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Location: Hollow
Bullet Hell
Resourceful Rat's Lair
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Ammomancer

Crypt Lord
Ammomancers are dark Gunjurers who have been banished from the upper levels of the Gungeon.

Evasive, but the Gundead they summon can be extremely dangerous, and can sustain a fight without end.

Ammomancers are enemies that vaguely resemble Gunsingers but are paler and wear darker robes.

If left uninterrupted, Ammomancers will stand still and summon a Shelleton. The summoning can be interrupted by getting close to the Ammomancer or hurting it, causing it to run away, or by killing the Ammomancer.

If left alone in a room without any other enemies or after summoning a total of 3 Shelletons, Ammomancers will go mad, stop their summoning rituals, and instead will attempt to hurt players by running into them.

If an Ammomancer successfully summons a Shelleton but is killed afterwards, then the Shelleton that was summoned will collapse into its skull, allowing the player to finish it off more easily.

These Shelletons count towards Frifle's challenges, allowing for easier completion.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the Portuguese translation of the game, they are known as "Necropolvorista", a portmanteau of the words "necromante" (necromancer) and "pólvora" (gunpowder).

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