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Amulet of the Pit Lord
Amulet of the Pit Lord
Type: Passive
Quality: D Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 16 Money
Unlock Method: Kill 100 enemies by knocking them into pits.
Ammonomicon Entry
No Fall Damage
Prevents all fall damage.

No matter how skilled, every adventurer makes mistakes. Falling into a pit is perhaps the most irritating example. This amulet represents a bargain with the Pit Lord, avatar of the depths.

Amulet of the Pit Lord is a passive item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Falling into pits no longer deals damage.

Synergies[ | ]

  • Synergy Bluer Guon Stone - If the player also has Blue Guon Stone, the rotation speed of the Guon Stone is increased but it orbits farther from the player. If the Guon Stone blocks a bullet, it deals 15 damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Synergy Clearer Guon Stone - If the player also has Clear Guon Stone, it grants immunity to poison, fire, and electricity. Shooting enemies while standing on fire/oil or ice/water will burn or freeze them, respectively.
  • Synergy Firing With Flair - If the player also has Flare Gun, it turns green and sets green fire, which doesn't hurt the player and leaves non-boss enemies permanently burning.
  • Synergy Greener Guon Stone - If the player also has Green Guon Stone, the stone's chance to heal the player is raised to 70% if the player is one hit from dying and 20 Money also appears whenever Green Guon Stone heals the player.
  • Synergy Oranger Guon Stone - If the player also has Orange Guon Stone, it shoots twice as fast and deals 8 damage rather than 5.
  • Synergy Pinker Guon Stone - If the player also has Pink Guon Stone, enemies that damage the player become temporarily charmed.
  • Synergy Redder Guon Stone - If the player also has Red Guon Stone, the player gains a yellow glow and stat increase similar to that of the Macho Brace for a short time whenever the Guon Stone blocks a bullet.
  • Synergy Whiter Guon Stone - If the player also has White Guon Stone, Daruma's recharge is halved. However, Daruma itself is not part of the synergy.
  • In addition to their unique effects all -er Guon Stone synergies increase the size of the Guon Stone and make it rotate at a fixed distance from the player while they are moving instead of on a slight delay.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The item is a reference to a famous Magic the Gathering card "Lord of the Pit." The "bargain" referred to in this text refers to the card mechanic whereby you must sacrifice your other creatures to it or it will harm you. It is also connected to the unlock method, the implication being that knocking enemies into the pits is sending them to the Pit Lord to be consumed.
  • The code for Amulet of the Pit Lord is stored in a class called 'RingOfPitFriendship', which may have been an in-development name/theme for the item.
  • Since the player will still go through the falling animation the item can be used to avoid other sources of damage for a brief time.

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