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Alien Sidearm
Alien Sidearm
Type: Charged
Quality: D Quality Item
Magazine Size: 10
Max Ammo: 350
Reload Time: 1.2s
DPS: 19.6
Damage: Uncharged: 5
Charged: 25
Fire Rate: 0.15
Shot Speed: 23
Range: 15
Force: 10
Spread: 5
Sell Creep Price: 16 Money
Ammonomicon Entry
Shield Breaker
The Hegemony of Man has fought, and won, three major wars with alien races. Hundreds of these pistols were salvaged after the second of these wars.

Alien Sidearm is a gun that can charge shots which become larger and deal more damage.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Chief Master - If the player also has any two Master Rounds, Alien Sidearm gains an increased maximum ammo of 500 and a larger magazine of 30. It becomes fully automatic, and the final two shots in the magazine become fully-charged shots.
  • Synergy Spartan Loadout - If the player has Cat Claw, Alien Sidearm can be charged twice to fire a more powerful shot. Cat Claw pierces enemies, attaching its explosive to every enemy hit.
  • The relatively high damage of its fully charged shots combined with its large ammo pool make the Alien Sidearm a decent early-game room clearer.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This gun is a reference to the alien pistols usable in Halo.
    • Shield Breaker is a reference to Halo's famous shield mechanic.
    • The charging mechanic is also a function of Halo's plasma pistol. A fully charged shot from that gun could instantly break another player's shields in multiplayer.
    • Upon obtaining the Chief Master synergy, the weapon more closely resembles in design and function Halo's Plasma Rifle rather than the Plasma Pistol.

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