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Arcane Gunpowder
Arcane Gunpowder
Type: Active
Quality: N/A
Ammonomicon Entry
From The Deep
Bullet Component.

Before the great Bullet fell, the Gungeon's original master used this powder in his experiments. The Bullet Kin still mine it from the depths, awaiting the return of their master.

Arcane Gunpowder is an active item.

How to Acquire[ | ]

In the Black Powder Mine, there is a large seemingly empty room filled with floating minecarts. The minecarts are on invisible rails, and riding the minecarts and dodge rolling to other minecarts allows the player to get across the chasm and reach the Arcane Gunpowder. The minecarts can move and you will automatically be placed in the minecart when you dodge roll into it.

Effects[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • If either player in a co-op game dies and is holding the gunpowder, the Arcane Gunpowder will disappear.
  • If the Cultist is holding the gunpowder, it’s not possible to give the gunpowder to the Blacksmith, as the gunpowder is not droppable.
  • Cannot be stolen by the Resourceful Rat.

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Tips[ | ]

  • The Arcane Gunpowder is unique among the four components as it is the only one that is an active rather than a passive. One suggestion is to use the Pilot when carrying the Arcane Gunpowder to the Forge, as he's allowed an extra slot for actives.
  • If you are lucky, and receive any flight-inducing items such as the Wax Wings, you can simply fly over the chasm.
  • If you fall into a pit in the room you get this item, the room is reset, meaning dropped items will be deleted.