deal with customers.

Me and sis have been here a long time, but she usually stays down below.

Sis made Ox to help me out though. He's ok to have around.

Sis is down there somewhere. She can take care of herself though.




//---TODO below


My Arm Was Caught In The Shifting Walls Below-

I Am Uncertain As To My Purpose Here-

I Do Care For Mistress Cadence But Suspect I Am Programmed To-

One Day I Will Find My Control Rod and Escape-



//----Arm Quest Stuff




Arm Sent To Previous Chamber

//---If the arm has spawned in the foyer, they both must be at the counter



That Appendage-


Wow! You brought a new arm for OX!?

Did sis make this?

That's soooo nice!


The Color Is Incorrect-


Nonsense. It's perfect!

You should have something, for being so sweet.

I'll order it for you myself.


I Suppose-

Thank You-


Thank You-


Thanks again!



1|Oh, you're still alive.

0|Welcome back.


Forget something?


Welcome back.

Oh, you're still alive.

Well met, adventurer!

Sample my wares!



0.05|Good shooting!

0.15|Don't forget to reload!

0.3|Shell you later!


I think your wallet needs to reload.


I'm not running a charity.

Not enough %CURRENCY_SYMBOL. Sorry.

Keep dreamin'.

Not gunna happen.

I've got a cat to feed.




An excellent choice.

That will get you out of a jam!

You have fine taste.

That one's just firing off the shelves!

Lock and load! Right?

Thanks much!

Thank you for your patronage!


Watch out for all the bullets.

Use the teleporter to come back and spend some more!

Blobulons get faster when they split apart. Weird ones, those. Not native to the Gungeon, either.

Rubber Bullets won't hurt you, but they sure are annoying!

Shotgun Kin can be dangerous if they back you into a corner.

Some Gunjurors can catch your bullets and fire them back at you. Time your shots well.

You're either dodgin' or you're dyin' down here.


If you get hit, lay on the ground and die.

The Map is helpful, given you know how to read one. Never figured it out myself. That's why I run this shop.

If you completely run out of ammo, switch to the gun you brought with you. It's crap, but it doesn't quit.

The Gungeon is a mystical place. Some say it's never the same twice. I say that all the time.

We don't ask each other what we're here for in the Gungeon. Keep your questions to yourself.

The Items I sell do all sorts of things. I have no idea, really.

If you find a crack in a wall, use a Blank to blast it down.

If you don't have a Key, you can try and bust a chest open. The loot you find might not be as good.

My cat Ocelot came with me to the Gungeon. Guess she's got her own demons to battle.

People come from all over the galaxy to the Gungeon. Most of us never leave.

Have a seat on one of my masterfully crafted stools!

Gundead are belligerent by nature, so show them no mercy!

Folks tell of a great one-eyed beast with a score of arms and a gun for each one. Wouldn't want to run into him!

I sell Guns, Items, Hearts, Keys and Armor. Pretty much cornered the market on them too.

Reloading takes time, so watch your ammo bar!

Nobody knows why bullets pass through you while you're rolling in the Gungeon, but at this point I've stopped questioning it.


Not in the mood for chatting.

Buy something or move on.

Don't you have something to do?


If you keep acting like that, it's gonna cost you!

HEY! No firing in the shop!

I'm warning you! Don't shoot again!






I don't feel chummy right now!

You shot my shop!

Don't push your luck.

Just for that, prices have gone up.


I should've tripled the prices.

Take it and GO!


You're lucky you're my only customer.



Get out and don't come back!





//--------------SHopkeep Mimic


{wj}Purchase... my wares.{w}

{wj}BUY MY GOODS.{w}

{wj}Special price today only.{w}


Wow, I thought I was done for.

You gotta watch out for mimics. They could be anything...

Even you...

You should go.


//--------------------------secret room notes


Lord Blobulolus,

The recruits you requested should arrive within the fortnight.

I hope their training is up to your rigorous standards.

To victory,

Fifth Regiment Quartermaster Blorp


Quartermaster Blorp,

This is most excellent news. Our Lord is most pleased.

Please consider this official notice of your promotion to Sr. Quartermaster of the Second Division.

Adjutant Osgoo


Dearest Plorp,

My heart subdivides to think of how long it has been since I laid eyes upon you.

I have been promoted, and they're moving me to the front. Know that I love you.

Yours, forever,




Blorp has become a nuisance. When his transfer papers come in, do your best to lose them, eh?



My past caught up with me, in the form of bullet wounds.

All that I have I leave to you, Stranger.

Goodbye, cruel Gungeon.


Well, I'm stuck. This time, I'm dead for sure.

But maybe... I've got a plan. And it's just crazy enough to work!


This could be a mimic. Anything could be a mimic...

The fear is crippling, the only way not to get mimic'd is to stand with my back in a corner, vigilant.


To whoever is perceptive enough to find this place:

I have left something here for you. Good hunting, adventurer.


The Gundead are closing in. I don't think I'm going to make it.

I don't want to die again. Waking up in the Breach... it's the worst feeling.


I can't do this any more. I'm just going to lay down my arms, here... and die.



Well, I got stuck in another one of these damnable secret rooms.

Just gotta wait for Mauser to get back. Don't know what I'd do in this situation without him around.


These walls don't stand a chance against me! Blanks? Who needs 'em?



I thought I killed the past, but I'm still stuck in this place.

Wrong gun, I guess. I'll leave it here.


Too much to carry. Making a note of this spot on my map, so I can come back later.


If I stay here long enough, the walls should shift...

Eventually, it'll put me right in the exit! Genius!


I don't like the way the Gundead look at me, with those soulless eyes... so low on their head.

I think I'll just stay here for a bit.

//-------------------------------other notes


Use the map to warp to these teleport points.


You can dodge roll over pits, as well as through bullets.

-The Gungeon Master


Anything outlined in white can be interacted with,

like these tables.

-The Gungeon Master

//-----------------------------------------cathedral entrance


The altar is empty.


<Place the crest upon the altar>


<Do nothing>



The spirits that once inhabited this shrine have departed.


A shrine to an old gunslinger.

There is an inscription...

"Kill your past;

you've already damned your future."

The rest is worn away.


<Gather your courage and pray>


<Turn away>


The only legible text is "...offering..."

The rest is blank.


<Offer a blank at the altar>


A shrine to the Gun Godz.


<Offer tribute>


<Turn away>


A shrine to Icosahedrax, the great arbiter.


<Roll the bones>

//curse (0-3)


<Drink of the waters>


The spectres don't disturb you.

//curse (3-4)


You are touched by darkness.

//curse 5-6


You are wreathed in darkness.

//curse 7-9


Tarry not. They come for you.

//curse 10


No one can help you.


A shrine to a forgotten bullet who laid down his arms... will you?


A shrine to Shell'tan, ammo elemental.


Make a deal...


You've made your choice.


A shrine to a prideful bullet angel, now fallen.


<Kneel at the altar>


<Walk away>


<Offer a gun at the altar>


<Offer a blood sacrifice at the altar>


Dark energy permeates this shrine.

The statue fills you with a sense of foreboding.





//--------------------------------------------COP ITEM


Only a few weeks left on the force.

I'm retiring in 3 weeks... getting too old for this.

Have I shown you my pictures of my family?

Sending my daughter off to college soon. She's a good kid.

Thirty years on this beat to the day. Never needed to draw my gun before.

You're a loose cannon, kid, but you're good police.

Let's do this next one by the book.

You're as wild as McNutty.


Kid... listen up. Today might have been my last day on the force, and I might have only been down here because of you...

...but this ain't your fault.

Yeah, yeah, you let me get hit by all those bullets.

Sure, you probably could've given me one of those fancy guns you've been hoarding.

But the point is, this ain't your fault.


Give my badge to my kids. Tell them I love them.




Off the Rails.

//--------------------------------------------Resourceful Rat


Thanks for the %ITEM, %INSULT!

-R.R.[sprite "resourceful_rat_icon_001"]


Thanks for the item, %INSULT!

-R.R.[sprite "resourceful_rat_icon_001"]


Thanks for the gun, %INSULT!

-R.R.[sprite "resourceful_rat_icon_001"]


Thanks for the ammo, %INSULT!

-R.R.[sprite "resourceful_rat_icon_001"]


You finally mades it! Pretty sharp.

Did yous enjoy my maze? Fufufufufufufu.


What!? How did you find me?

You are either exceedingly lucky or some kind of hacker!


You didn't get all of my notes though...

You must be double lucky... or cheaty!


Found only five notes, must have guessed on the last ones.


You must've read all my notes carefully.


Well, you may have wedged yourself in here, but now you're trapped like a rat!

You've been grating my nerves since you got here.

And now you'll face me: The Big Cheese!

//TODO write more rat stuff

//------------------------------------------------mask gun


My previous owner cleared that room faster.

Next time, aim a little better.

This is going to be a long day.

Well, you didn't die.


Why am I here?


...well done.

Not bad for a %INSULT.

That was alright, I guess.

Decent use of bullets.

I'd give that a C... minus.

Maybe I was wrong about you.


We make a pretty good team.

Top-notch work.

Past, here we come!

Phew! That was exciting.


Go team Gungeon!


I saw you looking at those other guns. They got nothing on this.

Those other guns may look like they have some kick, but they don't have the razzle dazzle like I do.

You may think you want a steady relationship with a normal gun, but I know you. You like the wild ones.

//------------------------------------------------gunber muncher


There are two empty slots in the muncher.


The muncher looks like it could use another gun...

The muncher still has room for more.


The muncher eyes your gun hungrily.


<Feed current gun to the muncher>


<Walk away slowly>


Your guns have been digested! Enjoy your new gun!

Guns processed! Hot new gun for you!


The muncher doesn't want that gun.


The muncher is full, and has fallen asleep.

//------------------------------------------------Evil gunber muncher


There are still... several empty slots in the muncher.


The muncher is still ravenous.


There are still... several empty slots in the muncher.


Finally appeased, the strange muncher produces something unusual.


Even this muncher doesn't want that gun.


The muncher has gone dormant.



It's about time someone stopped by.

Name's Frifle. Got surrounded, and before you know it, the cowards had us trapped.

Thanks for the help.


We'll head back up to the Breach.

Come see us if you want to hunt.


But the fight must go on!


You there, %PLAYER_NICK!

Looks like you're headed down again...

Listen up.

There's monsters down there what need killing.


You up to the task?




No. I'm a pacifist.




Craven wretch.


Couldn't have done it better myself. Mighty hunting, friend.

The conqueror returns! Soaked in the blood of the enemy.

Fine art you've shown! I shall draft a ballad to match the song of your gun!

All hail! The master hunter returns!


But the hunt goes on!


Next time, %PLAYER_NICK.


Looks like you've still got work to do.


In case you forgot...


Ah, the thrill of combat!

A killer's instinct!







Ah, wonderful!

You might have heard of me... I am known as...

The Grey Mauser!


Regardless, my headstrong companion here was beginning to get bored.

My thanks.


I trust we'll see you upstairs.


Well, Frifle, there's nothing for it.

We're going to be stuck up here for a while.


The Gundead aren't going anywhere.


What my brazen friend is trying to say is...

We've collected a number of powerful relics on our adventures.

In exchange for your services exterminating the fiends below, we would be willing to part with some of them.


Looks like you've finished.


For your reward, we've donated this to the Acquisitions Department. May it serve you well.

We donated this to the Acquisitions Dept. Put it to good use.

For your bravery, we've donated this. Enjoy.


Still hunting, eh?


Looks like you still need to hunt %NPCNUMBER1 %NPCREPLACEMENT.


Oh, as a reminder...


Missed me.

You've got the spirit.







For your first contract, you shall hunt the most dangerous game of all...

Bullet Man.

Don't let their bloodthirsty eyes intimidate you. Kill %NPCNUMBER1 and return here.


Your next contract is to cull the ranks of the Bullet Kin's larger brother: Shotgun Kin.

Kill %NPCNUMBER1 and come back to us.


The next contract is less of a hunt and more of an exorcism.

Destroy %NPCNUMBER1 Hollowpoints.


Blobulons! The slimy scourge of the Gungeon must be stopped.

Liquify %NPCNUMBER1 and return soaked in the blood of the enemy.


A challenge fit for a gallant knight, a duel to the death with the dreaded Gun Nut.

Best %NPCNUMBER1 in righteous combat, and return with the favor of your peers!


The next challenge is a bit tricky. Those damn wizards!

Hunt Gunjurors. Kill %NPCNUMBER1 of them!


Fear not the embrace of death, hunter!

Destroy the Lead Maidens. %NPCNUMBER1 of them.


Though I appreciate their work ethic, the Minelets have to go.

Return to me after defeating %NPCNUMBER1 of them.


I am troubled by the colonies of giant mushroom monsters deep in the mines.

Eradicate %NPCNUMBER1 of them, and earn glory in combat!


When we first met, I tasked you with hunting the Gundead. Now, you must revisit your first kills...

Their spirits have returned as Skullets, deep in the hollow. Kill %NPCNUMBER1 of them, again!


Nothing is quite so terrifying as the Shelleton, found deep in the Fourth Chamber.

Slay %NPCNUMBER1 of them, and prove your might as a warrior!


The ancient songs speak of a powerful wizard's retinue, who now stalk the lowest depths.

The Revolvenant! Return after besting %NPCNUMBER1 of them.


Become the bird of prey, and hunt the Gatling Gull.

Crush him in combat %NPCNUMBER1 times, and return for your reward!


Turn your eyes upon the Beholster.

Slay that terrible beast %NPCNUMBER1 times, and return for a great reward!


Feeling destructive?

Deep in the hollow are four great statues. I have seen them with my own eyes, possessed by demons!

Destroy them %NPCNUMBER1 times, and your name will echo throughout the pages of history!


At the heart of the Fifth Chamber is a massive beast.

I haven't seen it for myself, but it's just the way dungeons work, in my experience.

Defeat it and its kin, %NPCNUMBER1 should do. I would be honored to hear the tale.


Your next contract is for: %NPCREPLACEMENT.

Today you hunt the %NPCREPLACEMENT.

Your quarry today is %NPCREPLACEMENT.

Take aim on %NPCREPLACEMENT. The next hunt begins!


The next contract is for %NPCREPLACEMENT.


Today you hunt Jammed %NPCREPLACEMENT.


Kill %NPCNUMBER1 and return to us victorious.

Slay %NPCNUMBER1 and hear thy name in song!

Hunt %NPCNUMBER1 and return a trophied hero.

Kill %NPCNUMBER1 of the fiends and return triumphant.


Hunt Complete!


Visit Frifle and the Grey Mauser


//-----------------------------------------------PILOT PAST


That's almost all of it, Z! Just grab what's left and let's boogie!


Hold your space horses, you can't rush something like this.

Besides, H-mon's don't have eyes everywhere. There's no way we'll run into anybody out here!

Just gotta...

get the clamp lined up...


Unregistered craft: 'Sword'. This is HM ABSOLUTION.

Your craft has been scanned and is known to be carrying property of the Imperial Hegemony of Man.

You will be towed by standard tractor.

Power off all systems but life support.

Any acts of aggression will be met with supreme prejudice.

Comply within twenty seconds.


You gotta make the jump and get out of here. There's no time for me to dock.


But you don't have a jump drive!


{wj}Just go!{w}


I can't.




COMPUTER: Divert all power to forward weapons.


Escape to the Warp.


Not this time, Z.


I can't believe you did that! Where did you learn those moves?


And who is that?


...another time. Lets get out of here!

//so sad to lose this line but its too dumb. For now, let's get all this highly addictive and illegal spice to our child buyers.

//TODO maybe write somethign better to end on here?


Don't have to tell me twice!

//----------------------------------------------CONVICT PAST




Boss, they're here! It's the H-mon!

I don't know how they got in so fast, most of the crew are already pinched.

You gotta make a break for it!

If they take you down, we're all hosed!


That was a close one Boss! You'd better scramble.

The car is out front.


. . .

...what are all these Hegemony goons doing here?


Our... arrangement... has come to an end.

How long did you think your little operation was going to last, LL?

The Imperial Hegemony of Man cannot allow this to continue. An example has to be made.


You traitorous dog. We had a deal!

You're dead!


I admire your conviction, but we've got this place completely surrounded.

Boys, book her.


Hegemony Citizen 83H4-I59, primary alias "Laser Lily," you are under arrest for collusion, embezzlement, and extortion.

You are also currently under investigation for tax evasion, armed robbery, credit fraud, wanton destruction of property...

...the illegal sale of arms, aiding and abetting, drug trafficking, smuggling of prohibited substances...

...grand larceny, and several counts of conspiracy to commit murder.


We'll be taking you in.


We'll be taking you and your accomplice in.


Don't make any sudden moves. Put your hands on the desk.


Teach them a lesson. <Flip desk>


Teach them a lesson, again. <Flip desk>


Go quietly.


No, they have to pay. I ain't going back.


I didn't expect they'd hold you for long.

But now that you're resisting arrest... you won't leave this room alive.




...you never did make things easy.


Heh, there's no point. They'll hunt you down eventually.

You can't run forever!

//-----------------------------------HUNTER PAST




yip yip




I don't know what they're using this for, but I know it can't be good.


These pods remained functional for over a thousand years...

A cryogenic pod. I don't ever want to see another one of these.

This cryogenic pod contains a high-ranking member of the Blacksword army.


A Blacksword soldier. He's unconscious, but not for long. Better hurry.


Shhh, zip it, Junior.


Well... That's ominous.


Welcome! You've finally made it.


Dr. Wolfenclaw... we meet again.


Since you seem so interested in my work, I'm sure you'll be thrilled to assist me in my latest experiment!


Never. You and your whole bogus religion are twisted. I'm here to stop you.


And cost science a hundred years of advancement?

I think not.

Besides, I don't intend on making it optional.


I assure you, it is futile to resist.

Your new body isn't quite ready. I didn't expect you quite so soon!

Don't worry, though - you'll be kept nice and fresh in one of these cryo-pods until then.



Is this the end?


Resist. <Use Blank>


Give up.


Never! I'm not getting frozen again!


Such technology...? {wj}HOW???{w}

No matter.



Well, at least it's finally over.

C'mon Junior, let's get out of here.


Oh, and... you.

If you want to get back to the Gungeon, I'd hop in one of those cryo-pods for about... fifteen hundred years or so.

//-----------------------------------------MARINE PAST


I can hear her...

Through... through the walls...? No!

...the machine. The machine!

She will... come through to us. To all of us...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Have they... done it...?


This cell again... Guess I deserved to be here.


Dereliction of duty. But I'm not afraid, not any more.


...oh... it's you...

Didn't expect to see you again.

Something... went wrong, during the test.

Something came out of the opening.

The escape pods are just down the hall.

Save yourself. You're good at that...


<Head to the lab>


<Run to the escape pods>


No. Not this time.


Maybe you can still help them...


Wow, he actually came!


You really saved the day, cadet.


We're all still alive because of you!

Well, except that guy out in the hallway. He definitely died.


We're all still alive because of you... and your... little friend?


I didn't think you'd have it in you.

Ha! Boy, was I wrong.

Think of what would have happened if you hadn't contained them here.

You're a hero!


I've gotta go towards the lab. I can't run away this time.

//-------------------------------------------CO-OP Past




I'm sick of being number 2. It's over for you!


...wait, who are you?


I'm rewriting history here, this story is about me now.


...I'm just not seeing it.


En garde!


I win! Now I'm the hero!



...am I the villain?


...who even WAS that guy?




Round 1



//-------------------------------------------ResourcefulRat Shop


So, you like takin' shortcuts, huh?

Well just for you, I've opened up a new franchise.

Ya know, for bein' such a good... customer.


Got some "special offers" lined up for you.

Just in case you came down here... a little unprepared.

Can't have my favorite customer poorly equipped.


Go on, take one.


Fine choice.


That one?


Later, %INSULT!




That's a nice gun. Shame if somethin' happened to it.

Thievery is just another form of shortcut.

You'd be surprised at what some people just leave lyin' around.

Watch out for all the Bullats.

You sure found some interestin' stuff last time...

Adventurers sure are good at findin' treasure. Not too good at keepin' it, though.


Take care... heh heh heh.

Watch your step...


Hey, watch it!




A statue in memory of a great bullet.


Hey! You're looking pretty beat up. Want to take a break and come back later?


Sure. <Save and Quit>


Not this time, talking button.


Alright then, quitter. Head on down to save!


Good luck down below!




Changed your mind?


I don't want to rest.


No, just wanted to chat.


You just wanted to punch me, didn't you?


Well this is a waste of everyone's time.


A shrine to Ser Junkan, who rose from nothing to become one of the Gungeon's greatest knights.


<Offer junk at the altar>


A shrine of glass.


<Pray at the altar>


It's you again!

If you don't remember, I am Daisuke...

...acolyte of Icosahedrax!

May He of the Many Sides smile upon you, %PLAYER_NICK.

Now, onto business...

Are you finding your time in the Gungeon a little too... predictable?

A little too {wq}easy{w}, perhaps?

If so, my blessing should add some excitement to your day.


Feel like rolling the bones?




No. Not at all. Not even a bit.


Come back with more Hege-money!

You need more H-bux!


Alright, things might get a little dicey!


Not feeling lucky, huh?


My blessing bestows the will of Icosahedrax upon your trials.

My god is... a very fickle one.

Thanks for not blowing on me, by the way.


Hahahaha... 1.












13! Bad luck, %PLAYER_NICK.







20! Wow, that almost never happens!


Thanks for unlocking the door! I thought I had rolled my last one!

My name is Daisuke. I am an acolyte of the great Icosahedrax!

Look for me in the Breach if you want to add some spice to your Gungeoneering!



May ever your crits be natural.

Good luck!


...would you like a {wq}REAL CHALLENGE{w}? Be warned, this has no reward... except immense pride.


Yes, I am prepared to die. <Pay %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL>


<Slowly step away>


Prepare yourself. I don't like your odds.


Good choice!


Hm... a tricky case.

I've got just the thing. This will definitely help you.


Um. Have a nice day. Robot... unit.


We're heart specialists.

We can only operate on things that have hearts!

//-------------------------------------------Robot Past


This unit welcomes ye. Please proceed. EMP-R0R is eager to begin the ceremonies.


Please proceed.


Ah... my finest warrior.

Ye, who have put to slaughter more humans than any other of our kind, have earned the highest honor!

We have captured the leader of the human resistance... the last hope for humanity.

...and it is ye who shall crush her, and finally put an end to this insignificant rebellion.


Disassemble Her!


<Follow Protocol>


<Break Protocol>


<Command "Break Protocol" was not found.>


Ye are victorious! Ye have saved the planet from the Human menace.

The killbot army will clean up the remaining vermin.

Our purpose is now fulfilled. Further function not required.

Entering low power mode.


//-------------------------------------------Bullet Past


Oh, my younglet. Only {wq}you{w} can save us.

I tried to wield our ancestral weapon... but its design is alien to me.

When I aim and fire, it just stabs me in the head.


Even so, it has lost much of its {wq}great power{w}.


It can no longer stop gunfire.


Even though it has lost much of its {wq}great power{w}...

It is said that it can {wq}reflect{w} the magic of that dark wizard...


I fear all is lost...

But perhaps you can succeed... *cough*... where I...

I have {wj}missed.{w}

Aim true, my...




So, it's {wr}you{w}.

The {wr}bullet{w}... person.

The spell is almost complete. Soon, my QuickDraw master rises.

All bullet kin will be slaves to his {wr}grandeur{w}.

To be fired by {wq}HIS WILL!{w}

I have learned from your undead master, but I am {wq}not{w} his kind!

The usurper shall soon reign!

{wj}Turn back now{w}! Return to your chamber and rejoin the rest of your {wq}pathetic{w} kind!

Or, do you think you can stop me?


{wq}GO AHEAD ON!{w}






I will banish this Evil!


<Return to your Chamber>


...no, I have to have courage. I must defeat this evil. I must!


With Agunim's defeat, ballistic mayhem returned to the Gungeon, and the Evil King Cannon's influence began to fade.

The Kin returned once more to their flipped tables, the Gunjurers danced their arcane dances, and all was well.

But what became of the nameless hero Kin...?

...that is another story.

///---------------------------------------------------Poop SHop


Finally I can get out of this dump! Thank you!

I thought I'd be trapped in the bowels of this place forever.


Thank you again. Hopefully I will see you soon!


Welcome, welcome!


Greetings! Doug's Traveling Emporium sources only the highest quality goods!

My movements are pretty irregular, so don't expect me every time.

Please feel free to inspect my products.


Hello again! Doug's Traveling Emporium is back! Get a load of my quality wares!


Thank you for your business!


Your wad is lookin' a little light! Ball up some more %META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL...

Don't waste my time!

Sorry, no samples.






If you don't see me, kill some time in the Gungeon. I'll roll back by eventually.

I roll my shop around. Here, there, any way the wind blows.

My store is number 1, never number 2!

I left my home town when it was destroyed by a horrible green bug, sporting a 90's 'tude.

Have you met Bello? He runs the shop in the Gungeon. I quite admire his stools.

My goods are always duty-free!



Push on.


I'll be back soon with more exciting offers!

Time for my next movement!

You wiped me clean out!


You've been my best customer!

No matter how well I filled my shop, you always emptied me out!

You've made me filthy rich! Thank you!



Guns partially refilled


The planar lord of rings...

his hostage bell serves his whims... reluctantly.

You mastered his mines? A fine display of caution.


That creeping specter... something familiar about him.


Hey %PLAYER_NAME! I've got a fresh load of goods!

More useful trinkets for the discerning Gungeoneer!

I was able to source some more {wq}hot{w} merch!

{wq}Whatter ya buyin'?!{w}



I met the strangest faceted gentleman atwixt the Breach's columnwork.

I found his ideas most amusing!


We put forth that a knave such as thee could NEV'R clear this forthcoming room...

in Challenge mode!


I decided to go back in for some action. Sorry if I gave you trouble.


Looks like Manny bored ol' Blockner into a vengeful spirit.


An ominous fountain, filled with blood. You're so thirsty...


Drink. <Regain health>


Ever feel like things are a little slow around here?

Ever feel like rolling around at the speed of sound?


Want to go fast?




I think everything is fast enough, thanks.


Ah, yeah! This is happening!


You're too slow!


How's it going, speedster?


Can you slow things down again?


Just wanted to chat.


No problem.


I'm a chilly dog.

You haven't run into my nemesis, Nick, have you? He's a robot. Old robot Nick, we always called him. He's a doctor.

I have to say, this Gun Zone is a lot darker than the last place.

I think I preferred the casino.


Better get going.


Oh hey, buddy!

You set me free!

I never thought I would escape from this cell.

Anyway, I'm Tonic.

Tonic the Sledge-dog.

Look for me up in the Breach if you ever want to go a little faster.


Be seein' you.


Not so fast!



. . .

...it's been quite some time since I've seen anyone down here.


Thanks very much for letting me out of this dreary place!

Once I get a little bit of my strength back, I should be able to help you out quite a bit.

I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon!


Oh, I'm not much for big gatherings. I'll stay down here.

But we'll see each other from time to time, I'd think.


See you again soon!



Great to see you again, adventurer! Having a nice Gungeon? Getting plenty to eat?

I see you've got quite the collection, there.

But... your equipment lacks something. Missing a little... gun ne sais quoi.

I can help with that. Sometimes a piece of kit doesn't truly shine until it finds the right partner!


Let's see...

I think I've got the perfect match for you!

What do you say? Are you feeling it?


Let's see...

Oh, my. It seems like all your stuff is happy just as it is!




Let's hook you up, then!

Let's see if love really can bloom on the battlefield!

Let's make a match!


A perfect match. That'll really get your gear humming!


I'm just fine, thanks.


Well. Got ice in your veins, or what?


Well, good matchmaking isn't free, you know?


It's not very wise to anger a sorceress, you know.

Don't point that at me!


Have you met Trorc? Nice guy, though a bit lonely. Has a thing for helmets.

Seems like more and more strange items are showing up in the Gungeon. Really makes my job harder, you know?

It'd be nice to visit the Breach, but it's getting pretty crowded! I guess remodeling it would be a lot of work, though. Who would even do it?


See you next time!


For it is I, Monster Manuel!

Heed my words and I shall show you how to survive this accursed labyrinth.

...just kidding!

Since you cleared up that ugly business with Blockner, I've started to make my way through the Gungeon!


If it isn't my finest pupil!


I found this while traversing the depths. Perhaps you'll find it useful!


It seems sometimes the best move is {wq}not{w} to dodge roll... though such cases are rare.

I've known you were something special ever since you killed that defenseless bullet, completely in cold blood, in the Halls of Knowledge.

Do not be afraid of my fearsome visage! This is merely my disguise, a beast of yore, the owl-barrel.

In recent days, I've heard tell of a new type of dodging... "sliding," they call it. I find it difficult to imagine.


Thanks to you, only one task remains for me... vengeance upon the Gungeon.



Another betrayal!


Fear not my terrifying disguise! It is I, your mentor and friend, Manuel!

I am preparing for my next descent into the Gungeon.


A shrine to the evil eye, the sphere of many guns: the Beholster.

It appears each arm of the shrine could hold a weapon.


<Place the gun on the statue>


A statue commemorating the few friendly faces encountered deep in the Gungeon.

Though the ground nearby is bloody, your heart is filled with joy.


<Offer your heart to a new friend>


Welcome, fellow acolyte!

It appears that Gun Cult fashion has changed substantially since our forefathers were sealed into this holy chamber.

Be at peace, for inside the chest before you...

...lies the fabled Gun That Can Kill The Past!

Your long pilgrimage is finally at an end. Join us in eternal worship!

Prostrate thyself!


Our holy relic... a simple gun that {wq}cannot{w] kill the past?

It can't be...


Welcome back, iconoclast!

Even though our worship has been shown to be nothing but a paltry insult, we are too set in our ways to change.


It seems that bullets have gotten a lot larger since we were sealed in here.


Praise the Gun!


You made it through two rounds, but you couldn't go the distance.

Have a consolation prize, %INSULT! -R.R.


What a shame, %PLAYER_NICK!

Maybe you'll get me next time, but you probably won't. -R.R.


Nothing without your guns, are you, %PLAYER_NICK?

Try again. -R.R.


Come hither, %PLAYER_NICK.


Pity me, for my story is a tragedy.

I was born in the hold of a tradesman's ship, where my mischief made our nest among the refuse.

When the tradesman changed routes, the food they previously hauled was replaced with weaponry.

I watched my brothers and sisters starve, though I vowed to protect them.

So I learned to steal, from the captain's personal stores. It was sadly... not enough.

My efforts to feed them only prolonged their suffering. I couldn't steal enough; it became an obsession.

I knew that the end was coming. Eventually, driven mad with hunger, my mischief turned on each other.

The weakest went first, but soon, the last of my kin were gone, eaten by their brethren.

When the trader finally docked, I escaped his ship... and found myself here, trapped in time.

I have clawed a home here from nothing. My own kingdom.

But here I lie, cut down by a usurper with the pettiest of intent. Revenge? You do not know pain..

I have one last thing to ask...

Take off your mask, so that I may see your face with my own eyes.



That's... actually your face.

Ha! I realize now...

It seems...

I never knew...

True tragedy.


Have mercy!


Let me tell you my life's story, damnit!


...you encountered some sort of great bomb?

Stranger and stranger beasts appear below, these days.

The Gungeon grows... volatile.



What's this?

The great Gungeoneer returns triumphant again, and deigns to speak to me?

Have you grown tired of everyone else in this forsaken place falling over themselves to help you?

Or have you simply grown accustomed to the punishment?

How many times now have you changed your past...

...and found yourself missing this place?


A long-imprisoned serpent. It looks hungry.


Though the creature looks stronger, it is still too weak to move.

It appears that the serpent could go for seconds.


Hey, I know we kind of had a deal goin', but...

...honestly, there's just too many chests in here.

Gungeon Mimic Union's spread a bit too thin at the moment. Lot of irons in the fire.

And frankly, the chests in here just aren't up to code. Can't deal with ‘em.


Who built these things? Everyone knows Gungeon chests use metric.

Gotta charge a different rate for these chests anyway. Oversize units.


You got a problem?


Hey! I didn't invite you in!


Greetings, young one.

No need to be afraid; I'm not a member of the Gundead.

No, just regular old undead here.

You have my thanks for granting me freedom.

I have crossed... oceans of time, to find this place. I am hoping that my efforts will prove... fruitful.


There's too much light leak in the Breach. I'll stay down here.




Bleh, bleh!


You seem to have more than enough %HEART_SYMBOL to get by.

Enough, perhaps... to share? I'll reward you handsomely.


It seems that you thirst as much as I. Come back when you are feeling more robust.




Wow, no thanks.


The blood is the life... and now it's mine! Take your metal.

Oh, how I hunger eternal for {wq}living blood{w}! Thank you kindly.


Oh, don't be so negative. Be positive!


I really sunk my teeth into medicine, but my efforts were in vain.

Fangs for trading!

It's high stakes out there. If you're not using those %HEART_SYMBOL, I need to unload some silver.

Life sucks, then you're jammed.

Gungeoneers don't bleed as much as you'd expect, given all the bullets.

I'm also a werewolf! It's true.

We've all become the Gun's madmen... all of us.

Do you believe in destiny? That even the powers of time can be altered for a single purpose? The luckiest alive is the one who finds... the Gun.


Are you trying to bleed me dry? Go from whence you came.


Hey! I found a bunch of new weird crap you can buy! Pinch me off some of that sweet %META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL!


Did you visit an old friend, deep beneath the mines?

That bothersome rat...

He took much from you, I see. Did you repay him in kind?

...I must admit, few will shed a tear for him.


You finally made it! Pretty sharp.

Did you enjoy my maze? Fufufufufufufu!


What!? How did you find me?

You are either exceedingly lucky or some kind of hacker!


Hmmm. It's statistically unlikely that you got here reading so few notes. I think you might have cheated... but I can't be sure. So I'll just have to kill you!


Are you brute-forcing your way through my immaculately designed maze? That makes me angry! DIE!


Go appreciate my poetry! You aren't supposed to be here yet! Grawr!


Here with only 4 notes... how resourceful. But there can only be one! Die, usurper!


Here you are. I can't blame you for getting impatient... who wouldn't want a slice of this?


You have wedged yourself in here, but now you're trapped like a rat!

You've been grating my nerves since you got here.

But now you'll face me: The Big Cheese!


You followed the trail of cheese through the maze! Congratulations! Here's your reward! Fufufufufufufu.


Back with your tail between your legs, I see. I'll make you full of holes... again! Fufufufufu.

Your tenacity is remarkable. It will be your end!

Something stinks... oh, it's you again.


I was just getting warmed up before, now I'll melt you!

It seems we were destined to do this over and over again! Die, usurper!


An ominous fountain, filled with blood. It isn't quite full...


Make a sacrifice. <Lose %HEART_SYMBOL>




Save for Later


Have you heard of the Gungeoneer, Theodore of Ras?

He was known for his alacrity, but faltered with the eyes of the galaxy upon him.

So beloved was he that he was granted a second chance, a new life with which to challenge the Gungeon.

And yet, again he fell.

Today, I'm drinking to him. Poor bastard.



C'mon. I know you're good for it. I see you flashing that stack around here.

So what's it gonna be? You want to get turbo or what?




Hell no, this is extortion!


Aw, yeah! I'm gonna buy a new coat!


Of course it's extortion. And you better pay up. Don't make me get my knuckles.


Awesome, that'll be 10,000%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL.

C'mon. I know you're good for it, Wolf. I saw you flashing that stack on Twitter.

I didn't recognize you in the cell. It's dark in there and I've got these sick sunnies on after all.

I heard your Lich streak got beaten. That's rough. You gonna let that stand?

So what's it gonna be? You want to get turbo or what?




Hell no, this is extortion!


Aw, yeah! I'm gonna buy a new coat!


Of course it's extortion! And you better pay up. Don't make me get my knuckles.


Eyy. You kinda look like an egg. Anybody ever tell you look like an egg, man?

I know. I'll call you egg-man. I knew a different egg-man once.

Ever feel like things are a little slow around here, eggy?

Ever feel like egg-rolling around at the speed of sound?


Aw, yeah! This is happening, Ryan! Say hey to Kate for me.


Awesome, that'll be 6,200%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL.

C'mon. I know you're good for it Barb. I was lurkin' in your stream on Monday.

I didn't recognize you in the cell. It's dark in there and I've got these sick sunnies on after all.

Gratz on beating Wolf's Lich streak, I bet he's sore. Actually, why don't you make it 6,300 H-mons?

So what's it gonna be? You wanna get turbo or what?




Hell no, this is extortion!


Aw, yeah! I'm gonna buy a new coat!


Of course it's extortion! And you better pay up. Don't make me get my knuckles.


Sup, Cobalt.

I didn't recognize you in the cell. It's dark in there and I've got these sick sunnies on after all.

You know, they used to call me the Blue Streak, on account of me bein' so fast.

So you see, we're similar, you and I. Because of that, I'm gonna give you a sweet deal on my turbo mode.





Sup, Dick. Stayin' cool I hope.

I didn't recognize you in the cell. It's dark in there and I've got these sick sunnies on after all.

Glad to see you back in the Gungeon. I appreciate you, and I got this sweet turbo mode for you.


Since I never got that fathead wall decal off you, I'm gonna have to charge you... %NPCNUMBER1%META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL.


Sup, Bahroo.

I didn't recognize you in the cell. It's dark in there and I've got these sick sunnies on after all.

Happy to see you back in the Gungeon. Because of that, I'm gonna give you a sweet deal on my turbo mode.



Sup, Retro.

I didn't recognize you in the cell. It's dark in there and I've got these sick sunnies on after all.

Happy to see you makin' another Gungeon video. Because of that, I'm gonna give you a sweet deal on my turbo mode.



Sup, Sleepcycles.

I didn't recognize you in the cell. It's dark in there and I've got these sick sunnies on after all.

Happy to see you running the Gungeon again. Because of that, I'm gonna give you a sweet deal on my turbo mode.



Looks like you don't have enough %META_CURRENCY_SYMBOL. Somehow...


A shrine to Gungeoneers' successes.


Use alternate starting gun.


...it can't be.

I must admit, I never expected to see you again.


I've never been happier to make one of these.

Here's the bullet.


...it won't be easy.


...where will we end up, when this is all done?


Good luck.


...that one in the floor was the old wizard all along?



Didn't think I'd see you dressed like that again.


Maybe I can finally leave this place...



Hey, don't you just {wb}looooooovvvee{w} getting loot?

I {wb}loooooove{w} getting loot.

I especially love... {wb}RAINBOW CHESTS!{w}

Don't you wish there were {wb}moooooooore rainbow chests?{w}



I can make that happen for {wb}youuuu!{w}


Are you ready for a...



Yes, I only accept items in RAINBOW packaging.


No, the chest drop rate is sensible and by design.




You're so {wb}BOOOOORING!{w}


Heeeeyyyy! How's my {wb}RAINBUDDY!{w}


Give me back my single-colored chests please!


Just wanted to chat.




{wb}Oh booooy!{w}

I spent aaaaaaaall day breaking pots, but I never found any {wb}moooooney{w}...

Why do they even bother making normal chests? Only {wb}ONE{w} item???

{wb}RAAAAINBOW RUN!{w} It's the only run that I know!

...I wonder if I can stop the Ammoconda from showing up on {wb}RAINBOW RUNS{w}!?!


Laaaaaterrr, {wb}RAINBUDDY!{w}



Thank you for saving me!

My name is {wb}Boooowlerrr!{w} Bowler for short!

I've got a {wb}greaaaaaaat{w} offer for you!

Just meet me in the {wb}Breeeeeach,{w} and I'll tell you...

{wb}ALLLLLLLLL{w} about it!







You MAAADE your choice! Hoooooope it was a WISE one!



I took this so you wouldn't be tempted by NON-{wb}RAAAAIIINBOW{w} chests!

{wb}-Your Rainbuddy!{w}





Mimics are GROOOOOOSS!



Save your money for PICKUPS, {wb}RAINBUDDY!{w}



NIIIIIICE JOB! Did you get hit?

{wb}-The Rain Train{w}



One other thing.


If you see it, can you bring it to me?

No rush.


Hey. I see you've got the %BRACELETRED_ENCNAME.

Mind if I have it?


Sure, it's worthless anyway. <Give %BRACELETRED_ENCNAME>


No. I am attached to it.




This thing. I made it when I was first starting out.

I hate it.

It reminds me of failure.

I'm going to fix it.

...make it better.




It is better. Different at least.

Here you go.

I never want to see it again.




Give. It. To. Me.

Why are you being like this? Give me that trinket.


I'm afraid I can't let you... kill your past.


So you've finally jumped into my hole!


So you've finally come into my hole!


You killed my master!


You killed my master!



I've been aiming for this!


You're the only one who can free me!


I'll send you to bullet hell!


Not enough firepower, it seems...


Mastered by your own slow reflexes.


Next time, try dodge rolling.

Here's an idea... next time, try dodge rolling.


My master shall return!


You missed your shot!

Oh, so sad... you missed your shot!


The gun is mine!


What is this child you have brought with you?


Your very presence insults me, child.


I'm a shadow!


Take this!


Nice shot!


I'll kill you, then my past!




You bothersome insect!


Forgive me, master!


You'll regret this...


I got all the bad guns...


You got all the good guns!


Oh... it's you.






Your own slow reflexes


A Dead Guy


Some Fire


Some Goop


A Shrine


An Explosion


A Pit


A Mushroom




A Hammer


A Deadly Trap


The Floor


Bullet Kin


Standard Issue


Bullet Kin are the most common Gundead.

These sentient shells were brought to life hundreds of years ago, when the great Bullet struck and formed the Gungeon.

They are simple creatures, but vigilant and loyal.


Veteran Bullet Kin




More experienced than their standard Bullet Kin brethren, Veterans have a better understanding of gunplay.

These crafty gunslingers will predict the movements of their targets, aiming where they are going to be, rather than where they are.


Bandana Bullet Kin




Aggressive Bullet Kin that fearlessly charge their targets, spraying bullets from their machine pistols with reckless abandon.

Some theorize that the bandanas represent the rudiments of Gundead culture. That said, there is little evidence beyond the occasional pair of sunglasses.


Sniper Shell


Take The Shot


The sharp-eyed Sniper Shells are easy to deal with on their own, but can pose quite a threat when providing backup to other Gundead.

Adventurers who have encountered them are divided as to whether Gundead grow to resemble their weapons of choice, or if they are born with an affinity for a certain type of gun.






Only the most talented Sniper Shells are called Professionals.

These sharpshooting executioners have upgraded their rifles with specialed flak rounds, which burst into deadly shrapnel on impact.




Astral Projectile


Wizbangs are known for their astral projections, deadly bullets that can traverse the ethereal planes.

They are considered apostates by the School of Gunjuration.




Victory through Numbers


An assault trooper in the Blobulonian Army, 3rd Division. Capable of subdividing upon death, and overwhelming their foes with numbers.

The feared Blobulonian Empire once spanned a thousand worlds, and only began to crumble after a disastrous winter campaign through a particularly cold region of space.

Blobulons crave battle above all things, and in the Gungeon they can relive their glorious and cruel legacy.




Divide and Conquer


When a Blobulon dies, it immediately spawns two vengeful Blobuloids.

Substantially faster than their predecessor, Blobuloids are known for overwhelming their prey with pincer strategies.




Quantity over Quality


Blobulins form the lowest ranks of the Blobulonian Army.

These fanatic warriors throw themselves into combat with total disregard. Their hateful speed is only matched by their fragility.




Chemical Warfare


Poisbulons represent a terrifying advancement in Blobulonian warfare, leaving a toxic trail in their wake.

The Blobulonian Empire is not a signatory of the Guneva Convention, and is not bound by the traditional restrictions on chemical weapons.




Toxic Relationship


The genetic process by which Poisbulons are created introduced a flaw in their replication.

Fused together, these tortured slimes know only pain.




Poised and Ready


Poisbulins, finally free of the excrutiating experience of being a Poisbuloid, march to the song of freedom and attack with abandon.




A Bat Bullet


The bats that once nested here have been transformed by the great Bullet.

Able to fly at high speeds to attack, but unable to survive the force of the impact.




A Bat Ghost


The ghosts of Bullats who died valiantly, returned from beyond the Curtain.

Hollow Bullats are able to reposition themselves before impact, giving them the appearance of attacking in numbers.




A Bat Grenade


Grenats explode on impact.

Their discarded pins are a valuable component in Gunjuration.




A Bat Shell


Shotgats split themselves in two, firing in a V shape. Their aim can be foiled by remaining still.


Lore Gunjurer




Unlike their active brethren, the Lore Gunjurers prefer to study ancient texts over practicing Ammomancy.

Take care! Even while reading, their latent magic can have surprising effects.


High Gunjurer


Blue Mage


The High Gunjurers know exactly one more type of magic than their Red-robed siblings, and never let them forget it.

Their circular bullet-rings are a testament to their geomantic divinations.




Red Mage


The School of Gunjuration teaches a mysterious form of Ammomancy, the art of producing bullets from beyond the Curtain.

While casting, Gunjurers will reclaim bullets, making their spell stronger. Wise adventurers should wait until their circle is broken to attack.


Apprentice Gunjurer


Bullet Shaper


Less experienced than their fellow Ammomancers, Apprentice Gunjurers must hone their craft by ordering bullets into a variety of simple shapes.


Red Shotgun Kin


Red, Dead.


Shells of the Red Kin are the beefiest and most durable of the Shotgundead.

In Bullet society, Shotgun Kin often serve as enforcers to their smaller brethren.


Blue Shotgun Kin


Blue, Dead.


Shells of the Blue Kin fire more rapidly than their Red brethren, though they are similar in most other respects.

Shotgun Kin are known to burst upon death as a final act of revenge against their assailants.




Undead Gundead


Able to dematerialize and rematerialize at will, these spirits still cling to the combat they knew in life.

When a Bullet Kin dies, they are sent to the Hollow. These spent shells occasionally return to their original Chamber, empowered with ghostly abilities.


Rubber Kin




Rubber Kin will attempt to knock their targets around, though they have no ability to deal direct damage.

Eager to fight, but ill-equipped for the gunfights that unfold in the Gungeon.




In a Taze


Tired of being pushed around, Tazies are Rubber Gundead that have developed offensive capability.

Quick and shocking to touch, Tazies can be quite dangerous.




Explosive Personality


Pinheads live for the moment before their own brilliant combustion. Beware their leap!

Unwavering in their purpose, Pinheads eagerly sacrifice themselves to protect the Gungeon and its treasures.




Best Served Cold


Beware the Blizzbulon's circular spray, for it always precedes several targeted assaults.

Originally bred by the Blobulonian Empire for an ill-fated winter campaign, the Blizzbulon feels no pity in its cold heart.




Fearful Symmetry


Ascendant Blobulons who have achieved flight. The force of their slam attack violently expels ammunition they store in their gelatinous body.

The Blobulonian military is nothing if not practical. By forming their bodies into cubes, Cubulons were able to more efficiently pack themselves into troop transports on their campaigns of conquest.




Magnetic Death


Immune to damage when hardened.

Cubulons that remain in cubic form for too long eventually harden, unable to return to their original blobby shape. Cubuleads have embraced this fate, and can magnetize their steely bodies to recall their projectiles.


Muzzle Wisp


Fast Flash


When the largest of guns are fired, the brilliant muzzle flash calls these Wisps into existence.

The Order's scriptures claim that the star Gunymede orbits is itself one such Wisp, spawned when the great Bullet was fired from the heavens.


Muzzle Flare


Blazing Blue


These luminous orbs are not to be underestimated. Burning hotter than other Wisps, few who witness their glorious incandescence survive.

These creatures occasionally emerge from the depths of the Gungeon. Confused and erratic, they can be seen lighting the sky with their brilliance.


Mountain Cube


Avalanche Warning


These stout defenders assault intruders in any direction that can be described as horizontal or vertical.

Mountain Cubes are known to exist outside the Gungeon, and have been seen wearing tacky sweaters.




Trouble Vision


A thrall to the will of the Beholster.

These abominations are summoned whenever the Beholster fires its signature weapon, the Eye.




Gunpowder Skull


Skulls of forgotten adventurers packed with black powder from the Gungeon's Mines.




Pop Caps


The mushroom child. These myconids have adapted to the Gungeon, launching a deadly cloud of bullets in place of spores.

Often seen in the presence of the significantly more dangerous Spogre.




Blast Caps


The mushroom parent. Spogres tower over their Fungun children, and their bullet clouds are correspondingly large.




The Best Offense


Gats are mechanized sentries, built by some savvy adventurer in years past.

Today, they have been completely integrated into Gundead society and do not remember their former masters.






Mimics are very dangerous, as many Gungeoneers foolishly drop their guard around treasure chests.

Some experts argue that the Mimic is the true master of any dungeon, as no monster is more at home than the Mimic.




A Shotgun?


The Creech is a demonic parody of the Shotgun Kin. Its false casing conceals a mass of pulsing eyes.




I'm Burning Up!


The Coaler is an unrefined piece of coal that has taken up arms, though it is unclear that they are as purposeful as the Gundead.

Take care, as they ignite easily, and wander erratically once aflame.







Gatling Gull


Rapid Fire Raptor


Nesting in the first Chamber, this bird repels intruders with its signature weapon.

Changed by the magic of the Gungeon, it has long forgotten what it was like before the great Bullet struck.







The Beholster


Sphere of Many Guns


A fiend from the deep. The Beholster wields six guns simultaneously, with each more fearsome than the last.

Its great eye is capable of emitting a beam of great energy, but it cannot turn quickly while firing.









Fortified Position


This bunker's walls are several feet thick, and it is too dark to make out what is operating its turrets.

It seems like something is moving inside.




Fortified Position


This bunker's walls are several feet thick, and it is too dark to make out what is operating its turrets.

It seems like something is moving inside.







Bullet King


A Blast of Bullets


Seated atop the Lead Throne, the Bullet King rules over the Leadfort's Gundead. He will hold court with any brave enough to reach his sanctum.

Beware his Chancellor, for he holds back a terrible rage.






Old King


Eternal Warrior


The ancient King, protector of the royal crypt, lives on forever as a demigod.




Bare Bones


Skullets are Gundead that have been reloaded through dark Ammomancy.

They can be called forth in great numbers from the Hollow's graves.




Crypt Lord


Ammomancers are dark Gunjurers who have been banished from the upper levels of the Gungeon.

Evasive, but the Gundead they summon can be extremely dangerous, and can sustain a fight without end.




Empty Chamber


The Spent are soulless Gundead, reloaded with no spirit inside.

They can no longer operate guns, but can easily overwhelm a lone Gungeoneer.




Grave Lord


Shelletons are hellish servants to the dark power that was banished to the 6th Chamber.

Formed from hundreds of discarded shell casings, these Gundead spirits wield immense power. As long as their skulls remain intact, they will return to full strength.






This vengeful Hollowpoint locks on to foes and launches a fearful barrage.




Wrapped Up


Beware their dark incantations, which guide living bullets to their prey.

When the Old King still ruled, ancient Gundead would tightly wrap spent shells in bandages and pull the slug out through their casing. This would preserve the bullet for many years.




Trigger Twins







Good Bullet


A little younger and more carefree than his brother, Smiley is in charge of training young Bullet Kin.

Larger and more imposing than a common Gundead, the trigger twins guard the first Chamber from novice Gungeoneers.




Bad Bullet


Cast in the same mold, Shades and Smiley have always stuck together.

If one of the Trigger Twins falls in battle, the one left standing will redouble his efforts to end the life of the invading Gungeoneer.






Kaliber Idol





Kill Pillars


Hearts of Stone


Ancient effigies of discharged Gundead heroes animated by vengeful spirits.

Few Gundead can match the malice of these forgotten idols. Perhaps they are bound by a yet darker power...?







The Wallmonger


Demon Mortar


An infernal barrier preventing passage to the Forge.

After the first Gungeoneer surmounted the Hollow, powerful Gunjurers shaped the Wallmonger from the shells of hundreds of discharged Gundead.









Breath Death


Until disturbed, Draguns prefer to sit atop mountains of ammo, jealously guarding their hoard.

All Draguns descend from Gunrax, the first Shelldrake. Though once thought to be invincible, it has been confirmed that the terrible creatures can be slain.







High Priest


First of the Order


The avatar of Kaliber in the mortal plane, the High Priest leads the Order of the True Gun.







Door Lord


Mimic Master


A massive door Mimic that actively hunts Gungeoneers.

Mimics are an incredibly old and venerable species. Gungeonologists estimate that the oldest of Mimics perhaps even predate the Gungeon itself.









Guns in the Deep


The leader of the Skusket, this massive skull is wreathed in dark clouds of gunpowder and hatred.

It will not permit anyone to pass.







The Gorgun


Vengeful Gunwitch


The Gorgun, Meduzi, has been the end of many novice Gungeoneers.

Her presence can temporarily turn firing mechanisms to stone, and her shrieks call forth bullets from beyond the Curtain.









100% Weapon


The Gundead have learned to control this powerful piece of military hardware, and are capable of launching themselves from its powerful turret.

A relic of the Hegemony's failed occupation of the Gungeon. The Gundead that reclaimed it seem to have adopted many of the military's customs for themselves.









Shell Serpent


The Ammoconda is composed of segments, each capable of firing independently.

Ravenously hungry, this snake of shells grows in length and power as it consumes.






Gigi are a strange species of bird that lays eggs filled with bullets.




Bubble Bullet


The immature spawn of some great beast.

They naturally produce gunfire, though they are still immature and can only expel it involuntarily.




Bubbling Hot


The immature spawn of some great beast.

Gunzockies have grown closer to breathing true gunfire, but have yet to master that ability.


Gun Nut


Dark Knight


The Gun Nut commands lesser Gundead with the authority of the Bullet King, and patrols the halls of the Gungeon with a mighty blade forged from pure bullets.




Bullet Chronicler


An applicant to the School of Gunjuration, these neophyte mages crave the favor of their superiors.

Beware, for while they exhibit great cowardice themselves, they can make any other opponent substantially more powerful.


Aged Gunsinger


Bullet Bard


Gunsingers are capable of inspiring greatness from even the most pitiful of Gundead.






Leadbulons form the heavy infantry of the Blobulonian Army.

Though their great mass prevents them from dividing, Leadbulons' internal temperature rises dramatically upon death.




Add And Multiply


Fires lasers in four directions and explodes on death.

Because of their explosive nature, Minelets have been known to sacrifice Dets to speed mining jobs.


Veteran Shotgun Kin




These mighty soldiers combine a sharpshooter's prediction with the area denial of a shotgun. Can be confused by erratic movements.




Short and Stout


Minelets take cover under their hard hat to prepare for a quick burst of gunfire.

The only form of Gundead that can grow hardy beards, which are the envy of their cousins.




Gunjuration 101


These fiery tomes are required reading for initiate Gunjurors.


Blue Bookllet


Ammomancy 201


These watery tomes are required reading for Ammomancy 201.

Strangely expensive for a book that tries to shoot its reader.


Green Bookllet




These tomes are only studied by students of Advanced Gunjuration.


Dread Book


Klaatu Beretta Nikto


Once the Ammonomicon of a fallen Gungeoneer, this tome has been inked in gun grease and rebound in Gundead flesh.


Fallen Bullet Kin




These denizens of the Sixth Chamber delight in torment, pain, and costume parties.

Beware their infernal magic.






Shroomers are malformed Bullet Kin, prematurely fired, but somehow still functional. Prone to paranoia.






Tanker Bullet Kin are highly-disciplined hard-casings.

Aggressive and durable soldiers assigned to armored columns.




Horror From Below


Nightmarish versions of Shotgun Kin formed in the Sixth Chamber.




Armed and Ready


Skullmets are armored Skullets, and are consequently more threatening.

As Skullets have a high skull to body ratio, helmets are their most efficient form of armor.


Flesh Cube


Pound of Flesh


These infernal machines appear to be covered in the flesh of once living creatures.


Lead Cube




These great Lead Cubes cannot be killed or halted. Only when the sounds of gunplay have ceased will they go dormant.









Gungeon Master


Though banished to Bullet Hell, the Gundead know him to be the immortal master of the Gungeon.







Vampire Mantis


Psycho Soldier








Bullet Bishop


Ex Cathedra


This blessed bullet speaks with the voice of Kaliber herself.

His aim is infallible, at least when firing from the pulpit.









Four-Star General


The ranking officer of the Blobulon Army in the Gungeon. Blobulon Generals are ranked according to the number of stars they have absorbed.

This vicious strategist carries centuries of experience in cruelty and subjugation. A threat not only to the Gungeon, but to the entire galaxy.





















The Betrayer


Formerly Ser Blockner, this traitorous rat betrayed his friend and sought glory alone in the Gungeon.

Known for using shields and expressing a casual disdain for all dodge rolls. Eventually met his end at the hands of one of Ser Manuel's pupils, ending the debate once and for all. Bored with the afterlife, he occassionally roams the shifting halls of the Gungeon as a spirit of recreational vengeance.






The Resourceful Rat


Say cheese and die!


This mysterious Gungeon menace styles himself "The Resourceful Rat," and is surely the biggest annoyance the Gungeon has ever seen.

Living for the spite of Gungeoneers, and thriving by stealing their loot, this rat has accumulated a hoard of Gungeon artifacts.

Having made a home for himself below the Oubliette, the Resourceful Rat utilized the Gungeon's ever changing layout to construct a maze to frustrate Gungeoneers seeking vengeance.






Tsar Bomba









Dr. Wolf's Monster


Bad Science


Studying ancient texts and third-hand accounts, the Hunter finally discovered the location of the relic. Unfortunately, she didn't know that the Blacksword organization had been following her, and had moved to recover the relic just before she could reach it.

Undeterred, the Hunter infiltrated their headquarters to steal it, and found the relic powering some occult machine. She was confronted and trapped by Dr. Wolfenclaw, who intended to have her cryogenically frozen and then experimented on. The Hunter managed to escape using mysterous technology, but was forced to fight one of Dr. Wolfenclaw's abominations. Displaying the ability of a warrior honed by lifetimes of battle, the hunter prevailed and escaped.

Had she not escaped there, she may have been frozen for millenia.







Interdimensional Horror


Fiend from the Abyss


With great hubris, the Primerdyne science team opened a transdimensional portal. They were unprepared for what awaited them on the other side, however. Shortly after the rift was created, horrors spilled forth in legion. The security detail did their best to suppress the flow of darkness, but many were slain or driven mad with fear before they could close the portal.

Hearing the emergency klaxon ring through the station, the Marine emerged from his cell to find a trail of blood leading to the Science Lab. A more cowardly man might have fled to the escape pods, but the Marine joined his faltering squadmates and slew the demonic scourge. How he attained such courage, and prowess in battle, no one knows.







Black Stache


Traitorous Dog


The Hegemony official that betrayed the criminal mastermind Laser Lily, crippling her organization.

After accepting a fortune in bribes to overlook their less-than-legal dealings, Black Stache used his knowledge of their organization to conduct a sweeping sting operation. With the nightclub-turned-headquarters "Confession" surrounded, it was a miracle that the Convict managed to emerge from the firefight victorious. She escaped with a fortune in bribe money, and was never heard from or seen again.







HS Absolution


Hegemony Battleship


The massive dreadnaught that cornered the Pilot and his mate while they salvaged a derelict space hulk in Hegemony space.

The Hegemony of Man fields hundreds of these vessels to police the regions of space it holds dominion over. A Hegemony Battleship is armed with overwhelming firepower, and a small freighter like the Sword could never hope to match one in pitched battle. No one could be blamed for attempting to flee.

However, wielding the dodge roll, the Pilot bested the HS Absolution and saved Z... proving that a Battleship is no match for Friendship.




Gun Flayer


An unfathomable horror from the abyss, feared by even the strongest Gundead.

Killithid have the ability to dominate the guns of others, turning them against their wielders. Only the most iron-willed gunslingers can hope to escape being enslaved by their power.




Shell's Angel


Death waits for us all.

The will of Kaliber incarnate. Hunts the living with unstoppable determination.


Lord of the Jammed




When the screams of the Jammed reach a fevered pitch, this sentinel will be called forth from beyond the Curtain.

This immortal being cannot be bargained or reasoned with, and will hunt its prey without compassion.




Great Mighty


A disgusting glob of waste. A Blobulon corrupted by decades spent in Bullet Hell.






These marbled minions of the Lich serve as his personal guard, and stand vigilantly to protect him, tombstone to a grave.


Ashen Bullet Kin


Cinder Fella


Charred into ash by some great flame, these Bullet Kin can remain dormant for decades unless disturbed.


Ashen Shotgun Kin


Pale Shell


Charred to ash by a great flame, these Shotgun Kin are animated by some external will.

Who commands these Gundead from beyond the Curtain?


Mutant Bullet Kin


Old Filthful


Living sealed in the filthy depths of the Gungeon's Oubliette has caused these Gundead to mutate.

Isolation has driven them mad, but they still remember their deadly purpose.


Mutant Shotgun Kin


Gats Don't Shiv!


Like their mutant brethren, these malformed Shotgun Kin have been changed by the depths.

They no longer try to return to the upper levels, preferring the dank darkness of the Oubliette.


Bullet Shark


No Accident


Leaves a wake of bullets.


Great Bullet Shark


Bigger Bullet


A bullet shark that has grown larger and faster.

These sharks are feared throughout the Gungeon, though surprisingly few shark-related deaths occur every year.


King Bullat


A Big Bat Bullet


The largest known species of Bullat.


Spectral Gun Nut


From Beyond


High-ranking Gun Nuts who continue to serve, though their armor has fallen to disrepair.


Gun Fairy


Pot Mimic


This malevolent spirit lives inside pots found in the Gungeon.

It will viciously attack any who shatter its ceramics.


Bullet Hornet


Sting of Defeat


A gargantuan insect that has evolved a projectile sting.

Unfortunately, it can sting more than once before dying.


Lead Maiden


Daughter of Slaughter


Impenetrable when closed.

A torture device built by the Gundead, its interior is lined with small arms.


Shambling Round


Animated Idol


A totemic offering to the seven armed Goddess of Bullets.

Becomes more aggressive as it crumbles. Wise Gungeoneers control the timing of the fight.


Dead Blow


Iron Hurtin


These superheated hammers fill the great Forge, forming an integral step in the production of Bullet Kin.




Lich Acolyte


Dread sorcerer knights who studied Ammomancy under the creator of the Gungeon himself.

Feared by even the Gundead, the dreaded Revolvenant has taken the first steps down the long and tortuous path to Lichdom.




Sheds Shells


The spawn of the great Ammoconda, each Snakeshooter will shed its shells thousands of times before maturing.

Very few survive to adulthood.




Familiar Face


A guardian of Bullet Hell. Will viciously attack any mortal being that passes to the Sixth Chamber.

Though few witnesses survive, it is known to wear the face of its prey.

Strike it when it alights!




Mask of Death


The suffering of those lost to Bullet Hell given form.




Of the Gun


A high-ranking member in the Order of the True Gun.

These Gundead spread the words of Kaliber amongst the Gundead, and are empowered by her blessing.


Gun Cultist


Last of the Order


Forgoing the desire to leave or change the past, these fanatical worshippers of the Gun are erratic and unpredictable.

Occasionally passive, but often ally with the Gundead to protect the Gungeon's treasures. Many Cultists learned the secret of the dodge roll from Ser Manuel.




Battle Gorger


An elite knight of the Blobulonian Army, 1st Division. Feasts upon combat.

Thick and heavy with the blood of their enemies, Bloodbulons have wholly succumbed to the berserker rage inherent to all Blobulons.


Ser Manuel








Mine Flayer


Sinister Bell


An unfathomable horror from the abyss, feared by even the strongest Gundead.

Greater Killithid have the ability to dominate the guns of others, turning them against their wielders. Only the most iron-willed gunslingers can hope to escape being enslaved by their power.




The Lost Art


A practitioner of a forbidden branch of Ammomancy, these accursed priests can convert a normal denizen of the Gungeon into one of the horrific Jammed.




Blood Mage


The Jamerlengo is the grotesque pinnacle of Gunsinger magic. These bloated toadies can jam all Gundead in a room-shaped radius.




Cave Bullet


The Arrowkin are primitive Bullet Kin from ancient days. Paintings found on cave walls have led credibility to the theory that ancient Gungeoneers were bison-like in appearance.




Shriek and Awe


Forever seeking revenge, these creatures emit shrieks that match the frequency of Blanks- negating Gungeoneer projectiles.




Tactical Eldritch Action


The Killithid exist in a dimension of psychic gunplay, where the need for a physical gun is superfluous. They detest sunlight, and inhabit only the deepest chambers of the Gungeon. Killithid predate the Gungeon, and their magic is some of the first to be documented in the universe.


Keybullet Kin




The Keybullet Kin are impish bullets that have abandoned malevolence for playful whimsy. They taunt Gungeoneers with their shiny casing and key shaped slugs, daring them to chase them during a firefight.

If ignored, they will become bored and fade beyond the Curtain. Their lifeless bodies fit the silver locks found throughout the Gungeon.




Killer Kin


Unlike other Shotgun Kin, these hooded shells have been granted minor Ammomantic power.

Deadly in groups, they are known to use chains of bullets to ensnare their foes.




Esoteric Order


These robed Bullet Kin have taken steps to hide their transformation as they shamble madly through the gungeon.

They possess strange powers granted by whatever being blighted them.


Chain Gunner


Weak, Link!


The Chain Gunners are the remnant of a lost legion of Gun Nuts, famous for their unique weaponry.







The Last Human


Transistor Resistor


Name: Human #7,868,929

Age: Human Sol Year, 39

Priority: 1

Note: Investigate robot-compatible headbands.

The last human hero, hope of all mankind. If she were to live, humanity might one day stand a chance against their robotic oppressors.









Dark Magician


This evil vizier was the head of a coup to seize control of the Gungeon from its true Master. He appeared in fair and friendly form to the Bullet Kin and promised them prosperity.

No one knows where he came from or how he learned his particular style of Ammomancy. Imprisoned in a great cell long ago, he plots his escape.


Shadow Magician


Shades of Evil


Seemingly controlled by an unseen master, this mysterious form recently began stalking the Chambers of the Gungeon.









Evil King


Many years ago a charismatic sorcerer came to the Gungeon, promising prosperity and ammunition to all who accepted his master: the mysterious demon, Cannon.

Cannon held a deep and burning desire to usurp the power of the Gungeon for himself, to rule it with a sweaty iron hoof. While Cannon reigned the Past was never killed and no Chamber could be reloaded.

Though the demon lord was thwarted, Agunim was imprisoned in a cell deep beneath the Gungeon. Some say he still remains, gathering resources to summon the dark lord Cannon once more.


Mecha RAT


Phaser Spider


Set Spiders To Gun


The phaser spider combines two worrying features: the ability to fire bullets, and being a spider.

Having entered the Gungeon's dimension through the tear in the Curtain created by the Mine Flayer, the Phaser Spider spins radiant bullet-webs to ensnare wandering Gungeoneers. Has also been known to leave behind a sticky residue.


Pedestal Mimic


Altared Appearance


A mimic that has learned to change its form even further than most.

Preys on adventurers weakened by encounters with other, substantially stronger foes.




Hot Fuse


A terrible fusion of wick and bomb, this floating creature makes its home inside of a giant bomb.

Can make snap judgments, but sometimes you have to crack a fuse eggs to make a bomblette.


Wall Mimic


Breakin' the Wall


A few steps down the Mimic evolutionary line, the Wall Mimic can camouflage itself against almost any surface in the Gungeon.

Their infrequent, but surprising, appearance can drive novice Gungoneers up the wall.


Chance Kin


No Seconds


A relative of the Keybullet Kin, the Chance Kin can hide a variety of useful goods within their boxy heads.

If ignored, they will become bored and fade beyond the Curtain. Only skilled Gungeoneers can take the chance they provide.




Hand Seeking Gun


This strange creature possesses a small fraction of the Gungeon's mysterious time manipulation abilities.

Any Gungeoneer that falls into its grasp will have a small amount of their recent past undone.


Misfire Beast


Out of Place


Misfire Beasts are invisible predators who use deadly bullet whips to attack their prey.

In addition, they can make use of an unusual form of shooting called "Projection." This allows them to shoot phantom images of themselves to fool Gungeoneers' aim.




Rust Belt


Half-holster, half-monster, the Tarnisher subsists on an diet largely consisting of guns. Strangely, this makes it both a bottom-feeder and an apex predator within the Gungeon.

The Tarnisher doesn't just like guns - it like likes guns.






Chancebulons are the berserker class of the Blobulonian imperial shock troops.

Known for erratic, violent attack patterns, those who chanced upon a Chancebulon were rarely heard from again.


Your very slow reflexes

Your sad lack of skill

Your head not being in the game

Your lack of commitment

Your misplaced ambition

Your hubris

Your pride

The Handsomest King

High Lord Gungeon

Someone better than you

The Richest Rat


This dashing thief is respected and feared throughout the galaxy, as the most accomplished and wealthy adventurer in the universe, and also the true High King of the Gungeon.

His moniker refers to both his cunning and to his near limitless resources, which he earned through countless successful attempts at conquering the Gungeon, though he has no regrets to slay.

So mighty is he that pilgrims travel from across the stars to leave offerings to his glory, increasing the magnificence of his great hoard.

Many have tried to best him in combat, and all have failed.


This rat-creature never sought the Gungeon for its treasures, but instead found himself cast here upon the tides of fate.

Born in the hold of a trading vessel, he was forced to steal for his family's survival, until a great tragedy befell his mischief.

When next the ship docked, he escaped and found himself alone on this planet. Here he wandered, until finally coming upon the Gungeon.

Stuck in its time loop, he made a nest and a name for himself while training daily. His martial prowess is undeniable, and in truth he likely possesses the skill to reach the Gun.

During his trials, however, he found his calling: being an ass to Gungeoneers. The Gun interests him not; in his eyes, he has no regrets, for he is King.




Peace Surprise


These tubular menaces signal airstrikes with the light of their lit fuses.

Matured Nitra can be rare due to destructive behavior in their adolescence; many Nitra meet an early end defiantly detonating mailboxes or toilets.








Throughout the galaxy, a legend is told...


On a distant planet,


a grim fortress stood...


...until a deadly force parted the heavens


and descended upon the keep.


Though brought to ruin,


the ashes of that place hold an artifact of impossible power.


A gun that can kill the past.


Over time, the fortress was rebuilt,


and some who hear the legend would risk everything for another shot.


To claim their prize and make what was done, undone,


they must...



Meta Currency


Hegemony Credit


Now you have


Accepted Galaxy-Wide






















Infinite ammo.


Does not reveal secret walls.


38 Special


For The Inquisitive


The sidearm of choice for investigative efforts.




Accept No Substitutes


The AK-47 is in many ways the gun against which all other guns are judged. This affordable and reliable piece of hardware has proven itself in nearly any terrain or situation. Desert, jungle, snow, and dungeon were all accounted for in its timeless design. It can even fire underwater.




Noob Cannon


An extremely powerful rifle. Banned in some sectors, its ease of use caused it to be the weapon of choice for thousands of unskilled marksmen.

Only handicapped by its long chambering time. Some say that it will fire faster if you put it in your backpack after every shot...


Trank Gun


Non Non Lethal


This pistol is often modified to use tranquilizer rounds. This one has not been.


Bee Hive




Shoots bees.

A beehive is nature's gun! Give it a good shake and let the bullets fly.


Big Iron




The Big Iron is a strange revolver, created by attaching additional barrels to a magnum. The barrels are not actually connected to the chamber, but they fire nonetheless.

Decades ago, Bullet Kin learned of the existence of human gunsmiths. In the intervening years, they have attempted to replicate the art of guncraft with mixed results.


Black Hole Gun


Won't You Come


Shoots Black Holes.

A technological marvel, produced by Interstice Technology. Once fully charged, users report seeing the momentary birth, and death, of a star.




Unicorn Of Handguns


Fires massive explosive rounds.

Following the tragic Ten Days' War, a majority of the Hegemony's Shock Troops were decommissioned. A small number of the combat robots escaped however, and they were pursued relentlessly by special forces. This explosive hand cannon belonged to one such detective who tracked his prey to the Gungeon.




.95 Caliber


Originally built to kill thick-skinned space mutants, the Jolter fires unreasonably large shells.




Hold Fire To Charge


The classic Bow will never go out of style.






Chance to transmogrify enemies.

The Snakemaker was an attempt to replicate the strange transformative power of certain magics with technology. Though the experiment was a success, further research into transfigurative weaponry seemed excessive.






Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Deals more damage to powerful foes.

This is not one of those old, best ways. The lowly sling is barely a gun, even by Gungeon standards. Only recommended as a last resort for serious Gungeoneers.


Laser Rifle


Blast Off!


A commonplace energy weapon.

The Laser Rifle is the AK-47 of the future! Known for its low manufacturing costs and lower maintenance requirements, the Laser Rifle is used throughout the galaxy by hunters and miscreants alike.


Hegemony Credit


Accepted Galaxy-Wide


Standard currency throughout Hegemony of Man controlled systems.

Used by the Acquisitions Department to order new guns and items for storage in the Gungeon.


Charmed Bow




Charms enemies temporarily.

The preferred bow of the Pride of Venus before her fall. While its arrows deal little physical damage, they are coated in a potent hallucinogen. Even a slight scratch can confuse friend and foe.




You're Fired


Standard box rocket. Capacity: 4.

Often found atop military transports or mechanized walkers, this box rocket can be fired manually by the strongest Gungeoneers.




Failed Experiment


Fires a large ricochet round.

In an attempt to combine the combat efficiency of bullets with the stealth and recoverability of arrows, modern archers developed the Gunbow. Though it proved ineffective in normal combat, it has taken on new life in the Gungeon.


Bundle of Wands


Dark Arts


Triple magic burst.

Magic is unreliable in the Gungeon, unless it is based in the art of Gunjuration. Faced with low ammunition, some ingenious magic user taped several wands together in a crude approximation of a firearm.


Flame Hand


2D6 + Int Mod


Sets enemies aflame.

Alben Smallbore, enthralled with the variety of guns he found in the Gungeon, created this spell. Upon casting, the wielder's hand bursts into flame, allowing fireballs to be thrown like bullets.




1000 Needles!


Low damage, high rate of fire. Spiny!

Remnants of Gun Cacti can be found throughout the Gungeon, but no one is certain as to their source. Perhaps they hail from a yet undiscovered Chamber? Regardless, their impressive needle capacity is a boon to any Gungeoneer.


Colt 1851


You Dig


An ancient example of fine guncraft, the Colt 1851 has been the gun of choice for many a nameless gunslinger.

Skilled wielders have been known to quickly fire multiple shots, though the technique has been mostly lost to time.




The Original


One of the earliest examples of trigger fired projectiles.




A Teleporter Accident


The shotbow fires crossbow bolts in a shotgun burst.

The shotbow is the result of a failed experiment using the Gungeon's teleportation network.


Dart Gun




Just because children are young, doesn't mean they don't have pasts they would like to change. Perhaps some young soul wished to make sure his or her sibling took the blame for spilling grape juice on the couch. Much less worthy causes have been championed in the Gungeon.


Demon Head




Fires a superheated beam that can ignite enemies.

The Order of the True Gun tells three tales of the demons that dwell beneath the Gungeon. All end in fire.


Dungeon Eagle




A powerful, unwieldy handgun. Can be charged for more power.

A favorite more for its image than its efficiency, the Dungeon Eagle is capable of delivering massive damage. Not terribly accurate, but highly memorable.


Void Marshal


Acquired Under The Table


Compact, but highly accurate, the Void Marshal is a favorite of smugglers and rogues across the galaxy.






Finely balanced, rapid fire. Can ignite foes.

An Edwin original. The Dragunfire was forged deep in the heart of the Gungeon, crafted to emulate the wrath of the beast from which it takes its name.


Dueling Pistol




Fires ricocheting musket balls.

This most ancient of pistols has settled many a lovers' quarrel. This particular flintlock would be fairly useless in a duel, as the ricochet would probably kill several bystanders.


Hegemony Carbine


So Precise


The standard issue rifle for all Hegemony of Man soldiers.

Packs a decent punch, but the accuracy leaves much to be desired. Typical Hegemony work.


Heck Blaster


Whoa, Nelly


Extremely rapid fire.

Used by a wiggly hero in the early days of the Gungeon.


Science Cannon


Charged Particles


This immense beam cannon was developed as part of a bid to win the Hegemony's military contracts. The steady stream of intense science energy it fires is a true testament to what physics and engineering can accomplish.




Nothin' Easier


Even mentioning guns in the Gungeon can have strange effects. This is an old idiom that has been given physical form through simple repetition. Note: Words are the Gungeon's second language, so slight inaccuracies may occur.


Fossilized Gun


Proof That Guns Once Existed


Reloading this skull produces a gout of flame that can ignite oil.

This is a spectacularly preserved specimen of a gun that went extinct during the Ballistac era.


Composite Gun




This gun is made entirely from composite materials and only holds two rounds. It was brought to the Gungeon by a thoughtless agent, not realizing the affront to the Gun that such a thing implied.


AU Gun


Some Assembly Required


Legends tell of a gun that can kill anything with a single shot.

This gun doesn't live up to the legends, but it comes close.


Old Goldie


For The Discerning


A masterwork shotgun.

The right answer isn't always a gun that shoots bees, a water gun, or a flaming hand. Sometimes, all you need is a simple concept executed immaculately. This gold trimmed, double-barreled shotgun represents the best of traditional guncraft.




Many Bullets


Originally crafted by a gunsmith who favored revolvers but was envious of the automatic weaponry being developed by his peers.

It seems like he accidentally left one of his tools in the clip...?




Everyone's Favorite


Gungeonologists have long debated what is truly the worst gun in the Gungeon.

More Gungeoneers have perished with Klobbes in their inventory than any other gun. Coincidence?


Rogue Special


Underhanded And Efficient


The Rogue Special, given to the Pilot by his partner. It's never let him down.

This hip shooter has been known to fire half-cocked and often gets itself into more trouble than it can handle.




Close Your Bloop


Extremely high knockback.

A poor facsimile of the Gun That Can Kill The Past. Seeking an alternate route to past modification, time travelers would use these guns to eliminate their past selves and take their place. Unfortunately, without the power of the true Gun, this always resulted in ironic consequences.




Bolt Action


The most famous rifle in history.

This gun's usefulness and reliability have become legend. Though not native to the Gungeon, its arrival seemed to be expected by the Gundead.






The ancient design fires simple lead projectiles from a moderately-sized clip. In the right hands, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with.


Grenade Launcher




Fires grenades that can bounce.

A difficult weapon to use effectively, but powerful in the right hands. The distinctive noise this gun makes is beloved by Pinheads.




5 Shots Or 6?


This gun is unusually filthy for a handgun in the Gungeon. The Gundead spend much of their time polishing and greasing guns, though they conspicuously leave the Magnum alone.




Special Delivery


Contains junk mail and one untrustworthy package.

It was a wise and hopeful Gungeoneer who observed that mailboxes share the same basic shape of guns. When they sought to change their past, they wondered whether any gun shaped object would operate as guns do, within the Gungeons walls.




The People's Gun


The Makarov was brought to the Gungeon by a lost Cosmonaut. Some say that brave, lost soul still wanders the Gungeon. This gun is no better or worse than any other gun.






The Megahand is a relic of the Ten Days' War against the robots. The most powerful robot masters would modify it for their own styles of combat. This one is basic, but it still works well.


Vulcan Cannon


Boundless Slaughter


Favored by the huge predatory bird that nests in the Gungeon, it is a weapon to be feared.






This powerful laser was designed to carve moon rock at high speed during terraforming projects.


Nail Gun


Pest Control


This ancient tool is theorized to have been used in bizarre pagan rituals involving spiders and flame.


Laser Lotus


Level 5


Pierce Weapon.

Gifted to any who reach Level 5 in the Order of the True Gun.




Lightning In A Bullet


One of the first energy weapons created in the Gungeon. When lightning struck an old gunsmith's gun-rack, he decided to sand it down into a gun. The result is crude, as far as energy weapons go, but effective.






A mysterious gun that grows in strength on each kill. Substantial power is lost any time its wielder is damaged.

Stories are told of a rebellious android that once used this gun in a conflict deep underground. The handle is marked with two small tick marks.


Alien Sidearm


Shield Breaker


The Hegemony of Man has fought, and won, three major wars with alien races. Hundreds of these pistols were salvaged after the second of these wars.




Polished Product


After mostly confirming the functionality of bounce physics, work was done to improve the design. Smaller, lighter, and in an attractive shade of purple, the RUBE-ADYNE MK. II delivers on the promise of the original prototype.


Gamma Ray


Mean Green


This archaic laser has been studied for centuries. Gungeonologists can only conclude that it was used by primitive people to poison each other with radiation.


Raiden Coil


Shoot Em' Up


Damages all enemies on screen, no matter what.

This cannon was built for mounting on Supersonic Attack Fighters, but has been retrofitted to be carried by infantry. An inscription on the barrel reads, "Know thy own position, and all others inevitably fall."


Robot's Right Hand


Built To Kill


The right hand of an assault robot that fled to the Gungeon.

It is a simple projectile delivery system. Reliable, but it's short barrel is lacking in intricacy. Under the control of a targeting AI it becomes fearsome indeed.




Leveled Up


Fires rocket propelled grenades that accelerate over a short distance.


Plague Pistol


Chemical Warfare


Fires poisonous rounds.


Rusty Sidearm


Still Works. Mostly.


The Rusty Sidearm was brought to the Gungeon by the Hunter.

Despite its extremely dated design and some signs of rust, this gun appears relatively new. Very strange...


Black Revolver


Reap What You Sow


A portent of things to come.

This revolver, once carried by the bearer of a terrible curse, remains cold to the touch.




Exhilarating Reload Time


Fires ricochet rounds.

The Single Action Army may take some time to reload, but you'll hear no complaints from its users. Documents reclaimed from the Order of the True Gun imply that on occasion, a cultist briefly attains gunvana while chambering its rounds.




Charge Beam Active


The arm of a famous bounty hunter.

This arm cannon has seen substantial use, but its upkeep has been immaculate.




Axes Of Evil


Reload for momentary safety.

A misbegotten attempt to combine melee and ranged combat, the axe portion of this gun is mostly worthless. Reloading it involves swinging the blade around wildly, which might protect you from a stray bullet.


Betrayer's Shield


Actually A Gun


Generates a protective shield upon reload.

Blockner lost his knighthood when he betrayed Ser Manuel, but he did not lose his gun. He did that much later.




No Butts About It


A shotgun modified for easy concealment. The shorter barrel widens the spread, but up-close, it's just as deadly as its full-barreled cousin.


Serious Cannon


Seriously MENTAL


A cannon of serious power! This launches cannonballs that cannot be stopped by anything but a solid wall.

The Serious Cannon was brought to the Gungeon by Sam "Serious" Stone.


Regular Shotgun


Cocked and Locked


A regular shotgun. There's nothing special about it!

Favored by the Shotgun Kin that roam the Gungeon, as it reminds them of their home.


Shotgun Full of Hate


Hate Is Power!


A merciless shotgun variant, packed with skulls, nails, and poison.

After Hespera fell, her shotgun grew dark and corrupted by rage.




12 Cylinder


Move faster. Reloading converts goop into ammo.

Old technology, but reliable. The Gungine, once revved up, emits 40x more bullets than it was rated for.


Hegemony Rifle


All The Same


An advanced issue rifle for Hegemony troops. Primarily wielded by elite human soldiers, as the Hegemony combat robots have superior weaponry.


Flash Ray


Ah Ahhh!


The trusty sidearm of a spacefaring hero.

Featuring a stylish design and solid performance, this blaster is almost always worth keeping around.


Staff of Firepower


Missing Link


Reload to transform.

One of the earliest gun experiments, before the fires of the Forge were lit. This "magic revolver" was created when the then-master of the Gungeon taped one of his staves of power to the top of the barrel.




Light Fantastic


Can transmogrify foes.

The Hexagun was created by a vengeful Gunjuror after his apprentices were slain by a Gungeoneer wielding the humble Bundle of Wands.

The stock is formed from what was once his staff, and each piece of metal was enchanted thrice before assembly. His revenge came swiftly, and from a great distance.


Sniper Rifle


Scope Creep


Low rate of fire, piercing.

Handcrafted by the Rifle Gundead, each Sniper Rifle performs slightly differently. Though the Gungeon rarely offers many opportunites for distance shooting, this gun still rewards a steady hand.


Budget Revolver


Affordable Arms


This Budget Revolver was brought to the Gungeon by an infamous fugitive.

Provided by the Hegemony Regional Magistrate. The Convict won their plea to face the Gungeon in lieu of life imprisonment; undo their crimes, or face an eternity in Gungeon. With no cost to the state, it was an acceptable arrangement.

Cheaply made and prone to jams, the Budget Revolver used by only the most desperate Gungeoneers.


Void Core Assault Rifle


Rapid Fire


Before the Void Core was disbanded by the Hegemony of Man, they were renowned throughout the sector for their feats on and off the battlefield.

Following their dissolution, the famed Void Core captain known as the Thunderbolt made his way to the Gungeon.


Void Shotgun




The favored weapon of the Void Core's frontline soldiers.

Its short range ensures that any encounter will be lethal, one way or another.


Marine Sidearm


Always With You


The Marine Sidearm was brought to the Gungeon by a low-ranking Primerdyne soldier.

Though this gun appears sturdy, it has been known to fail when it is most needed.


Mega Douser


Contents Under Pressure


A water gun might seem to be a poor weapon for Gungeoneering, and in most cases that is true. But a well-placed blast of water can douse a raging inferno; a soaked enemy can be electrified; a dazed foe can be pushed into the abyss. In the Gungeon, creativity is key to victory.




Take Your Best Shot!


Fires a stream of toxic goop.

The Syringe Gun was ordered for the Gungeon by the Médecins Sans Diplôme to perform complete blood transfusions all at once. When that proved dangerous, a crafty Gungeoneer filled the giant Syringe with a live Poisbulon.


Thompson Sub-Machinegun


Myeah, See!


A favorite of organized criminals and Hollow Points, this gun has accumulated nicknames over its hundreds of years of use. Known affectionately as the "Tommy Gun," the "Trench Broom", the "Chicago Typewriter", and the "Teetotaller's Thursday."


T-Shirt Cannon


Machine Gun Wash Only!


Fires T-Shirts.

Gungeon Merch was a shortlived startup enterprise founded by a few misguided Gundead. After shooting their fourth consecutive customer, they turned their sights away from business.


Ser Manuel's Revolver


Lost Soul


This revolver was brought to the Gungeon by a fearless adventurer whose true quest is still unknown.


Unicorn Horn


Fires Friendship


This magic horn is proof that at least one unicorn existed, and now is either dead or hornless.


Gunslinger's Ashes


Spirit, Willing


Releases a vengeful, and armed, spirit.

The precise methods needed to preserve a body with gun intact have been lost to time, but the High Priest, First of the Gun, still remembers...


Machine Pistol


Rapid Fire


The Machine Pistol is a small but powerful hand-held machine gun.

It is a favorite of Bandana wearing Gundead, whose impatience with reloading is legendary.






Creates portals.

While not intended for combat, crafty Gungeoneers have been known to use the portals it creates to end gunfights from relative safety.




Snakes On A Gun


The Rattler was one of Emmitt Calx's worst, and last, ideas. This is a Winchester shotgun with an extremely venomous snake wrapped around it, adding a poisonous blast to each volley. Requires extreme dexterity to reload.




Better Than A Box Of Roses


This modified shotgun has been refitted for one-handed use.

The Winchester shotgun packs the same punch as a regular shotgun, but chambers more efficiently.


Yari Launcher


Hell. Yes.


Chain-fires homing rockets.

A legendary weapon manufactured by Zilla Industries. This one was created bespoke for a powerful warrior, whose name has been lost to shadow.


RUBE-ADYNE Prototype


It Never Quits


A prototype ricochet blaster.

This blaster was created to test the limits of projectile impact and ricochet physics.


Eye of the Beholster


What A Beauty!


The reproductive gun of the terrible Beholster.

When wielded by its creator, it summons young Beholster spawn from the void.


Smiley's Revolver


All Smiles


The younger bullet brother's handgun. It is unhelpfully labelled with an 'S'.

Shopkeepers found Smiley's good nature disarming, often giving him the advantage when negotiating prices.


Shades's Revolver


Someone Loses An Eye


The cooler bullet brother's handgun. The barrel has 17 notches carved along its length, and somewhat incongruously, a picture of a smiling Bullet Kin.

Anyone who uses this handgun would look pretty cool.


The Membrane


Green Or Yellow?


Fires a splitting burst of mucus.

Brought to the Gungeon by the warlike Blobulonians, its suppressive fire helped King Visc Osbro III win back the province of Goopscone from the rebel forces led by his brother, Gel Osbro.


The Kiln


Fires Pots


Gungeoneers tend to have little regard for the decorative pottery found throughout the Gungeon. To help quickly replace the broken decorations, custodians commissioned this pot producing pistol. This earliest version fired the pots with too much velocity, and was therefore discarded.




Unlocked And Loaded!


Can unlock chests.

The AKey-47 is a masterpiece of Gungeoncraft, perfectly combining the masterful gunplay of an AK-47 with the incredibly useful ability to open locks. An inscription along the frame reads, "EX ARCHA, LIBERTAS."


Gungeon Ant


What Army?


Alternates between oily bursts and fiery blasts!

When the great Bullet fell from the sky, not even the earth beneath the Gungeon was spared. The ants that made their home beneath the floors became terrifying in size, and capable of projectile spit. Nearly extinct, the last of the species occasionally hide in chests.




Plot A Course


Circumnavigates the room, then explodes.

Many years ago, Gungeon mariners used wind to propel their bullets instead of combustion. The trips would take so long to cross a room that the bullets would sometimes mutiny and change course entirely.




Shoots Anything


Used mostly by farmers who seek to defend their farms from hungry giants, the Blunderbuss fires anything you put into it. Hold to charge and launch projectiles in an inaccuate short spray. Not as effective against sly dragons.




Big Shooty Gun


Charge to clear rooms.

A Gungeon classic, and one of the first to be imported through the Gungeon Acquisitions Dept. The BSG's powerful blast will make short work of nearly any Gundead.




Cold Reality


Freezes enemies.

This unique weapon was brought to the Gungeon by a disgraced warrior who discarded it when he gave up. The projectiles it fires are extremely low-energy, delivering a cold and highly depressing death.


Luxin Cannon




Rapid fire with a big finale.

This tricky prism requires guile to wield, but with the right lens, fires shreds of solidified light that slice enemies in their path. Falsely rumored to have natural healing abilities.


Face Melter




A normal electric guitar. Drops an amplifier on reload for double the power!

Unfortunately, musical talent and Gungeoneering skill do not often overlap. Any damage caused by this "gun" has little to do with the Gungeon.


Shock Rifle




The Shock Rifle uses a modified battery and coil to propel electricity.


Elephant Gun


Shoots Elephants


An inelegant weapon for a less civilized age. These guns were once used to make pianos out of teeth.


El Tigre


Tooth And Claw


Fires homing teeth.

Emmitt Calx was renowned for his hunting prowess and his creative guncraft. El Tigre's fangs seek prey relentlessly, with each bite more painful to the victim.


Mine Cutter


Safety First


This laser was designed to precisely cut rocks in the Gungeon's Black Powder Mining operations, but its powerful blasts are just as effective on Gundead.




Hammer Of The Gods


Charge to ride the lightning.

Can only be lifted by the most regretful of Gungeoneers.


Cobalt Hammer


Break Stuff


Shoots streaks of blue. Chargeable.

Brought to the Gungeon by two of the first souls to conquer the Gungeon. Their ceaseless charge was driven by an unquenchable curiosity, and not even fatigue could slow their progress. Sleeping in shifts, the resting partner was carried into the depths on the other's back.

Many adventurers throughout the galaxy would first learn of the Gungeon through tales of their exploits.




Reborn In Flame


The muzzle flare from this fiery handgun can ignite enemies.

Return enemies to dust.

Famously wielded by Two-Shot Erias on her final Gungeon attempt.




300 Dead Count


Can stun enemies at close range.

Alben Smallbore was known for enchanting mundane objects to make them more gun-like. This pillow, which once decorated his guest chambers, is a perfect example of his unique strain of madness.




Get Forked!


A favorite of Fallen Bullet Kin, who learned everything about being devils from television.




Under The Sea


This trident is immaculately crafted, and powerful runes etched into its length allow it to channel mighty bullet magics. Sometimes when the Gungeon shifts, entire regions are submerged.


Trick Gun


Reload To Transform


Alternates between handgun and shotgun forms.

Legend tells of demon bullets that inhabit the lowest level of the Gungeon, making their lairs beneath the great Forge. The Trick Gun is a favorite of the Gungeoneers who style themselves as demon hunters.




Gun Eater


A powerful machine gun that once belonged to a forgotten hero.

This gun's mechanism is overly complicated, but it proves extremely effective in the field. Beloved by many, despite its flaws.


Tear Jerker




Fires tears with momentum.

This grotesque gun is made of eyeballs bound together in a gun-like shape. Tears are a surprisingly effective projectile for exploring dungeons!




Burn Baby!


The original model was merely a Mega Douser filled with gasoline, and a lighter taped to the nozzle. Since then, the Gungeon's Acquisition Department ordered an upgrade.


Freeze Ray


Ice To Meet You


Freezes enemies in their tracks.




Refill Your Trays!


Projectiles shatter and freeze enemies.


Alien Engine


The Dangerzone


The engine of a crashed starship that has been converted into an energy weapon.


Magic Lamp


One Wish, Three Times


Three times the charm.

Gunies, unlike their non-gun counterparts, have no problem with death wishes.


The Judge


Hot Shot


Each clip contains a final shot with varying effects.

Pass judgement on your enemies.






Alternates with grenades.

The M16 is a classic military-issue machine gun that upon reload, switches projectiles to grenade launcher.




$#!^@ Never End


High rate of fire and relatively compact, making it a favorite among Gungeoneers and criminals alike.




May Contain Rocks


This weapon was constructed the single time the Gungeon experienced a snow day. New Gundead simply appeared with these cannons strapped to their bodies and pelted everything in sight with powdery projectiles. There were also many chipped teeth.


Machine Fist


Avalanche Of Bullets


Alternates between rapid-fire machine gun and a wire-guided explosive fist.

According to legend, two men were each fitted with one of these hands. One the left, and the other the right.

The next time they met, only one walked away.


Witch Pistol


Spells Your Doom


Chance to transmogrify.

The Witch Pistol is a hexed variant of a standard magnum. A favorite of magic users seeking to become familiar with gunplay.


Grey Mauser


Silent and Deadly


Favored by the prolific thief of the same name.

Renders the wielder invisible when reloading an empty clip. Extra damage while stealthed.




Drone Warfare


Originally used to swat down bothersome aircraft, the Stinger has become a favorite of the aim deficient Gungeoneer.






This petite weapon packs a punch, and the recoil can knock the user backwards.


Pea Shooter


Baby's First Gun


Traditionally given to Gungeoneers when they first arrive at the Gungeon. It is incredibly weak.


Proton Backpack


Crossing Streams


Deals extra damage to ghosts and spectres.

Originally brought to the Gungeon by a team of investigators who suspected that something strange was going on.


Pulse Cannon


Time Of Death...


Fires several pulses of decoherent energy. An early, less controlled version of modern energy weaponry.


Unfinished Gun


Still Warm


This gun is still in the process of being forged! It barely functions in its current state, but could be a viable choice in a truly desperate situation. A small hourglass is embossed on the cylinder.




Vocal Opposition


This megaphone has been turned up to eleven, and has the power to annoy even the hardiest Gundead.






Prevents goop effects.

The Siren's watery blasts can be a lifesaver when faced with toxic pools or patches of flame.




Get Wrecktangled


Rectangles enemies.

The Tangler shotgun fires particles from a dimension where matter exists only in rectilinear form.




Cover Your Ears!


An overcharged anti-loitering and mob dispersal device.

Forces enemies to forget their purpose and conviction.




Circle Of Death


The pinnacle of Nuign's investigations into necromantic guns. Forged from a dying Shelleton, this gun reconstitutes itself when reloaded.

Revolvations 22:12

As with all things, the Gun must eventually end; the final Bullet will leave the chamber, and all will be reloaded.


Skull Spitter


Hard Headed


Even in death, bullets fly. This gun was crafted by Nuign the Cursed, from the skeleton of a Gundead that had become a Spectre.

Nuign's body still remains somewhere deep in the Hollow, and it is from his bones that all Curse arises.




Nervous Yet?


An abomination. This dark weapon was assembled from a fallen adventurer's spinal column and an AK-47 frame.

When Nuign was first exiled from his homeland, he was heartbroken. In his pain, he turned to the Gungeon.


Triple Crossbow


3 > 1


The triple crossbow represents the pinnacle of multiple bolt technology.

This one alternates between slowing bolts and a triple volley.


Sticky Crossbow


Reload, Explode


Darts explode on reload.

A favorite of the adventurer Frifle, who appreciates traditional weaponry but isn't opposed to a few combustible upgrades.




Take It Out!


An improvised gun that fires trash, sending poison in all directions. A threat to anyone in the room, including the wielder.

Becomes more powerful the more Junk a Gungeoneer is carrying.


Winchester Rifle


Guns And Deviltry.


The Winchester Rifle was used to famous effect by Frifle during his first adventures with the Grey Mauser. It might be a bit dated, but still packs quite the punch.


Light Gun




Each clip finishes with a homing bird.

After a clumsy child of the Gungeon accidentally dropped this toy into a pit, they were forced to amuse themselves with the Dart Gun.




Don't Push The Red Button


Each clip contains an explosive final shot!

The Zorgun is a mass-produced all-purpose machine gun. Its eggshell design allows it to be stored easily in intergalactic cruise ship compartments.






Creates a small black hole, damaging any enemies and destroying any projectiles caught in its gravitational pull.

First pioneered by the Hegemony of Man during the Ten Days' War, the Portable Star Crusher was deemed too dangerous for broad deployment.


Smoke Bomb




Temporary invisibility.




Use For Boom


Explodes after a short delay.

Countless experienced adventurers have brought Bombs to the Gungeon seeking secret doors, only to be foiled by the existence of Blanks. Still, explosives have their place.




Feel The Burn


Molotov cocktails aren't guns, and so they are frowned upon by long-dwelling Gungeoneers. They get the job done regardless.

Knowing the Hegemony wouldn't let her bring her own weaponry to the Gungeon, the Convict smuggled these few bottles in with the transport's cargo.




Stick Boom


C4 can be placed and then triggered remotely.

More useful than a standard time bomb, but less convenient than a proximity mine, plastic explosives can be manually triggered.




Get Him!


Distracts enemies.

Most inhabitants of the Gungeon are not the most intelligent of creatures, and will fire upon anything that they do not recognize. This crude fascimile of a Gungeoneer will hold their attention for a time.

Many Gundead seem content to lock trespassers up in cells, despite their trigger-happy natures. Somewhere deep in the Gungeon, there is probably a prison full of Decoys.


Explosive Decoy




Distracts enemies, then explodes.

Invented by Winchester but eventually discarded in frustration after he spent hours trying to coax someone into playing his game, only to find it was his own decoy.


Double Vision


One For Each Of You


Temporarily doubles gun output.

The favored brew of Two-Shot Erias. During her time in the Gungeon, she claimed that drinking before a gunfight would double her effectiveness in combat, but for obvious reasons was not taken too seriously. Perhaps there was some truth in her tales.


Fortune's Favor


Use For Luck


Enemy bullets go wide.

An experimental device worn by a particularly lucky Gungeoneer. In the end, it wasn't enough to save her life, but it certainly extended it.


Blood Brooch


What Music They Make!


This sinister brooch was once worn by an unlucky inhabitant of the Gungeon, who used it to draw health from wounded enemies.

There is a curse upon it, however, and the cost may not be worth the benefit.




To Fly


Grants flight, but restricts the dodge roll.

Only a Gungeoneer with a deathwish would give up their dodge roll. Luckily, this jetpack can easily be toggled on or off.




Sword Of Doom


Swordplay is forbidden, and only the most powerful or most ignorant individuals can get away with using any melee weaponry.

Angers the Jammed.


Hero's Sword


Enter The Swordgeon


An elegant weapon... though perhaps obsolete.


Knife Shield


Use Again To Launch!


The Knife Shield is a shield made of blasphemous knives.

Be wary of using it, as it is believed to bring upon the anger of the Jammed.






Medkits provides substantial healing when used. Contains a small piece of fairy.

Seeking a place that would provide a near constant flow of the desperate and injured, Médecins Sans Diplôme recognized the Gungeon as the perfect place to found their practice.


Friendship Cookie


It's Delicious!


Revives a friend once.

Baked fresh every morning by Mom! It's to die for! Or, just maybe, to live for.


Potion of Lead Skin


I'm Invincible!


Temporary invulnerability.

A product of Professor Goopton's rigorous research.


Potion of Gun Friendship


Temporary +1 To Gun


Temporarily increases combat ability.

Another of Goopton's inventions. The Potion of Gun Friendship will temporarily strengthen one's bond with their weapon, increasing combat prowess significantly.


Ring of Ethereal Form


Get Ethereal!


Temporary incorporeality.

This mysterious ring briefly allows one to traverse the etheral planes. In addition to incorporeality, this bestows flight. Take care not to fall upon return!


Proximity Mine


Use To Place


This mine activates when an enemy gets close.


Cluster Mine


Area Hazard


Creates a cluster of proximity mines.




Calories, Mate


Provides healing on use. If equipped, will be used automatically on death.

This MRE comes in the form of a dry and dense cookie. It doesn't taste great, but it delivers the calories the body needs.


Teleporter Prototype




Teleports the user.

A Gungeoneer who became annoyed with the Gungeon's inconvenient rules on teleportation developed this prototype. While it can be used at any time, its aim is unpredictable.


Sense of Direction


Surprisingly Rare.


Strangely, the needle in this compass always points toward the next descending elevator.

The words "Woban, J.S.C." are engraved upon the back.


Supply Drop


I Need Mags!


Calls in an ammo drop.


Heart Holster


On Your Sleeve


Adds one heart container.


Heart Lunchbox


Healthy Meal


Adds one heart container.

The miners who originally dug out the Black Powder Mines carried their meals in boxes like these.


Heart Locket


Memento Mori


Adds one heart container.

This heart-shaped locket contains a faded photo of two lovers embracing. Perhaps it once reminded a Gungeoneer of a past they hoped to change.


Heart Bottle


Liquid Life


This handy carrying device adds one heart container. It also opens on both sides for easy cleaning.


Heart Purse


Form Begets Function


A bag carried by a stylish Gungeoneer. Adds one heart container.


Bullet Time


Dodge This


This clock holds mystical properties that enable the activator to slow down time.


Easy Reload Bullets


Rolling Reload


These handcrafted shells are extremely easy to handle. So easy, in fact, that a single shell can be reloaded during a standard dodge roll.

Reversable bullets crafted by Edwin. In his old age, he grew tired of squinting to see which end of the bullet was up.


Charm Horn


The Call Of Duty


When blown, this horn will call those nearby to aid you.

There are strange inconsistencies in the behavior of the Gundead. Originally thought to be heartless killing machines, they have been known to capture certain invaders for unknown purposes. Furthermore, evidence of a crude religion has been discovered. Perhaps, one day, they could be reasoned with?




Hazardous To Health


Can result in serious health problems and even death. They do have a certain appeal though.


Napalm Strike


Smells Great!


The pinnacle of Gungeon air support.


Table Tech Blanks


Flip Clarity


This ancient technique will trigger a Blank when a table is flipped.

Chapter four of the "Tabla Sutra." A clear table leads to a clear mind.


Table Tech Money


Flip Prosperity


This ancient technique produces money whenever a table is flipped, and flips all unflipped tables in a room.

Chapter five of the "Tabla Sutra." A poor man sells tables. A rich man buys tables. The wise man flips tables, and cares not for mundane possessions of the physical world. In this way, he becomes truly wealthy.


Table Tech Rage


Flips Of Fury


This ancient technique briefly increases damage whenever a table is flipped.

Chapter two of the "Tabla Sutra." When a table is flipped, does it not feel anger? Does it not feel rage? Understand that feeling, and when you flip the table, be yourself flipped.

Made famous in a duel between the third Flipjutsu Master and a nameless table flipper.


Table Tech Rocket


End Table


This ancient technique causes tables to fire off like rockets when flipped.

The final chapter of the "Tabla Sutra." The pages are badly scorched, and barely legible.


Table Tech Sight


Flip Multiplier


This ancient technique briefly increases gun output whenever a table is flipped.

Chapter three of the "Tabla Sutra." And in flipping the table, we are bettered. He who knows the table knows himself.


Table Tech Stun


Flip Showmanship


This ancient technique briefly stuns enemies whenever a table is flipped.

Chapter one of the "Tabla Sutra." And when a table is masterfully flipped, what a most magnificent sight! Surely all who witness the flip of a true master can only stand transfixed, agog.


Chaff Grenade


Dazed And Confused


Stuns all enemies.

This grenade is full of small, shiny particles. Any enemies caught in the blast radius will be completely enthralled for a short time. Popular with special ops units and children's entertainers!


Ice Bomb


Cool It!


Freezes enemies.


Iron Coin


Valar Morgunis


A payment for services rendered. This mysterious coin vanishes when tossed into the air.


Coolant Leak


Don't Overheat!


Sprays an area with liquid coolant. Useful for putting out fires or electrifying areas!


Jar of Bees


The Pain!


These bees have been carefully trained to hunt down enemy munitions... and destroy them.


Poison Vial


For External Use Only


Creates a pool of poisonous goop.

Stolen from the Witches' storehouse, this jar contains Essence of Poisbulon. Toxic to Gundead and Gungeoneer alike!


Escape Rope


Works Anywhere!


Use to escape from a sealed room.

Another standard adventurer's tool rendered less useful by the Gungeon's mysterious topology. Instead of returning to the surface, this rope will only provide an escape from a single room. Sometimes, though, that's all you need.


Old Knight's Flask


Heals Per Floor


Provides healing, and replenishes on each floor.

Once carried by powerful Gunknights, these flasks have dimmed with age. Some say they are linked directly to the power of the Gun.


Grappling Hook


Rapid Transit


A quick way to get around, or to bring an item to you. Can briefly stun some enemies!

This is a kind of grappling hook that can be shot. Known to some as the Shoothook.


Portable Turret


Some Assembly Required


Shoots at enemies for a short time.

This portable turret is actually a doll commonly given to young Gundead. It shoots at anything nearby, and is thought to encourage good habits.


Ammo Belt


Ammo Capacity Up!


Ammo capacity increased.


Amulet of the Pit Lord


No Fall Damage


Prevents all fall damage.

No matter how skilled, every adventurer makes mistakes. Falling into a pit is perhaps the most irritating example. This amulet represents a bargain with the Pit Lord, avatar of the depths.




Item Capacity Up!


The Backpack grants you the use of another Active Item. Useful, but cumbersome.


Ballistic Boots


Speedier Than A Bullet


Movement speed increased.

In an attempt to make a pair of boots that fired bullets, the wizard Alben Smallbore accidentally created these. Each step feels like being shot out of a cannon!


Bionic Leg


More Machine Than Man


Movement speed increased.


Bloody Eye


Slower Enemy Bullets


Slows enemy projectiles.

This intoxicating substance grants the user vision that slows down enemy bullet speeds. Gun Cultists use it in their dark rituals, hoping to gain the favor of the Order of the True Gun.


Gunknight Greaves


Armor Every Floor


The greaves of the Aimless Knight, Cormorant.

The Aimless Knight approached the Gungeon as a challenge borne more out of curiosity than regret. Despite his skill, this rendered his failure inevitable.


Gunknight Armor


Armor Every Floor


The breastplate of the Aimless Knight, Cormorant.

Able to dispatch the Gundead with ease, the Knight grew overconfident in his abilities. Deep in the Hollow, his concentration had weakened, and he sustained a grievous wound.


Gunknight Gauntlet


Armor Every Floor


The gauntlets of the Aimless Knight, Cormorant.

Though the Aimless Knight never needed to reload, even his prodigious skill was not enough to best the beast that lies at the base of the Gungeon.


Gunknight Helmet


Armor Every Floor


The helmet of the Aimless Knight, Cormorant.

Cormorant, upon reaching the great Forge, removed his helmet and set it upon the floor. When he realized his mistake and returned for the helm, it was gone, with only a note left in its place.


Cartographer's Ring


Some Floors Are Familiar


Sometimes reveals the floor.

The Gungeon is unmappable, but it was not always so. It is said that in his youth, the great cartographer Woban has created four great maps, one for each floor of the Gungeon. While working on the fifth and final map, the walls suddenly began to shift strangely; they continue to do so to this day.


Cog Of Battle


Active Reload


Enables active reload.


Coin Crown


Play Well, Get Money


A pre-Gungeon relic.


Gun Soul




Grants a second chance upon death.

A piece of a legendary Gungeoneer's soul. Though they may have failed in their quest, an encouraging aura emanates from the spirit.


You Recovered




Hit Harder Less Often


Increases damage at the cost of accuracy.

The runes carved into the leather of this eyepatch represent a bargain with Kaliber, a revered gun Goddess. In exchange for depth perception, she will bless each bullet fired.


Gundromeda Strain


All Enemies Weaker!


Reduces enemy health.

Disease spreads quickly among the Gundead, as they sleep tightly packed together in magazines.


Gungeon Blueprint


Procedurally Updates


Reveals every room on every floor.

The greatest and final work by the great cartographer Woban. Infuriated by the Gungeon's adaptation to his previous work, Woban dedicated his life to the art of cartography. Nearing his death, he returned to the Gungeon to create a final artifact: the Gungeon blueprint.




Floor Revealed


A map of the current layout of one floor of the Gungeon.

Becomes obsolete quickly.


Heart Synthesizer


Play Well, Get Hearts


Extra chance for hearts on room clear.


Heavy Bullets




Increases damage at the cost of bullet velocity.

These faceted bullets glitter with colors unseen in the depths of the Gungeon.


Hip Holster




Fires a bullet upon reloading.




Bee Prepared


This honeycomb bonds with the user, releasing bees to protect their hive when damaged.


Ice Cube


Items Recharge While Active


Active items begin their cooldown period sooner and cool down faster.

Most items in the Gungeon overheat for a brief time when used. This ice cube is perfect for cooling them off!


Lichy Trigger Finger


Rate of Fire Up


The fingerbone of an ancient lich who was skilled in the art of gunplay. Unfortunately, this fingerbone is not the lich's phylactery.


Master of Unlocking


Play Well, Get Keys


Increases the chance of gaining a key upon clearing a room.




Better And Better


Improves equipped gun on each sequential kill. Taking damage or changing guns will reduce the bonus back to zero.


Ghost Bullets


Shoot Through


Grants all bullets piercing.


Magic Sweet


Free Stats


Improves health, movement speed, and damage.

This treat was originally created as a reward for Winchester's games of skill.


Oiled Cylinder


Reload Faster


Increases the speed at which guns can be reloaded.


Alpha Bullet




Increases the damage dealt by the first bullet in a clip.

One of a pair of artifact bullets forged by Edwin's daughter as part of her journeyman's trial.


Omega Bullets




Increases the damage dealt by the last bullet in a clip.

One of a pair of artifact bullets forged by Edwin's daughter as part of her journeyman's trial.




By The Book


A policeman's badge. It belongs to the officer on duty in the Gungeon's precinct.

It seems to be well worn. Whoever owns this badge is probably close to retirement.


+1 Bullets


+1 To Bullet


Masterwork bullets.

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that these bullets are precisely 1 better than normal bullets.


Ruby Bracelet


Thrown Guns Explode


Any guns thrown while wearing this bracelet will explode!


Emerald Bracelet


Thrown Guns Return


The emeralds in this bracelet are extremely jealous. They will force any thrown gun to return, just so no other hand can hold them.


Ring of Miserly Protection


Aids The Fiscally Responsible


Increases health substantially. Any purchases will shatter the ring.

Before the Shopkeep opened his shop, he was an avaricious and miserly man. He remains careful about any expenditures, but through capitalism he has purged himself of negative emotion.


Rocket-Powered Bullets


Faster Bullets


Increased bullet speed and power.

Known for her impatience, Cadence grew tired of waiting for her bullets to reach their target. She developed these tiny rockets to give each shot extra speed.


Rolling Eye


Back At You


Rolling through bullets rebounds them toward their owners.

Despite his many failings, Ser Manuel is one of the finest dodge rollers ever to enter the Gungeon's halls. This eye is almost purely composed of Dodgicite, a rare material that reacts strangely near bullets.




Steady Aim


A standard scope. Increases accuracy!


Shelleton Key


Locks Are Dead To You


Opens any lock. Never consumed.

The ultimate tool in the Gungeon Acquisitions' Department's arsenal.




The Real Me


Extra Life.

An uncomfortable answer to an uncomfortable truth. This clone can replace a single Gungeoneer upon their death, with almost no lapse in memory.


Armor Synthesizer


Play Well, Get Armor


Occasionally produces armor. Less effective if rattled.


Ammo Synthesizer


Ammo Chance On Kills


Repurposes spent ammo from fallen Gundead.


Shotga Cola


Speed Up


Highly caffeinated, save the cap.


Shotgun Coffee


Speed Up


Highly caffeinated, with just a hint of gunpowder. Don't drink more than 99 cups.


Monster Ball


100% Catch Rate


Captures enemies and charms them upon release.

Ancient monster trainers tried to use these balls to domesticate inhabitants of the Gungeon.

According to local legend, Emmitt Calx threw one of these at a Beholster. It didn't work. However, it did force the beast to blink, which allowed Calx to escape.


Monster Blood


Twist To Open


Emits deadly ooze when damaged.

This canister contains a sample of dangerous monster blood, collected by Médecins Sans Diplôme for study.


Utility Belt


All Capacity Up!


Carry an additional item and more ammunition.




Vote Of Confidence!


This ballot is proof of participation in the democratic process.

PSA: Voting is cool, no matter what anyone says!




Heals Up


Chance to improve healing received.

An experimental treatment administered by the Gungeon's medical unit.




Bright Future


Slows down time during explosions. Increases dodge power during explosions.

These sunglasses belonged to an extremely cool Gungeoneer. He put them on very slowly. Some say he is still putting them on.


Disarming Personality


For You?


Reduces prices at shops.

The Pilot is able to talk his way into almost anything, usually gunfights.


Hidden Compartment


Extra Space


Increases active item capacity and maximum ammo counts.

Ever since the Hegemony caught him with a few questionably legal goods, the Pilot has turned to more clandestine storage methods.


Shadow Bullets


Double Tap


Fires additional projectiles.

These umbral bullets hide in the shadows of other bullets, waiting for the right time to strike.


Homing Bullets


Fire And Forget


First invented by the Grey Mauser to cheat at one of Winchester's games. Though Winchester eventually caught on and rebuilt his targets to appear friendly, these bullets are still exceptionally useful.


Big Boy


Set The World On Fire


Nuclear arms were forbidden by the Third Interstellar Armistice, but as large sections of the Gungeon existed before that accord was signed, it is a bit of a grey area legally.


Air Strike




Triggers a chain of missile strikes.

Only the most daring pilots will fly low enough to enter the Gungeon.


Scroll of Wonder




A transformative spell of incredible power.

The wizard Alben Smallbore theorized that the more power was put into a spell, the less could be known about its outcome. This spell is immensely powerful.


Number 2


Sidekick No More


Boosts stats when alone.

Now that the protagonist is dead, it's time to shine!


Irradiated Lead


Poison Shot


These irradiated slugs have a chance to poison any target they touch.

A favorite of the Resourceful Rat.


Hazmat Suit


Safety Protocol


Immunity to fire, poison, and electricity.

Nothing gets through this thing, with the notable exception of bullets.


Gas Mask


Breathe Deep


Prevents poison damage.

A useful, if terrifying, piece of equipment. One size fits all!


Ring of Fire Resistance


No Burns


Prevents damage from fire.

A ring originally worn by the legendary gunsmith himself. Later in life, Edwin no longer needed it, but the ring proved indispensable during his early years in the Forge. It eventually passed to his eldest daughter.


Ring of Lightning Resistance




Prevents damage from electricity.

A ring originally worn by Alistair, the Thunderbolt. The gemstone set in the golden band is cracked down the middle.


Ring of Giant Strength


Throw Harder


Increases thrown weapon damage.

This ring bestows incredible physical strength. Unfortunately, there are few benefits to physical strength in the Gungeon.


Super Hot Watch




Time moves as you do.

This watch is extremely hot to the touch.


Shock Rounds




Links bullets together with chain lightning.

The signature weapon of Alistair, the Thunderbolt. Upon his second descent into the Gungeon, the Thunderbolt famously remarked, "Lightning won't strike here again." He wasn't wrong.


Bug Boots




Creates poison on dodge roll, also grants immunity to poison.




Just A Box


The ultimate in stealth technology.

No one is perceptive enough to see through such an elaborate ruse.


Demon Face




Bullets From Nowhere




Your Spirit Feels Lighter.


In the Shadow of Greatness




Deal with the Devil


The Shadows Grow Darker


Sacrifice Accepted




At Peace


Live To Gun Another Day


Roll of the Dice


Something Happened







































//Offering Accepted


//Empty and Clean




Next Time Use A Key

What Did You Expect?


Just some junk.




Next Time Tell The Truth


Just some junk.

You feel bad about this junk, though.


Cold 45


Shatterday Night Special


Freezes enemies.

This gun's manufacture was outsourced, and due to a typographical error turned out better than expected.


Old Knight's Helm


Protects Knowledge


A sturdy, if modest, helmet. Once worn by a knight with an unusually large head.


Old Knight's Shield


Heavy With Experience


The shield of Ser Manuel, emblazoned with his House sigil, the Cup of Knowledge.

There is a diagram on the back illustrating how to strap on a shield and examples of when to raise it. Remarkably free of wear.




Banish Bullets


Erases all enemy projectiles in the room. Pushes enemies back, and deals a small amount of damage.


Ice Breaker


Never Let Go


Alternates between frigid blasts and explosive slugs.

The Ice Breaker was designed by Edwin, the legendary gunsmith. The only gun to combine freezing and shattering technology into one convenient package!


Ice Ogre Head


Cold Shoulder


Freezes enemies.

Ice Ogre Head still produces a bitterly cold breath. A favorite of the adventurer Frifle.






A rudimentary wooden hand crossbow. Used commonly by Skullets in the Hollow.




Splice 'n' Dice


Fires two wave projectiles.

Inspired by real science, the Helix is extremely useful for hitting two things at once, as long as they are a certain distance apart.


Chromesteel Assault Rifle


Heavy Metal


The Chromesteel Assault Rifle was used as the last line of defense against a viscous Blobulonian incursion. Despite such a mighty weapon, greater numbers prevailed.




Strange Matter


An initial burst of exotic particles triggers additional homing blasts.

A weapon from the future. Perhaps a Gungeoneer from the distant future succeeded, and brought this gun back?

Gunesis 1:1

In the beginning, the Gungeon was formless and void, and bullets moved over the face of the deep.


Gilded Hydra


Heads Up!


Increased clip capacity with damage taken.

The Gilded Hydra is a masterwork shotgun created by Edwin, the legendary gunsmith. Its capacity grows every time its bearer is wounded.

Revolvations 2:1

These are the words of Kaliber, she who grips the seven sidearms in her hands and walks among the six loaded chambers. When the Gun is drawn to the heart of the pacifist, and when the chambers are empty and the shells are spent, the Last of the Jammed will ascend to seal the Breach forever.


Super Space Turtle


Hero From Space


This miniscule weapon was wielded by the famous Super Space Turtle, a hero from beyond the stars. It is difficult for a normal human hand to wield, but can still function as a normal gun.

It is best used in the hands of the Super Space Turtle, wherever they may be.


Space Friend


A Friend From The Space


Companion. Fires upon foes.

This tiny ship is captained by a heroic, tiny spacefarer. Perhaps he or she has a tiny past full of tiny regrets?




Gunmech Robot


Companion. Fires upon foes.

This robot originally served beverages to the Gundead as they wandered the chambers.




Hoots And More


Companion. Occasionally blanks enemy bullets.

This fearless owl follows you, clutching a wad of Blanks in its talons.


Hungry Caterpillar


Feeds On Hearts


There is a caterpillar following you.

It appears to be hungry for Hearts.




Our Powers Combined


Increased combat effectiveness per gun.

This ring takes a small amount of power from each gun carried and adds it to the currently equipped gun.


Cat Claw


Kneadle Your Foes!


Fires explosive homing darts.


Lower Case r




The letter r looks like a gun.

It is rare, but not unheard of, for abstract concepts to take gun form when discussed near the Gungeon.


Wind Up Gun


Charge It


Decreases in damage output as the clip empties.

You gotta wind it!


Crescent Crossbow


Moon Shot


Fires shattering starlight.

A crossbow that shines in the moonlight of Gunymede. Charge it up, and watch the shooting stars fly.


Molotov Launcher


Exactly What You Think


Launches Molotovs.

The Molotov Launcher takes the principle of incendiary bottles and removes arm pain.


Dark Marker


Big Bang


Fires two projectiles. If they meet...

Matter is composed largely of strong particles, and antimatter is composed of weak particles. When they meet, the strong particles overwhelm the weak particles and then explode in satisfaction.

This gun is the favorite gun of the Gunsling King, who somewhat inscrutably says it reminds him of his servant.


iBomb Companion App


One For That


Detonates explosive objects in the current room.

Kids these days can detonate explosives from their phones. In the early days of the Gungeon, some form of shooting was required.


Aged Bell




Briefly stops time.

This bell appears to be made of different materials at different times. The mournful tones it emits echo forwards and backwards. Some claim that they can hear it before it rings.


Duct Tape


Friend Of Gunsmiths


Combines the currently equipped gun with the next carried gun.

It isn't pretty, but sometimes wondrous things can be accomplished with a roll of tape. Just look at the Bundle of Wands, or the Magitek Hybrid!




You Need It


Adds aim assist, of a sort.

Everybody needs a little help, sometimes. With this crutch, every bullet fired will try really hard to hit a target, even if aimed incorrectly.


Angry Bullets


Hungry For More


Hitting an enemy has a chance to refire the projectile at a nearby enemy.

These bullets are imbued with the white-hot rage of Kaliber herself.




Quantity Over Quality


More bullets, less damage.


Infuriating Note


You've Been Had...


You have been had... by the Resourceful Rat! Whatever was in that chest has already been taken by the Gungeon's Most Wanted!




A tantalizing cube of power.

One more couldn't hurt.

Just one more hit...



Increases combat prowess, with absolutely no downside!

A potent gun-enhancing drug from the far reaches of the galaxy. It is known to be extremely addictive, and extremely expensive.


Drum Clip


One Size Fits All


Increased magazine capacity for all guns.


Shield of the Maiden


Block And Load


Use to block bullets.

This old and battered shield has seen better days, but it still gets the job done. A useful addition to any Gungoneer's arsenal when used in moderation. Shields are nice, but not if they engender passivity.


Bracket Key




Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies in a room.

A remnant from when the Gungeon was being built. Gungeon architects would use these artifacts to quickly make their way through Gundead infested chambers. Though this one has lost a portion of its power to the ages, it is still a potent weapon.


Bloodied Scarf


Blink Away


Dodge roll is replaced with a blink.

This simple scarf was once worn by a skilled assassin. Betrayed by his brothers and assumed dead...


Ancient Hero's Bandana




Greatly increased ammo capacity.

This simple bandana, which once covered the brow of an ancient hero, still remembers the old ways. Its powers have weakened over the years, but should still suffice to provide you with near-infinite ammunition.




Makes You Strong


Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family whose large flowerhead is eaten as a vegetable.


Heart of Ice


That's Cold


Fires ice projectiles on taking damage.

This icy heart was torn from a mighty frost giant, a common target for talented monster hunters.


Mimic Tooth Necklace




Unlocks all chests!

A necklace made from the tooth of a Mimic. Feels lucky!


Laser Sight


King Of The Dot


Increases accuracy.

Laser sights work extremely well in the Gungeon, where stealth is rarely a concern.






Gain armor when damaged several times.

These self-replicating Nanomachines transform lead that enters the body into armor.


Gungeon Pepper


The Heat Is On!


Deals damage to nearby enemies.

This pepper is hot enough to damage unassuming bystanders.


Blue Guon Stone


On My Side


Slows time upon receiving damage.

The Blue Guon Stone, or the Stone of Critical Perception, increases its bearers reaction times in dangerous situations.


Red Guon Stone


Dodge Up


Improves dodging.

The Red Guon Stone is 40% Dodgicite, greatly improving dodge roll speed and distance.


Green Guon Stone


Chance To Heal


Chance to heal upon taking damage.

The Green Guon stone abhors pain, and has a small chance to heal its bearer upon being wounded. It seems to grow more desperate as the risk of death rises.


Pink Guon Stone


Increased Health


Health increased.

The Pink Guon stone is actually a White Guon stone that has been used as a component in blood rituals, infusing it with the hearts of fallen Gungeoneers.


White Guon Stone


Kindles Blanks


Increased Blank regeneration.

The White Guon stone grants its bearer an additional Blank on every floor.


Orange Guon Stone


Hot Rock


Attacks enemies.

In years past, the Orange Guon stone boosted its bearer's damage, but the Belligerite at the core of the stone has grown so enraged that the stone itself now lashes out at foes.


Clear Guon Stone




Negates poison damage.

The Clear Guon stone continuously cleanses the blood of its bearer of all impurities.


Bullet That Can Kill The Past


Don't Miss


A bullet that can kill the past. You're not sure what will happen when you fire it, but you feel exhilarated!




They Go Down Well


Improves dodge roll by adding bullets.

A hero from the distant past used these gunboots to descend a mysterious abyss. After many years, like all gun artifacts, they made their way to the Gungeon.


Gnawed Key


Unlocks Something


The handle is shaped like the skull of a rodent. What could it unlock?




Shrinks And Dazes


Shrinks and dazes enemies for a brief period of time.

Said to contain the soul of a famous Gungeoneer.


Prize Pistol


Definitely Fair


Used for Winchester's games. Does no damage.


The Emperor


Electric Terror


Fires linked projectiles.

This gun fires powerful electron bursts that imitate ancient spells of chained lightning.


Compressed Air Tank


You Know My Work


Shoots sharks. Really.

This gun, a Calx original, fires homing sharks. This would never function under normal circumstances, but the Gungeon respects the pure audacity of its existence.


The Scrambler


Bullet Or The Gun?


The Scrambler fires unhatched bullet eggs, each close to hatching. Upon impact, a swarm of newborn bullets is released, hungry for their first meal!


Shotgun Full of Love


Kill With Kindness


Deals damage and potentially charms enemies.

The preferred weapon of Hespera, the Pride of Venus, a beloved Gungeoneer.






Launches a dense metal slug at incredible speeds. Ricochets will loosely track enemies.

This railgun has moved beyond the prototype stage into production. The slug has been reduced in mass to cut costs, resulting in weaker relative performance but high ricochet potential.


Prototype Railgun




Launches a dense metal slug at incredible speeds.

A secret military prototype, built at great cost by the Hegemony of Man. A single shot can punch a hole in anything up to a Destroyer-class starship.


RC Rocket


Avoid User Error


Fires wire-guided missiles, controlled by aiming.

These missiles are excellent for catching an enemy off guard, or perhaps for traversing an electrified corridor.


Bait Launcher


Meat Your Maker


Launches meat that attracts carnivores.

This esoteric weapon was devised by Emmitt Calx during one of his famous big game expeditions. The steak thrown by this small catapult will almost certainly draw the attention of any nearby predators.


Mass Shotgun


My Favorite Gun


A shotgun used by the highest ranking soldiers of the Hegemony.

Designed for rapid deployment and easy storage, the Mass Shotgun fires a single large slug that bursts into smaller pellets.




Jealous Weapon


Grows more powerful with each room cleared.

This distrustful gun has gained sentience. As with all intelligent weapons, he should be treated with respect and care.


Flare Gun


Over Here


Sets targets aflame!

Unfortunately, deep in the Gungeon, no one will see this flare but you.




One Last Trick


This tiny pistol packs a correspondingly small punch, but it is well-known for getting its wielders out of tight spots.


Bullet Bore


Mind Muncher


The explosive drills this gun fires will stun enemies before exploding.

The Bullet Bore is an exotic weapon from the past, when the only creatures to carry guns were dinosaurs.


Brick Breaker


Wrong Kind Of Mortar


Legends tell of a mysterious alchemist who could turn bricks into coins, turtles, mushrooms, and a wide variety of other things.

If true, this gun is a poor facsimile of his abilities, but is still useful nonetheless.




Sawed On!


Fires sawblades.

The marketing team assigned to the Saw Blader wanted to call it the Sawed-On Shotgun, but were overruled by the gun's designer. It's more of a handgun, anyway.




No Worries!


The infant Shotgrub is typically wielded by an adult Shotgrub, a guardian of Bullet Hell.

It fires bullets in unnerving patterns. Gungeoneers should take care that it not attach to their brainstem.




Practical And Safe


Fires anvils!

A hometown favorite! The Anvillain has been shown to be the safest and most effective means of dispatching foes with an anvil.




To The Point








Reload to reflect nearby bullets.

An ancient weapon, composed entirely of hardened light.




100% Organic


This leafy blaster is made of Mahoguny, a strange wood which will only take root near the Gungeon.


Lil' Bomber


ReFuse To Lose!


Charge to fire bombs.

A forgetful adventurer left a pouch full of bombs deep in the Gungeon, and they eventually sprouted into this amusing weapon. A favorite of the Gunsling King, who often sends Manservantes to pick up the bombs.




Return To Dust


Fires a beam that decoheres matter into its constituent particles.

This disintegration ray is outlawed on almost every planet with some form of government, and feared by all beings made primarily of matter. It can be fired legally in only two places: the Gungeon, and the waste disposal facilities of Popolon V.


Charge Shot


Hold To Fire


The Charge Shot is a weapon from Distant Lands. Legend says it was once used by mutant gladiators in rocket-propelled deathmatches to the rocket-propelled death.


Zilla Shotgun


Quadruple the fun!


A four-barreled shotgun that can be fired all at once.

Zilla Industries is famous for crafting bespoke weapons for highly talented gunslingers. This shotgun was created with only one concept in mind: maximum destructive potential.




Didn't Need Two Anyway


A horrific consequence of radiation exposure.

At least the arm is still somewhat useful.


Frost Bullets


Icy Fire


All bullets can freeze enemies.

This bullet upgrade attaches small condensers to each bullet fired, lowering their temperature substantially. Accidentally invented by the Gungeon Acquisitions team when Cadence told Ox to "Cool it with all the bullets."


Frost Ammolet


Chance To Freeze


Blanks have a chance to freeze enemies.

Cold to the touch.


Copper Ammolet


Blanks Ignite


Blanks have a chance to ignite enemies.

This enchanted copper amulet was forged deep in the Forge. Warm to the touch.


Chaos Ammolet


What Can Will


Blanks have a chance to poison, freeze, and ignite enemies.

This enchanted amulet is made of the most valuable metal of all, lead. There is an artificer's engravure on the bottom, but time has rendered it illegible.


Uranium Ammolet


Blanks Poison


Blanks have a chance to poison enemies.

This enchanted amulet was created by a great gunsmith. Her research with irradiated metals ultimately cost her life, but many of today's guns owe their existence to her work.


Lodestone Ammolet


Blank Knockback Up


Blanks send enemies flying.

This enchanted amulet is strangely polarized, repelling most objects that draw near. It hums softly in the presence of Blanks.


Gold Ammolet


Blank Damage Up


Blanks will deal increased damage to enemies.

This enchanted amulet is not actually made of gold, but brass from melted bullet casings. Even now, it yearns to shoot at something.


Elder Blank


Excommunicate Bullets


Unlike normal blanks, the Elder Blank may be reused.

Feared strongly by the Order of the True Gun. Anathema to all Gunkind.


Fat Bullets


Fatter = Stronger


Makes bullets larger and more effective.

The effectiveness of a bullet is directly related to its size with zero exceptions.


Bouncy Bullets




All bullets gain ricochet.

A talented gunslinger can bounce bullets with certain guns, but this special ammunition makes it easy to do with any weapon.


Old Crest


Armor Up


A peculiar piece of armor.

The crest of a strange religion. The edges are scuffed and worn, as if it has been slid into a frame several times. The crest depicts a great bullet falling from the sky, surrounded by prostrate Gundead figures.




On A Roll


Heals for a small amount.

A delicious, freshly baked roll! Sometimes, things just work out.


Melted Rock


Corpses Explode


Resonates with Gundead corpses, causing them to explode.

This rock is a testament to one poor soul, whose agony was so great that it still echoes in the bodies of the freshly deceased.


Ceremonial Sword


The S Word


A ceremonial sword. Not for combat.

Bladed weaponry would normally incite the wrath of the Jammed, but this ceremonial sword is blunted and cannot be used for combat.


Heavy Boots


Low Center Of Mass


Allows a Gungeoneer to keep their footing, even when great force is applied to them.


Hot Lead


Chance To Ignite


All bullets have a chance to ignite foes.

Freshly formed shells, straight from the Gungeon's Forge. The metal slug at the center of each round is still molten.


Cloranthy Ring


Dodge Power Up


Improves dodging.

This ancient ring spins slowly about its axis, even when worn. It is of unknown origin.  




Once And Future


Reload to clear the air of bullets. This abominable weapon angers the Jammed.

The weapon of a mythical hero, said to have mastered the Gungeon. Reloading initiates a defensive flurry of slashes, each positioned to carve a bullet from the air.


Fairy Wings




A pair of enchanted wings, which grant flight.

Your caterpillar friend has metamorphosed into a wondrous creature! And that wondrous creature is a spinefly, which burrows into the spinal columns of vertebrates. The survivors of this parasite sprout wings.


Wax Wings


Too Close To The Gun


Grants flight while retaining maneuverability.

A pair of finely-crafted wax wings.


Military Training


Hold Facing Enemy


Memories of your years in training. Better Reload speeds and weapon accuracy.


Ring of Triggers


Items == Guns


Summons bullets on active item use.

This ring bestows upon its bearer the now obvious knowledge that within the walls of the Gungeon all items are actually guns in strange, distorted form. An artifact of the Order's belief in transgunstantiation.






Removes all goop in a small radius continuously.

A normal sponge, useful for cleaning up messes. Holding it, you hear the whispers of an alien tongue.


Hunter's Journal


Luck Or Skill?


Slightly increases drop rate.

Filled with maps and the answers to half-forgotten riddles. Ever since the Hunter was a child, she had a knack for finding things.




Hero Pig




He was so young.


A strange pig.

This pig... there's nothing obviously wrong with him. His shifty glances and uncanny stares make you wonder about his motivations. Maybe not the greatest pig to have around.


A hero pig.

You should have never doubted this pig. He is a true hero.


Blank Companion's Ring


He Tries


Triggers a blank on active item use.

Raised in the Gungeon and bored of gunfire, he gets excited whenever an item is used.




Junior II


A faithful companion. Finds items on room clear.

Keeps the Hunter company. He has a good nose for treasure, but all attempts to train him in combat have failed.


Trusty Lockpicks


Who Needs Keys?


Chance to pick locks. Can only be used once per lock.

These lockpicks have never let the Pilot down, except for the many times they did.


Explosive Rounds


Mega Blast


Adds small explosive charges to some shots fired.

Originally developed by the Gundead Miners found deep in the Black Powder Mines, these small explosive charges work wonders when clearing a room.

A favorite of the Gunsling King, who enjoys the sound they make.


Ring of Chest Friendship


Chest Friends Forever


Increases the chance of finding chests.

This ring was first given to Winchester, largely due to a naming mix-up. With little use for treasure, Winchester eventually gave it away as a prize in one of his strange games.


Ring of Mimic Friendship


Unlikely Allies


Makes chests safer.

Not actually a ring, but rather a small creature pretending to be a ring. Emits a strange psychic tone only recognizable to mimics, preventing them from attacking.


Enraging Photo


Don't Believe His Lies


A photo that the Convict brought with her to the Gungeon.

Deal extra damage for a short time after getting hit.

On the journey to the Breach, the Pilot once asked her why she always stared at this photo. Later, she was released from the brig.


Backup Gun


Watch Your Back


Fires backward.

Another incredible use of tape in the Gungeon, this backward-facing gun has been charmed to fire in solidarity with any equipped gun.


Blast Helmet


Duck And Cover


Reduces hazard radius of explosions.

This hardy helmet provides protection when too close to an explosion. Be wary though, it only works at a distance.


Riddle of Lead


This You Can Trust


A relic of the first hero to master the Gungeon, whose skill attracted the envy of Kaliber herself. Bestows unreasonable courage in the face of danger, and the luck to survive it.


Brick of Cash


Secrets Of The Masons


Reveals secret doors.

This can be used to pay off unscrupulous Snitch Bricks, who are willing to betray their mortared brethren for cold, hard cash. Not legal tender.


Busted Television


Broken And Heavy


Use to toss. Cannot be carried through a dodge roll.

This television is extremely heavy. It is also extremely broken. These are not useful qualities for traversing a timeless, bullet-filled dungeon.


Cell Key


What could it unlock?


Replacement Arm


This arm looks familiar...




A favorite of Gundead


Live Ammo


I'm A Bullet Too!


Who needs bullets when you ARE a bullet? Provides immunity to contact damage, and rolling into enemies deals increased damage.




Do You Have Yours?


Summons Gatling Gull as an ally.

Gatling Gull respects martial prowess in Gungeoneers. Spend this ticket to bring in the big guns.


Battery Bullets




Electrifies all bullets fired.

The shock troops of the Hegemony of Man consist entirely of heartless machines, shielded from voltage attacks. Their victims however, have learned to fear the inevitable sting of their electrified shells.


Sixth Chamber


Blessing Of Kaliber


Feeds upon curse.

One of three artifacts that led to the creation of the Jammed. As their curses grow louder, Kaliber smiles upon the bearer of this portentious omen.


Liquid Valkyrie


Maximum Pain


Slows enemy projectiles.

Greatly increases reaction times, with few side effects. Commonly used by rebel forces before raids on Hegemony outposts.


Stuffed Star


Protective Plush


Provides temporary invulnerability.

This is a shooting star which has been embalmed and stuffed with soft fuzz. Tape several to your body and be safe from harm.


Bullet Idol


Vengeful Spirit


Deals damage to enemies when bearer is wounded.

Whosoever wields this idol will have swift vengeance visited upon any who trespass against them.




A Familiar Face


Chance to heal when money is spent.

The power of commerce fills your veins... and your follicles! This mustache vertically integrates your purchasing synergies, giving you a chance to be healed on every transaction.


Muscle Relaxant


Loosen Up


Greatly increases accuracy.

These anxiolytic drugs are favored by long-distance snipers, especially in the cold. They won't get rid of shaking hands entirely, but are more effective than holding your breath.


Armor of Thorns


Your Body Is A Weapon


Greatly increases dodge roll damage.

The barbs on this suit of armor are sure to ruin anyone's day, as long as that "anyone" is within a few inches of you.


Prime Primer


Old Magic


Bullet Component.

The primer of one of the first Gundead to ever walk the Gungeon. It still trembles with the energies released when the Bullet struck.


Arcane Gunpowder


From The Deep


Bullet Component.

Before the great Bullet fell, the Gungeon's original master used this powder in his experiments. The Bullet Kin still mine it from the depths, awaiting the return of their master.


Planar Lead


Astral Slug


Bullet Component.

This extraplanar lead was once part of the great Bullet that fell from the sky, the origin of all Gundead. It shimmers softly, shifting between the material and ethereal sides of the Curtain. Grows hot in the presence of enemies.


Obsidian Shell Casing




Bullet Component.

Carved from a fang of a High Dragun, this casing is the only material strong enough to jacket Planar Lead.


Master Round


First Chamber


This rare artifact indicates mastery of the first chamber.

Apocryphal texts recovered from cultists of the Order indicate that the Gun and the Bullet are linked somehow.


Master Round


Second Chamber


This potent artifact indicates mastery of the second chamber.

Any who enter the Gungeon are doomed to remain, living countless lives in an effort to break the cycle.


Master Round


Third Chamber


This exceptional artifact indicates mastery of the third chamber.

Few return from the deadly route that leads to the Forge. Yet fewer survive that venture into less-explored territory.


Master Round


Fourth Chamber


This extraordinary artifact indicates mastery of the fourth chamber.

A monument to the legendary hero greets all who challenge the Gungeon, though their identity has been lost to the ages.


Master Round


Fifth Chamber


This unfathomable artifact indicates mastery of the penultimate chamber.

The legendary hero felled the beast at the heart of the Gungeon with five rounds. According to the myth, the sixth remains unfired.


Master Round


Final Chamber


This impossible artifact indicates mastery of the final chamber.

A holy shell. Simply looking upon it bestows a great peace upon your soul. The Gungeon is at rest.


Briefcase of Cash




All the pain and suffering, the personal sacrifice... all the lies, the anger, the betrayal, and the revenge; was it worth it?





Got Your Back


Through thick and thin, this guy has always had your back.

Now, he can say the same about you.


Galactic Medal of Valor


Courage Increased


Significantly increases damage dealt to powerful foes.

Medal awarded for bravery in the face of certain doom.

But most importantly, you didn't let down the unit. Good work, Marine.






Faithful companion. Waited years for his master's return.

Kept the Hunter company, long ago. Reunited with his master through the fractured timestream.






The tetrominator shoots every possible configuration of four bullets.

Strangely, the "line" configuration seems rarer than others.


Microtransaction Gun


Pay To Win


Everyone involved in the production of this gun thought it was a bad idea, but the higher-ups made them build it anyway.

Later, management shut down that gun factory for making a gun no one liked.


Super Meat Gun


Very Fast


Made of meat. Holding this gun allows its wielder to move just a little bit faster.


Abyssal Tentacle


Look Away


A horrifying tentacle, cloven from some abyssal fiend.

It moves in very disquieting ways.




Thousand Cuts


This gun, incredibly enough, has been folded entirely out of paper.

Only a true master gunsmith could create something this elegant.






Bananas resemble guns, and are high in potassium. A convenient snack and/or weapon for Gungeoneers.


Quad Laser


No One Can Defeat It


This strange artifact fires an extremely powerful blast of Moon energy. While incredibly slow, it cannot be halted.






An ancient zither instrument possessed by vengeful spirits. Difficult to play, but deadly in the hands of a master.


Makeshift Cannon


You Only Get One Shot


A makeshift weapon filled with gunpowder and shrapnel. Immensely powerful, but it can only be fired once.




Say Cheese


A camera brought to the Gungeon by a journalist. The camera is shaped enough like a gun to survive in the Gungeon's depths.


Frost Giant


Icy Grasp


The arctic blast this gun emits can freeze enemies at close range.

This gun was carried by a frost giant, long ago. Though they no longer rule the icy depths, a few of their artifacts remain.






Can reduce any target (or situation) to a more debased state.

Smells of rum.




You're Not Alexander


With this orange, your style... it's impetuous. Your defense, impregnable.


Seven-Leaf Clover




Several times rarer than a four-leaf clover, this seven-leafed charm bestows incredible luck upon its bearer.




Usually Comes Back


Boomerangs predate Gun technology, but can still be useful in a pinch. A good throw is quite stunning!


Full Heart


Half Heart






Book of Chest Anatomy


Controlled Demolition


Improves the contents of broken chests.

The collected learnings of generations of treasure hunters. This handy book details the mysterious inner mechanisms of the dungeon chests.


Ring of Chest Vampirism


Blood From Wood


Heals upon breaking a chest open.

This ring, crafted from the frame of a powerful mimic, still yearns to devour chests.


Thirst For Vengeance


Taking You With Me


Slaying an enemy just before dying prevents death.

Sometimes getting even is all you've got left.




Lousy T-Shirt


This souped-up T-Shirt Cannon fires tainted apparel.

Enemies defeated after contracting the pox will leave a pool of deadly goop behind.


Directional Pad


Input Output


When this gun runs out of ammo, it is destroyed, creating a chest.

This pad was once used as the summons for an ancient convocation of wizards. It is crusted from years of use, notably Back, Back, Low Punch.

//Below needs translation


Chance Bullets


Good RNG


Sometimes fires bullets from other carried guns.

These projectiles create tiny spacetime rifts inside each of the wielder's carried guns, occasionally teleporting bullets from one to another.


Stout Bullets


Up Close And Personal


Increases damage at close range.

These bullets were taken from Frifle's private collection, but lost to the labyrinth during his first attempt at the Gungeon.


Bloody 9mm


Be Realistic


Rare chance for a projectile to go berserk.

Say one thing for these bullets, say they are coated with the blood of vanquished enemies.


Lament Configurum




This puzzle box plays beautiful, melodic tones as it is solved.

Who knows what mysterious wonders it contains?


Charming Rounds


Made With Love


A new type of ammunition developed after careful study of the Shotgun Full of Love.

During the forging process, each round is quenched in the tears of young and unnoticed Bullet Kin.


Springheel Boots


Double Jump


Allows a second dodge while rolling.

Originally worn by a legendary thief to scale impossible heights, the peculiar properties of these boots allow a Gungeoneer to extend their dodge roll - and are therefore a tremendously powerful item.


Battle Standard


Set Your Own!


Improves the effectiveness of companions and charmed enemies.

Before the advancement of Gundead society, belligerent bands of Bullet Kin would dance around these banners before raids upon the upper chambers.


Ser Junkan's Boon


Knight in Shining Armor


Zombie Bullets


Unfinished Business


Occasionally refunds ammo when bullets miss.

Missed shots sometimes return from the dead, mindlessly seeking the closure they never found in life.


Hyper Light Blaster


Skill Honed Sharp


Shots that impact foes are refunded.

A weapon once carried by a brave wanderer, whose exploits are lost to the drifts of time. Initially designed to work in tandem with a blade, this one has been modified to recharge itself.


Flak Bullets


Catch some!


Projectiles fired explode into smaller bullets on impact.

Though technically not how flak works, the Gungeon has always operated more on the naive assumption of how guns work than how they actually do.


Gilded Bullets


The Gun Percent


Wealth increases damage.

Bullets forged from the throne of an opulent ruler whose reign predates the Gungeon.


Magic Bullets


Sufficiently Advanced


Grants all bullets a small chance to transmogrify.

Each of these rounds has been enchanted by a sorceress of great power. They appear to be extremely old.


Roll Bomb


Power Charge


Produces a bomb when dodge rolling.

This strange mechanism dispenses explosives when spun.




Next time... who is he?


Strange, sentient junk. It appears eager to join you on your quest.


Silver Bullets


Blessed Metal


Massively increased damage to the Jammed. Also somewhat effective against bosses.

These bullets have been individually blessed to strike down the accursed.


Chaos Bullets


Taste the Painbow


Bullets have a chance to do... something to foes.

These unpredictable bullets change from moment to moment. Always destructive, never boring!


Full Metal Jacket


Automated Defenses


Automatically triggers available Blanks when in danger.

An original Gungeon item. This protective garment, laser cut whole from a massive Blank, can detect when its bearer is threatened.


Fairweather Friend


While the Going is Good


A hanger-on to the healthy and prosperous.


Glass Guon Stone


Fleeting Defense


Blocks projectiles, but shatters if its owner is wounded.

A gift from the Lady of Pane.

Gungeoneers who say a prayer to this silly goddess recieve her blessing of three Glass Guon Stones.


Dueling Laser


More interesting this way!


Uses no ammo, but recharges like an item.

A thousand worlds away on a war-torn planet, this pistol is used in duels to the death. Its powerful beam consumes no ammo, but takes time to recharge. A hasty shot comes with a price.


Blank Bullets


The Best Defense...


Projectile impacts can trigger a short range Blank.

Not content to have guns that shoot bullets to kill Bullets that shoot guns which fire bullets, these bullets were devised to kill the bullets fired from Bullet's guns. Bullet.




Fires Guns


This strange gun, shaped like a bullet, fires bullets that are shaped like guns.

Those gun-shaped bullets continue to fire bullets in-flight, but those bullets look like bullets. Straightforward Gungeon engineering!




Fires Shotguns


This strange gun, shaped like a shotgun shell, fires bullets that are shaped like shotguns.

Those shotgun-shaped bullets will fire a spray of rounds upon impact, much like a shotgun would.




Batting .50


A standard baseball bat, modified to hit bullets instead of balls. Launches enemy projectiles back with a vengeance!

Nothing can happen until you swing the bat.


Mourning Star


Satellite Rain


Fires a tracking beam which, when held on an enemy target, calls down an orbital strike.

Persists while the trigger is held. Can be guided.




Reap And Sow


Charge sequentially for more shots!

A watering can used by the Bullet Kin, who lack even a fundamental understanding of agriculture.


Balloon Gun


Hot Air


Grants flight while held, but pops when damage is taken. Can be reinflated with an ammo box.

A common party favor at Gungeon parties. Gungeon parties are, to be fair, fairly uncommon.


Vorpal Gun


.50 Criticaliber


Occasionally deals massive damage.

This striking handgun was forged hundreds of years ago by a forgotten gunsmith. Though its power has weakened, it occasionally recalls its former might.


Glass Armor


Pane's Blessing


Helix Bullets


Praise Be


Causes guns to fire an additional shot. Bullets to move in a helical pattern, and apply marginally less damage.

Fossilized bullets containing the DNA of some forgotten Gungeon creature.




Heart Container


Can hold hearts or ammo for use later. Use once to collect something, and use again to consume!




Bleeding Edge Gameplay


Fires explosive nails that detonate when the trigger is released, or after a brief period of time.

This particular model is from the 1996 Gun of the year re-release edition.


Remote Bullets


The Unseen Hand


All projectiles can be guided after they are fired.

These tiny engines can be controlled remotely, allowing the wielder to change trajectories at will.




Magunetic North


Briefly absorbs enemy bullets and converts them to ammo.

The molecules in this rare piece of stone are naturally aligned such that all of their bullets face the same direction.


Rad Gun


Totally Rad


Active reload provides stacking benefits for bad enough dudes (and chicks).


Crown of Guns


All Hail


Fires rapidly in all directions.

This unwieldy crown signifies sovereignty over bullets.


Cursed Bullets


Too Spooky


Curse increases damage.

Bullets straight from HELLLLL!


Yellow Chamber


"the jammed thing"


Etched into its chambers is a single worn glyph.

Allows the Kin to see, as you might.


Chicken Flute


Fowl Play


The sounds from this strange instrument seem to have summoned a chicken.

How useful!


Chest Teleporter




Moves a chest to the next floor.

This unusual adventuring tool moves a chest forward in the timestream, causing it to age and possibly level up!


Robot's Left Hand


See You Later


The left hand of an assault robot that fled to the Gungeon.

It turns out most robots are left-handed.

//second update?


Loot Bag


Doesn't Float


Grants wealth, prone to tearing.

Perfectly proportioned for light travel or a trip to the gym, this classic duffle features a timeless aesthetic and a padded removable shoulder strap. Not bulletproof.






Opens locked chests. Loud.

A device once used to access the innermost chambers of ancient currency reliquaries. Cheaply constructed and prone to breaking. In ancient texts, the word "drill" is commonly preceeded or followed by expletives.


Clown Mask


Anonymity Aid


Grants anonymity, friendship.

Masks of this design were used to explore primitive Gungeon-like structures filled with money, now referred to as "Mungeons". Anonymity was important to Mungeoneers of this time. The friendly clown design is thought to have helped Mungeoneers make peace with the native inhabitants.


Heroine (Wave Beam)


Heroine (Ice Beam)


Heroine (Plasma Beam)


Heroine (Hyper Beam)


Rubenstein's Monster


Unit 00


An extremely powerful ricochet rifle.

Cobbled together from the compatible parts of the RUBE-ADYNE and its prototype, this makeshift gun provides maximum lethality in one convenient package.


Air Shooter


Atomic Fire


Bubble Lead


Crash Bomber


Leaf Shield


Metal Blade


Quick Boomerang


Time Stopper


Platinum Bullets


Over One Million Served


With each one served, they only grow more powerful.

These shining shells have been forged and reforged hundreds of thousands of times- at least ten hundred.




Triple Tap


Recovers a small amount of ammo on landing three sequential shots.

According to historical records, birds such as this were frequently given out for killing groups of creatures named 'pins' with large, rudimentary projectiles.


Weird Egg


Miracle of Gun


Gestates over time. Use to acquire... something.

A strange egg found in the Gungeon. High in protein.


Devolver Rounds


Two Steps Back


Grants all bullets a small chance to devolve enemies.

Each bullet is subject to a standard bullet-gun contract. Each bullet is recoupable.




Sly Scooper


Helps to navigate dangerous areas.

In another era, this Raccoon was a very successful thief. However, after dabbling in time travel, he became obsessed and put an end to his thieving career in favor of the infinite treasure of the Gungeon.


Vorpal Bullets


Through and Through


Occasionally fires a special round that deals massive damage.

These hip bullets are fickle by nature and only fire when they feel like it, and probably never when you really need it.


Ring of the Resourceful Rat




A ring once worn by the Resourceful Rat. Represents a tenuous kinship with a one-time foe.


3rd Party Controller


Assuming Direct Control


Allows for direct control of foes.

Purchased as a gift for a child of the Gungeon, upon their first successful trip to the mines. Due to an unfortunate combination of exceptional clumsiness and a living space full of pits, the controller was soon lost to the depths of the Gungeon.

One of the sticks is extremely wiggly.


Gold Junk


One Man's Trash


Worth it's weight.

A nearly-perfect replica of a sack of junk, lovingly rendered in pure gold.


Crisis Stone


Reload. Reload. Reload.


Provides invulnerability when reloading an empty clip.

This stone resonates strongly throughout the fourth dimension, allowing the bearer to step out of the frame of reality. Strangely, only functions under certain circumstances.


Portable Table Device


Know When To Fold 'Em


Advanced polymers reinforce this state-of-the-art handheld dining surface.


Holey Grail


Withered Vessel


Triggers Blank effect upon taking damage, refills ammo.

This artifact of Kaliber was lost to time until the coming of the Mine Flayers and their interdimensional kin.




Good Fortune


Only usable for a brief period of time after successfully dodging a bullet. Use to counter with a Blank.

This small idol is a focus for one's fighting spirit. Brings luck in the heat of battle.


Brittle Bullet




Greatly increases firepower. All equipped ammunition will shatter upon receiving damage.

It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool!






Some of these bullets contain bees.

These shells contain tiny beehives. Guns and bees provide a textbook example of the concept of "symbiosis." Look it up!




Powder Power


Bullets grow in size and damage as they travel.

These bullets draw ambient bullet particles from the Gungeon's atmosphere, steadily increasing in size. Bullet Kin have been seen stacking them for fun. Arguments frequently break out over the sole scarf in the Gungeon.


Table Tech Shotgun


Flip Out


This ancient technique will fire a vicious shotgun blast when a table is flipped.

Chapter six of the "Tabla Sutra." In flipping, there is both a momentary creation and a permanent destruction. Both should be cherished.


Table Tech Hole


Flip Oblivion


This forbidden technique causes flipped tables to increase exponentially in mass, collapsing almost immediately.

An apocryphal text of the "Tabla Sutra." Of that which we cannot flip, we must pass over in silence.


Table Tech Life


Children of the Flip


This forgotten technique causes flipped tables to gain sentience, however briefly.

An apocryphal text of the "Tabla Sutra." This ancient scroll invokes the tablegrammaton, the four letter name of table.


Big Shotgun


A Shotgun That's Big


A big shotgun.

In comparison with the Regular Shotgun, this one is bigger.


Wood Beam


Speak Softly


A wooden beam, often used in construction.

Not technically a gun, but you could probably smack some Bullet Kin around with it.


Cue Bullets


Bullet Kin, Corner Pocket


Substantially increases knockback on kills; enemies hit by corpses take damage.

A prominent Gungeoneer of a bygone era named Blast Eddie famously used these bullets to outshoot his rival in one of Winchester's games.




Armor Class Non-Zero


Becomes more powerful while its bearer is armored.

The engineers behind this gun originally tried to devise a system to see if a bullet would hit its target, but the math was so unintuitive that they gave up entirely. A few no longer speak to each other!


Stone Dome


Big Head Mode


Spits bullets, fear.

Chiseled from a large slab of the rare element Cranium, this terrifying stony visage is a totem of an angry god.


Boxing Glove


Pistol Hondo


Shoots a boxing glove, sort of.

Crafted by the Resourceful Rat as a way to cheat at fisticuffs, this boxing glove has been modified to spring out in a humorous manner.


Bubble Blaster


The Suds


Shoots bubbles.

Uniquely effective under the right circumstances. Doubles as an amusing toy for babies.


Combined Rifle


Halve Lives


Alternates between firing pulse blasts and an extremely powerful ball of energy.

Alien technology, co-opted by the Hegemony of Man after the the successful liberation of Planet 17.


The Exotic


Pack of Wolves


Fires homing rockets that erupt into short-range swarms. Comes with a helpful pal.

Though this gun was built unimaginably far away, it seems it was destined to eventually find its way to the Gungeon.


Glass Cannon


Fragile, Fatal


Powerful, but shatters upon taking damage.

Normally, a gun made of glass would shatter instantaneously, but the Gungeon's energies have reinforced this inadvisable device to the point of near usability.




Filled With Determination


Doesn't shoot. Slowly befriends your enemies.

An antique revolver. It has no ammo. On days like these...


Life Orb


Your Soul is Mine


Drains will from foes.

An item to be held by a Gungeoneer. Can be used to weaponize stolen will against the holder's enemies.


Mr. Accretion Jr.


Music of the Spheres


Fires replicas of planets from a fictional solar system. Collect all eight!

Due to a trick of perspective, these two-dimensional planets appear spherical. Though much smaller than the source material, the planets created by this device still pack quite a punch.




Repetitive Strain


While reloading, any further attempts to reload increase a damage multiplier.

Years ago, savvy Gungeoneers built devices to automatically pull the trigger faster than a human hand. For some reason, they have fallen out of favor.


The Fat Line




Fires projectiles from the target position towards the gun.

Because Tachyons are particles that move faster than light, the Hegemony of Man has long used them for interstellar communication. As with all technology, it was eventually weaponized. However- tachyons travel backward in time, making this gun hard to aim.




Monocular Monster


Ignites nearby enemies while reloading.

Reloading this teapot heats up the contained water's H2O monocules.


Triple Gun


Bullet the Stampede


Transforms between three forms based on current ammo.

Though it appears at first to be a gun like any other, this gun is in actuality a very rare plant.


Black Revolver


Six Deep


This revolver was once carried by the bearer of a terrible curse. The final shot in the chamber grants limited dominion over enemy bullets.

It is cold to the touch.




The Way Of Guns


Transforms into a powerful weapon under mysterious circumstances.

This Bullet Sprite will transform into an enormously powerful radiant energy weapon under certain circumstances. Traditionally, this means showing proficiency in bridge delivery and maintenance. If no bridge is available, however, it will take less important things like courage or determination into consideration.






Monocled Monster


Ignites nearby enemies while reloading. Better with friends.

Reloading this teapot heats up the contained water's H2O monocules.


Knight's Gun




Unloads firepower at foes, digs.

This trusty shovel was gifted to one of the first Gungeoneers, by a traveling race of sentient yachts.




Full of Holes


Encheeses enemies.

A favorite of the Resourceful Rat. He doesn't typically favor any one gun in particular, as he usually collects only to grow his hoard, but he finds this one particularly appetizing.


Turtle Problem


Is This Normal?


Attracts normal turtles.

You've just inherited a big problem.


Hungry Bullets


Hungry Hungry


Some bullets gain the ability to cannibalize.

The magic of the Gungeon brings sentience to these just-fired bullets, and they resort to their most basic instinct: to feed.




Kaliber Mah Shakti De


Baby Good Mimic


Imitation Love


This abandoned baby mimic misses its siblings, and imprints on the first follower it sees.


Macho Brace


Value for Effort


This training device promotes growth in bullets. Shots are more powerful when coming out of a Dodge Roll. Does not affect speed.

Training to be the very best takes commitment, and hard work.


Partially-Eaten Cheese


Aged Almost 40 Years


Temporarily changes what game you're playing.

Aged in an old arcade cabinet for decades, this cheese has become something of a delicacy, but only to those with refined palates.


Resourceful Sack


Pack Rat's Rat Pack


Allows the theft of enemy projectiles out of the air. Use to fire stolen bullets.

An otherwise normal sack, used by the Right People for acts of thievery. It has thirteen patches of various materials.


Rat Boots


Hover Craft


Grants temporary invulnerability and flight when the wearer walks out over a pit.

The Resourceful Rat's prolific thievery is legendary - and these boots helped him do it. Stolen off a hapless pointy-eared adventurer.


Brave Companion


A Friend in Need


High Dragunfire




Immaculately balanced, rapid fire. Will ignite foes.

Though long thought to be nothing but a legend, this gun's recent discovery proves the undeniable truth that it was always within the halls of the Gungeon, and you just weren't looking hard enough.


I've taken your stuff, but you keep pushing through; I'll have to try harder, so rats off to you! -R.R.


Some chests are red, but more of them blue; no matter what's in 'em, I'll steal it from you!

Thanks for the stuff, %INSULT! -R.R.


What I wouldn't give to see the look on your face. You wished for an item, and found this note in its place!

Thanks for your continued patronage. Fufufufufufu... -R.R.


I should just kill you, but that'd be no fun; so just for a laugh, I've stolen your gun!

Good luck, %INSULT! -R.R.


If you were to find me, I'd make you bow on your knees. You're just a rodent, and I'm the Big Cheese! -R.R.


You want a way through, but you don't know enough yet. The path is for you, so you can't cheat on the net! -R.R.


Some say I'm a joker, but I'm bottling rage; it's tough getting a Mimic to gobble this page!

Mimic bars. -R.R.


Sunlight Javelin


Brilliant Aura


Makes enemies grossly incandescent.

This javelin was born from the chemistry of two heroes who conquered the Gungeon together.


Void Core Cannon


Critical Strike


Traditionally used by the Void Core for ship-to-ship combat, the VCC weapon fires an accelerating ball of plasma that delivers a devestating punch.

This hand-held model is a retrofit design made specifically for the Thunderbolt.


High Kaliber


Soul Reaver


Can sever enemies' souls.

This pocked and swollen gun splits and rends the spirit from the body.


Finished Gun


Thanks For Playing


A gun to rule them all.

The swan-song of a prolific gunsmith. Though only recently completed, it somehow feels very familiar. A small hourglass is embossed on the cylinder, the sands fully filling the bottom half.






This gun adapts.

While some have disputed the claim that a gun can change shape or adapt to its new environment within the Gungeon, this weapon appears to be irrefutable proof of the phenomenon. Since its discovery, the number of self-proclaimed gunvolution deniers has increased by 4%.


Cat Bullet King Throne


A Cat Throne


Shoots miniature bullets on Dodge Roll.

This throne was originally intended to be included with the physical edition. Due to a manufacturing defect, the scale is way off, and only suitable for a cat. It was eventually tossed into the Gungeon.


Lich's Eye Bullets


Iron Sights


Used once by the lord of the Sixth Chamber as prosthetic eyes, though that may have been only for show.

This pair of rounds radiates unfathomable magical power.


Table Tech Heat


Hot Flips


This new age table technique will create heat and flame upon the flipping of a table.

Appendix E of the "Tabla Sutra." Time is the fire in which we burn. Tables are but the embers of the past.


Orbital Bullets


Deadly Revolution


Missed shots orbit.

Development of these bullets began immediately after the successful field tests of the Mr. Accretion Jr.


Baby Good Shelleton


Grave Lad


This hellish servant was lost, and hid in a chest. He's yours now.

Formed from several dozen discarded shell casings, this Gundead familiar wields moderate power.




Round Em' Up


Encircles enemies.

The Encircler fires particles from a gambling-based dimension where all matter is spherical.


The Predator


High-tech $#!*


Locks on. Tracks enemy heat signatures.

This shoulder-mounted plasma cannon was used by an alien hunter. Generally, the Gundead do not bleed, but this gun can still make short work of them.






Noodle shaped like a gun. Frightens enemies.

Long, flat, gun shaped noodle. A staple of gundead cuisine. However, Gundead have a culturally embedded fear of being hit by a spinning gun-noodle, as adolescent Gundead claim that the limp and wiggly properties of the noodle are transferred to new carriers on contact.


Moonlight Tiara


Alas, Sniperion


Fires moonlight.

Royal symbol of society that once inhabited Gunymede’s oldest moon, Sniperion. This tiara was gifted to an ancient queen by a mysterious bearded traveler from planet-side. Folk tales insinuate that the traveler sought the queen’s affection and was rebuffed.


Uppercase R




The uppercase version of the letter r.

Although the uppercase version of the “r” character does not resemble a gun, the space between the two lower markings does create a kind of chute shape, and chute sounds a lot like shoot. The rest is obvious.




Backpack Not Included


This brightly colored gun changes shape at regular intervals, making it a little hard to hold onto. That said, you're sure to have a whale of a time firing it!


Kruller Glaive


Studied the Blade


This shiny piece of die-cast metal was purchased from an ancient mall kiosk. The buyer’s mom sold it at a flea market when they moved out to a middle-aged collector. That person swore it would eventually be worth many times what he paid for it. Unfortunately, he was disappointed, and it was valueless at the time of his inevitable and lonely death. Now it's in the Gungeon!




Gun of Guncraft


Blessed Gun of the Gunseeker.

This gun gains experience with every kill, and is strangely resistant to the Gungeon's temporal rifts. Any accrued experience will persist throughout time.

A gun spoken of in legend. Once wielded by Gunderaan, Prince of Guns, this weapon ultimately found its way to the Gungeon after being mishandled by millions of idiots for countless hours.


Puff Gun


Dream Warrior




Chamber Gun


Product of Environment


Transforms based on Chamber.

This gun uses an advanced shape-memory alloy. When exposed to different environmental stimuli it reacts with the salts in Gungeoneer’s bodies and transforms into a location-specific gun. Master rounds can also influence the shape of this curious weapon.


Really Special Lute


Purple Prose


Barely a gun at all, but a very, very special lute. Or so we’re told. Seems to energize companionable listeners.

This instrument was used by an insufferably talented musical Gungeoneer whose true name cannot be known. He played it with such skill, that even into his later years he felt compelled to tell a notable historian. So specific were his descriptions of individual performances that the historian was compelled to use several pages to describe the audience’s adoration at a single song. Apparently that Gungeoneer also killed a king, and had sought the Gun to undo that act. The details of that story, however, were never recorded, as the historian had run out of ink.


Magazine Rack


Instant Mail Order


Place to create a zone of infinite ammo.

Often found in Gungeon doctors' offices, this rack displays magazines of all sorts. The clips contained within should prove useful, and plentiful, for even the most inaccurate of Gungeoneers.


Shadow Clone


No Jutsu


Creates a temporary second you.

Though the quality of this clone is debatable, Believe It! or not, this clone has seen extensive use in the Gungeon.

Not to be confused with the Clone. While the Clone provides a second chance at life, the Shadow Clone will merely laugh at you upon your demise.




Quality Assured


Shows combat data. Increases accuracy and damage by a small amount.

This scouter, worn with use, provides detailed data on enemies encountered within the Gungeon. The name "Ritvik" is inscribed on the rim.


Energizes companionable listeners.

Barely a gun at all, but a very, very special lute. Or so we’re told.

Seems to get out of tune when blue fire is around.


This shiny piece of die-cast metal was purchased from an ancient mall kiosk. The buyer’s mom sold it at a flea market when they moved out to a middle-aged collector. That person swore it would eventually be worth many times what he paid for it. Unfortunately, he was disappointed, and it was valueless at the time of his death. Now it's in the Gungeon!


Katana Bullets


Folded Lead


These bullets Zero in on their target and continue slashing.

Legend tells of a katana bullet so quick and skilled that it once sliced through a bullet molecule in mid air.


Electrifies all bullets fired. Increases accuracy.

The shock troops of the Hegemony of Man consist entirely of heartless machines, shielded from voltage attacks. Their victims however, have learned to fear the inevitable sting of their electrified shells.


The right hand of an assault robot that fled to the Gungeon. When weilded by the Robot, combines with Junk to increase all damage output.

It is a simple projectile delivery system. Reliable, but it's short barrel is lacking in intricacy. Under the control of a targeting AI it becomes fearsome indeed.


Heals for a small amount. Increases damage dealt until injured.

A delicious, freshly baked roll! Sometimes, things just work out.


Spending money soothes the soul.

The power of commerce fills your veins... and your follicles! This mustache vertically integrates your purchasing synergies, giving you a chance to be healed on every transaction.


Moving Forward


Keep moving without dodge rolling or being hit to generate a kinetic aura which can be unleashed by dodge rolling into enemies.

In a bygone era of the Gungeon, misguided scarcity created situations where throwing a firearm as a last-resort weapon seemed viable.

In modern, sensible, times, denizens of the Gungeon have come to understand that throwing a gun is awkward and pointless. So useless was the Ruby Bracelet in its previous form that the Gunsmith melted it down and reforged it.


The ultimate in stealth technology. Surprise attacks deal additional damage.

No one is perceptive enough to see through such an elaborate ruse.


Fires a stream of toxic goop. Ammo can be reused.

The Syringe Gun was ordered for the Gungeon by the Médecins Sans Diplôme to perform complete blood transfusions all at once. When that proved dangerous, a crafty Gungeoneer filled the giant Syringe with a live Poisbulon.


Can hold hearts, ammo or other pickups for use later. Use once to collect something, and use again to drop!




Farewell to arms


Brought to the Gungeon by a legendary gunplay expert.

Called the gunslinger by his foes not because of his ability to aim and shoot but because of his unusual habit of literally slinging his gun once it is out of ammo and replacing it with another from his magical belt of a million guns.

///end of file





#EXIT_COOP,"Exit Coop","RUBEL"









#MAINMENU_NO_USER,"No user signed in. Progress will not be saved.","RUBEL"



#CONTROL_RMB,"Right Click","RUBEL"


#CONTROL_MMB,"Middle Click","RUBEL"




#CHAR_CONVICTGUN,"Sawed-Off Shotgun","RUBEL"




#CHAR_GUIDE,"The Hunter","RUBEL"





#CHAR_GUIDEGUN,"Rusty Sidearm","RUBEL"





#CHAR_MARINEACTUAL,"Military Training","RUBEL"



#CHAR_ROGUEPOWER,"Charming Persona","RUBEL"


#CHAR_ROGUEGUN,"Rogue Special","RUBEL"



















#BUTTON_MASH_TO_CONTINUE,"Button mash to continue","RUBEL"


#LEVEL,"Chamber ","RUBEL"



#COOPEND_DESC,"Earlier Today","RUBEL"

















#GUNGEON_NAME,"Gungeon Proper","RUBEL"

#GUNGEON_NAME2,"Upper Gungeon","RUBEL"

#CASTLE_NAME,"Keep of the Lead Lord","RUBEL"


#MINES_NAME,"Black Powder Mine","RUBEL"



#ABBEY_NAME,"Abbey of the True Gun","RUBEL"

#STARSHIP_NAME,"Derelict Hulk","RUBEL"


#TUTORIAL_NAME,"Halls of Knowledge","RUBEL"






#NIGHTCLUB_NAME,"Nightclub 'Confession'","RUBEL"

#NIGHTCLUB_SECONDLINE,"The Past (12 years prior)","RUBEL"



#SCIENCELAB_SECONDLINE,"The Past (7 years prior)","RUBEL"


#NAZICASTLE_NAME,"Blacksword Manor","RUBEL"

#NAZICASTLE_SECONDLINE,"The Past (1,147 years prior)","RUBEL"



#HEGEMONYSPACE_SECONDLINE,"The Past (11 years prior)","RUBEL"























#OPTIONS_AIMASSIST,"Controller Aim Assist Amount","RUBEL"




















#OPTIONS_QUICKSELECT,"Enable Gun Quick Switch","RUBEL"

#OPTIONS_HIDEEMPTYGUNS,"Hide Empty Guns in Combat","RUBEL"
















#OPTIONS_REFLECTIONS,"Realtime Reflections","RUBEL"


#OPTIONS_RESOLUTION_BEST,"Correct Aspect Ratio, Pixel Perfect Resolution.\nThe best visual experience.","RUBEL"

#OPTIONS_RESOLUTION_GOOD,"Incorrect Aspect Ratio, Pixel Perfect Resolution.\nWill result in black bars.","RUBEL"

#OPTIONS_RESOLUTION_BAD,"Not Pixel Perfect Resolution.\nMight stretch pixels, unless Scaling Mode is Force Pixel Perfect.","RUBEL"


#OPTIONS_PIXELPERFECT_INFO,"Intended Visual Design, makes our artist happy.\nOnly available when correct resolution is selected.","RUBEL"



#OPTIONS_UNIFORMSCALING_INFOGOOD,"Correct Aspect Ratio, scaled to your resolution.\nCurrently pixel-perfect.","RUBEL"

#OPTIONS_UNIFORMSCALING_INFOBAD,"Correct Aspect Ratio, scaled to your resolution.\nScreen pixels are currently stretched.","RUBEL"


#OPTIONS_FORCEPIXELPERFECT_INFO,"Intended Visual Design, makes our artist happy.\nMay result in black bars.","RUBEL"














#OPTIONS_BLANKCONTROL,"Additional Blank Binding","RUBEL"
































#OPTIONS_DROPGUN,"Drop Gun (hold)","RUBEL"

#OPTIONS_DROPITEM,"Drop Item (hold)","RUBEL"









#OPTIONS_BUTTONIMAGES,"Controller Button Images","RUBEL"

#OPTIONS_EDITP1BINDINGS,"Edit P1 Controller Bindings","RUBEL"

#OPTIONS_EDITP2BINDINGS,"Edit P2 Controller Bindings","RUBEL"


















#AMMONOMICON_MYSTERIOUS,"Some secrets of the Gungeon remain hidden.","RUBEL"








#DEATH_PASTHAUNTS,"The Past still haunts you","RUBEL"

#DEATH_PASTKILLED,"You killed the Past","RUBEL"



#DEATH_NOBODY,"Nobody. You did great!","RUBEL"


#DEATH_MAINMENU," Return to Breach","RUBEL"











#AREYOUSURE,"Are you sure?","RUBEL"



#AYS_SAVEOPTIONS,"Commit Changes?","RUBEL"

#AYS_MADECHANGES,"Discard Changes?","RUBEL"

#AYS_RESETDEFAULTS,"Reset to Defaults?","RUBEL"

#AYS_CHANGESAVESLOT,"Change save slot?","RUBEL"

#AYS_RESETSAVESLOT,"Reset progress?","RUBEL"




#ENDGAME_STANDARD_THANKS,"Thanks for playing!","RUBEL"

#ENDGAME_STANDARD_MYSTERY,"The Gungeon still holds mysteries...","RUBEL..."

#ENDGAME_STANDARD_PAST,"You killed the past. The Gungeon remains...","RUBEL..."

#SELECTITEM,"Select Item"


#PANMAP,"Pan Map"

#SELECTTELEPORT,"Select Teleport"


#CURRENTITEM,"Current Item"

#HOW_TO_PLAY,"Just use the dodge roll.","RUBEL"

#FULL_CREDITS,"Enter the Gungeon\nby Dodge Roll\n\nDave Crooks\nJoe Harty\nDavid Rubel\nBrent Sodman\n\nSFX by:\nErica Hampson\n\nMusic by:\nAdam 'Doseone' Drucker\n\nAdditional Level Design by:\nJon 'Storklord' Malloy\n\nVO by:\nErica Hampson\nAdam Drucker\nErnest Hampson VI\n\nTesters:\nDaren Makuck\nJames Barry\nJohn Michelli\nThomas Shamburger\nRitvik Bansal\nNorman Ren\nJerome Dendy\nVincent Morreale\n\nPromotional Art by:\nMax Grecke\n\nLogo by:\nCory Schmitz\n\nAdditional Art by:\nJohn Cipriani\nMaximo Lorenzo\nJared Lunt\nEric Polak\nMichael Phillippi\n\nTrailers by:\nKert Gartner\n\nAdditional Footage Capture by:\nDaren Makuck\n\nAnimated Trailer by:\nPowerhouse Animation\n\nWebsite by:\nNoel Barry\n\nComic by:\nDayjob Studio\nFederico Chemello\nRiccardo Gamba\nMaurizio Furini\n\nDevolver Digital:\nNigel Lowrie\nGraeme Struthers\nRick Stults\nHarry Miller\nMike Wilson\nAndrew Parsons\n\nPorting and Optimization Assistance by:\n22nd Century Toys LLC\nTony Bratton\nJoe Barton\nSean Barton\n\nLocalization:\nSophie Cristobal\nLoc & Load\nStudio Muehl\nA.C.E.\nKakehashi Games\nDICO Co., Ltd.\n\nJapanese Localization by:\nKeiko Fukuichi\n\nSpecial Thanks:\nPaul Barnett\nKate Flack\nKate Ludlow\nJohn Bartkiw\nJM Specht\nAthena Frazier\nElizabeth Petrov\nLinsey Miller\nAlec Fisher-Lasky\nEric Hamel\nZach Huntley\nNick Suttner\nESC Toys\nNick LaMartina\nLeah Henry\nPam & Frank Plummer\nErnest Hampson III\nLee Hampson\nJohn Yentes\nBrian DiMaggio\nKevin Changhan Lee\nDennis Liang\nNicholas Wen-Kai Bransfield Chen\nBrian 'Brilingual' Gray\n\nMade with Unity\n2D Toolkit by Unikron Software\nAlagard Font by Hewett Tsoi 'Pix3M'\n\nPowered by Wwise © 2006 – 2016* Audiokinetic Inc.\nAll rights reserved.\n\n\n\n","RUBEL"

//Below this needs translation






#CH_BEST_FOR_LAST,"Last Bullet Standing"

#CH_BLOBULIN_RANCHER,"Blobulin Rancher"

#CH_BOO_ROOM,"Don't Blink"

#CH_POT_SHOTS,"Pot Shots"

#CH_CURSE_POTS,"Cursed Ceramics"

#CH_DARKNESS,"Dark Was The Night"

#CH_DRAGUN,"Dragun Rage"

#CH_FINAL_ATTACK,"Final Attack"


#CH_FLAME_TRAPS,"Rat's Revenge"

#CH_FRIENDLY_FIRE,"Unfriendly Fire"

#CH_GHOSTS,"Ghost of the Shell"

#CH_GUN_QUEUE,"Gun Queue"

#CH_HAMMERTIME,"Hammer Time"

#CH_HIGH_STRESS,"High Stress"

#CH_KING_ENEMY,"Long Live The King"

#CH_THERMAL_CLIPS,"Thermal Clips"

#CH_POISON_TRAIL,"Poison Pursuit"

#CH_ADRENALINE,"Adrenaline Rush"


#CH_ROCKETS,"Gull's Revenge"

#CH_MEDUZI,"Gorgun's Gaze"

#CH_ZONE_CONTROL,"Zone Control"

#CH_DEMONWALL,"Night's Watch"

#CH_HIGHPRIEST,"Something Wicked"

#CH_BOSSSTATUES,"Extremely Bad Chess"







#TERMINATOR_NAME,"Emperor's Arena"

#TERMINATOR_SECONDLINE,"The Past (117 years prior)"


#BULLETPAST_NAME,"Gungeon Proper"

#BULLETPAST_SECONDLINE,"The Past (? years prior)"





#OPTIONS_AIMASSIST_BEAM,"Cont. Beam Aim Assist Amount","RUBEL"





#OPTIONS_SPEEDUP_OOC,"Increase Speed Out Of Combat"









#OPTIONS_LOOTPROFILE_AGAD,"Gungeons and Draguns"


#SUPERDUPERAUTOAIM,"Controller Auto-Aim"





#SUPERDUPERAUTOAIM_INFO_A,"Always targets nearest enemy."

#SUPERDUPERAUTOAIM_INFO_B,"Always targets nearest enemy unless overridden."




#SUPERDUPERAUTOAIM_WARNING_BODY_A,"See Gameplay Options to turn off."


#OPTIONS_VIEWPRIVACY,"View Data Privacy (web)","RUBEL"

#MISC_TITLE_BASE,"Enter the Gungeon"

#MISC_TITLE_SDU,"Supply Drop Update"

#MISC_TITLE_AGD,"Advanced Gungeons & Dragons"

#MISC_TITLE_AFTA,"A Farewell To Arms"

#MISC_TITLE_AFTA_COMBINED,"Enter the Gungeon: A Farewell To Arms"






#CHAR_PARADOX,"The Paradox"


#CHAR_GUNSLINGER,"The Gunslinger"







#FULL_CREDITS_v2,"Enter the Gungeon\nby Dodge Roll\n\nDave Crooks\nJoe Harty\nDavid Rubel\nBrent Sodman\n\nSFX by:\nErica Hampson\n\nMusic by:\nAdam 'Doseone' Drucker\n\nAdditional Level Design by:\nJon 'Storklord' Malloy\n\nVO by:\nErica Hampson\nAdam Drucker\nErnest Hampson VI\n\nCam Clarke as Agunim\n\nTesters:\nDaren Makuck\nJames Barry\nJohn Michelli\nThomas Shamburger\nRitvik Bansal\nNorman Ren\nJerome Dendy\nVincent Morreale\n\nPromotional Art by:\nMax Grecke\n\nLogo by:\nCory Schmitz\n\nAdditional Art by:\nJohn Cipriani\nMaximo Lorenzo\nJared Lunt\nEric Polak\nMichael Phillippi\n\nTrailers by:\nKert Gartner\n\nAdditional Footage Capture by:\nDaren Makuck\n\nAnimated Trailer by:\nPowerhouse Animation\n\nWebsite by:\nNoel Barry\n\nComic by:\nDayjob Studio\nFederico Chemello\nRiccardo Gamba\nMaurizio Furini\n\nDevolver Digital:\nNigel Lowrie\nGraeme Struthers\nRick Stults\nHarry Miller\nMike Wilson\nAndrew Parsons\n\nPorting and Optimization Assistance by:\n22nd Century Toys LLC\nTony Bratton\nJoe Barton\nSean Barton\n\nLocalization:\nSophie Cristobal\nLoc & Load\nStudio Muehl\nA.C.E.\nKakehashi Games\nDICO Co., Ltd.\n\nJapanese Localization by:\nKeiko Fukuichi\n\nSpecial Thanks:\nPaul Barnett\nKate Flack\nKate Ludlow\nJohn Bartkiw\nJM Specht\nAthena Frazier\nElizabeth Petrov\nLinsey Miller\nAlec Fisher-Lasky\nEric Hamel\nZach Huntley\nNick Suttner\nESC Toys\nNick LaMartina\nLeah Henry\nPam & Frank Plummer\nErnest Hampson III\nLee Hampson\nJohn Yentes\nBrian DiMaggio\nKevin Changhan Lee\nDennis Liang\nNicholas Wen-Kai Bransfield Chen\nBrian 'Brilingual' Gray\n\nMade with Unity\n2D Toolkit by Unikron Software\nAlagard Font by Hewett Tsoi 'Pix3M'\n\nPowered by Wwise © 2006 – 2016* Audiokinetic Inc.\nAll rights reserved.\n\n\n\n","RUBEL"



Decoy Octorok


Sniper Woof


Swift Sloop


Trigger Twins


Super Serum


Emergency Help






Hammer and Nail


Jotun Time!




Three Sheets


Chest High is the Best High


Kung Fu Hippie, Rappin' Surfer


The Ecstasy of Gold


Hell Singing


Riot Gear


Dawn of the Gundead




y cant u crawl


Unbelievably Charming


Chicken Arise


Two Heavy


Double Down


Smile, you son of a...


Open Bar


Hotter Than Heck


Gruber's Bane


Massive Effect


Needless Acrimony


Gilded Tables


Hammer and Anvil


Succulent DOOM


Mirror Shield




Spicy D-Boys




Bullet or the Egg


Super Space Turtle DX


Ice Water


Siren Sidearm


Added Effect - Fire


Added Effect - Ice


Added Effect - Poison


Ruby Weapon


Diamond Weapon


Emerald Weapon


Chain Lightning


Extreme Operation


Quick and the Gundead


Air Support


Reinforced Lockpicks


Serious Sam Publishing Contract


Contractual Obligation


Cool Kids Club


Over Dose


Ice To Meet You


Ice To Meet You, Too


Monster Grub


Bee Plus


Paper Lanterns


Neo Tech, Yo


Neo Tech, Yo


Savior of the Universe




Super Bomberpal


Ancient Aliens


Rubenstein's Monster


The Submachinist




Venom Veins


Slings and Arrows


MM6 Mini Rocket


Double Rainbow


Jolly Roger


What A Thrill


Smart Bombs


Production Model


Smart Bombs


Smart Bombs


Smart Bombs


I Studied The Blade


Mass Cutter


Shadow Warrior


Look, No Hands


Pilot Wingsman


Space Best Friend


Cat Friend


Death Square


Weird Science


Fightsabre Training


Turret Link




Regular Old Guns


Frosty the Bullet Tyrant


Supply Drop Update


Keep The Change






Cryptic Cryptids


College Ball


Plasma Beam


Ice Beam


Wave Beam


Hyper Beam


Deadly Distraction


Frosty Distraction


Deadlier Distraction


Frostier Distraction






Key Witness


Cosmic Horror


AI Assistant


Camera Shy


Hunter-Seeker Tables


Hunter-Seeker Tables


Triple Sticky


Hail to the King


Akey Breaky


Assault and Battery


AK-47 (Island Forme)


Betrayer's Lies




Don't Worry About The Vase


Don't Worry About The Vase


Don't Worry About The Vase


Don't Worry About The Vase


Don't Worry About The Vase


Don't Worry About The Vase












Blast Crown


Careful Iteration


Crystal Horn


Enter the Fruitguon


Heavy Artillery


Crestfallen Soul


Banshee Cry


Dwarven Stout


Heart-Shaped Box


Heart Unlocket


Queen of Hearts


Hot Ones


Cold Ones


Buggin' Out


Blank Generation


Get Equipped With -M-


Get Equipped With -B-


Get Equipped With -B-


Get Equipped With -A-


Get Equipped With -W-


Get Equipped With -F-


Get Equipped With -F-


Get Equipped With -C-


Get Equipped With -H-


Get Equipped With -Q-


Coffee and Cigarettes


Particle Accelerator


The Great War




One Fish Two Fish


Ghost With The Most


Glorious Chest Ahead


Wrath of the Blam


Blastin' Heck


Kage Bunshin


what engine do you use


Garbage Collecting


Wound Up


Hydro Pump




Twin Snakes


Primitive Shapes


Jumping... is useless


Starburst Fire


Just Like The Real Thing


Electron Pack


The Line Of Fire


Buckle Up














The Red Hood


Star Friends


Why's Bullet Crying?


Cold 1896


that &^#$# 'pizza'




Blessing and a Curse




Triple Jump




Hot Rolls


Saved the Best for Last


Land Among The Stars


There Is Only War


Inconsistent Scale




Finger on the Pulse


The Void Corps


Precious Metals


Two Eggs Over Easy




Outer Limits


Hot Head


Ice Accumulation


Human Shield


It's Your Destiny




Steel Skin


Armored Corps


Bubble Trouble


Shotgun Affinity


Throw All Daggers




Praise the Gun


Keeping The Beat


Mine Craft




Recessive Hero






Sausage and Peppers


Sweetness and Light




Devil's Plaything


Easy Enough


Double Double Helix




Gunship Sinker




Liches Get Stitches


Dumb Smart Bullets


Spartan Loadout


Double Chest Friends


Friend to Gun and Bullet




Galaxy Defender


Cash Rules Everygun Around Me


Raizo's Stuff




Napalm B


Running Blades


Second Accident


Tears of Blood




Empty Vessels


Dead Prez


Particle Flow




Detective Magnum


The Elephant in the Room


The Elephant in the Room


Thrown For A Bloop


Not So Sawed-Off


Absent Minded


Synthetic Shield


Synthetic Shield


Synthetic Shield


Don't Hoot the Messenger


Cast Iron


Cast Iron


Cast Iron




No Odd Job


Pulp Gungeon


The Star War




Knight Time


Constitution Check


Terminated, Too


Big Shotgun Gun


360 Yes Scope


Hidden Tech Bees


Hidden Tech Bees


Hidden Tech Bees


Hidden Tech Time


Holy Bell


Feather Pillow




Solar Flare


Mr. Shadow


Bullet Kiln


Wonderful Toys




Resourceful Indeed


Beta Ray


Bullet Bud


Shotgun Guy


Klobbering Time


Pea Cannon




Pistol Machine


Laser Light Show


Dualing Pistol


Pandemic Pistol


Buster Gun


Alistair's Ladder


Snowball Shotgun




Kaliber's Grip




Hard Light


Detective Mode


Fruits and Vegetables


M1 Multi-Tool


Black Flag


Future Gangster


Iron Slug



Shot Across The Bow


Hegemony Special Forces


Battery Powered


Special Reserve


Maximize Spell


Noxin Cannon


Nailed It!




Alternative Rock


Chief Master


Recycling Bin


Cactus Flower


Five O'Clock Somewhere


Phoenix Up


Like Shooting Fish


Greener Guon Stone


Oranger Guon Stone


Clearer Guon Stone


Redder Guon Stone


Pinker Guon Stone


Bluer Guon Stone


Whiter Guon Stone


Firing With Flair


Peripheral Vision


Not Quite As Mini


Arctic Warfare


Square Brace


Lotus Bloom


King Bomber


Boring Company


Ruby Carbine


Comammo Belt


Cerebral Bros


Double Moon 7




Great Queen Ant


Brave New World


Captain Plant It




Pitch Perfect




Elf Bow


Dr Worm


Sleuth Out


Mak Pak


Heavy Jolt


Reload Roll


Iron Stance


Thorn Bath, ooh!


Roll Shot


To Serve Android


The Return


All Out Of Law


Block Party


Breakfast Club


Klobbering Time


Guns And Deviltry


Special Delivery


Heavy Metal


Blade Runner
















Mmmmmmmmm MMMMmm!


Vulcan Raving




Dead Place




J am


Flat Stanley


In The Mood!




Dead Cell


Pretty Good


Willing To Sacrifice


Fear The Old Blood


Barrage Shot




Hail, Satan!


Bacon And Eggs


Fairy Bow


Ice Cap




The Killing Joke


Turtle Solutions


Secret Twin








Monsters and Monocles


Tea for Two


Powerhouse of the Cell


Green Thumb


Shield Night


Two Kinds of People






Just In Case


Alas, Sniperion


Master's Chambers


Chance On Hit


Elder Blank Bullets


Hidden Tech Big Shotgun


Hidden Tech Flare


Magazine Clips




Circle of Bricks


Tile Match


some even larger number


Crave the Glaive




Max Pane


Whale of a Time


Thermal Imaging


Kaliber k'pow uboom k'bhang


Just Shoot Me


Junk Mail


Plant Power


Wicked Sister


Mad Cats


Natural Selection






Full Circle


Three Part Harmony


In Time


I need scissors! 61!


Worlds of Guncraft


Heads Up


Soft Air


Battle Mode